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Christine Lagarde

I understand the relationship of global trade and raising incomes for the less well off. However the main strategy for doing so is the principle of global capitalism and the main economic model.
There are two problems;

The global economic model used is simply Income – costs = profits.
The first problem is that environmental costs although caused by this model are never included as costs in the global capitalist corporations balance sheets. The real costs are: CO2 emissions, destruction of habitat, indiscriminate spread of toxic chemicals, disease, drought, storms, floods, extinct species and declining populations of animals and plants, loss of the bees the main pollinators for 25% of our crops, over use of aquifers, general over harvest of resources including fish, plastic in the oceans and warming of ocean habitats. None of these are counted in the economic model. It is important to recognize that the current economic model, growth at any cost, is responsible for damage to all these factors. So the model of international trade is an aberration and destroyer of the planet. It must become comprehensive.

The next problem is, “we have seen the enemy and he is us”. There are simply too many people on
the planet, principles first recognized in Tawny’s, “Tragedy of the Commons”. We are long past the carrying capacity of the planet which at one point was put at about 2 billion people by biologists. To push growth and population increase is to court further injury and will just have the opposite effect for everyone. Being able to feed the people is not a measure of success but the diversity of living systems of ecology is the true measure and the collapse of ecosystems is accelerating. During the industrial revolution CO2 in the atmosphere was 280 parts per million. Today we have just passed 400 ppm- a 40% increase, largely from burning fossil fuels. The death rate from pollution is 3 million per year and deaths from fossil fuels caused climate warming is up to 4 million per year. Of course much pollution is fossil fuels waste. Extinctions are now 900 times the natural rate.

Due to the current rate of degeneration of natural processes, increases in global population will precipitate a die off before 2100. Soil erosion outpaces soil development as does aquifer overuse.
Food production in China and India is forecast to decline by 20% each. Policies to reduce population including one child polices should be inculcated widely and addressed with stick and reward policies. We must think in the broadest terms and for the long run. Countries and the UN must develop a set of laws to save the planet. Be careful not to be influenced by lies, dogma and conspiracy theories. There are numerous references regarding destruction of the earth such as: Storms of my Grandchildren, Mass Extinction:Life at the Brink., Messengers, Prairie Climate Atlas, IPPC reports and many more, and about 97% of all scientists have agreed. At any rate biologists and climatologists should figure significantly in writing any new policies and laws to be developed. It must be quick.

We ask all of you to share this widely with those mentioned below and to support this action on line and by demonstrations.

cy. Presidents, Prime Ministers, dictators, UN representatives, elected government officials, media, environmental organizations, corporations, religions and universities and schools.

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Posted by Willard Anderson on September 21st, 2016.

YOUR EYES ONLY 21 Sept 2016

The USA is now a Oligopoly according to The Economist. Is Canada soon to follow. We need to review and/or restore select Bills. There are remnants of the Harper regime that still have to be addressed. I would like to know if these have been dealt with yet and if so how?

1. Harper placed the electoral Commissioner under the jurisdiction of the Minister of Justice. This means the party can stop an investigation into the ruling governments if the government feels it is not favorable to them. This is not part of a democratic system

2. Harper placed the RCMP under the jurisdiction of the minister of justice. It shroud be under the review of an independent committee. Government should not be able to stop an RCMP investigation.

3. Harper required that penalties levied by the Supreme Court could be reviewed and changed by the Minister of Justice. This is not democratic.

4. Christine la Gare says we need globalism of world trade to spread wealth. But free trade has caused a huge transfer of wealth to the top elite or to corporations from workers during 1960 to 2015. We can do better for the working class just by reducing population. In fact with the current population we are certain not to have universal equality and access to resources. We have already depleted resources too much.

5. We need the review of the Harper Omnibus bills so the public knows what they did. Why were they kept secret and if they need to be reversed.

6. We need to know the wording of the Environmental Bill that Harper required the Senate to vote against. Should it be resubmitted to parliament. Can it be revised?

Climate Nightmare 9 Sep. 2016

Posted by Willard Anderson on September 9th, 2016.

Dream nightmare Sep 1, 2016

This was a real dream, it happened. In the dream there were three of us.
We were walking though a fogged up world. Climbing up hillsides and down over a soft sponge like surface. It was not easy to find ones way because of the dark fog. One of my companions was there to help me . We were looking for a better way of living. We had come from somewhere that threatened the future and we needed some better place to be, some better way to behave. The other fellow was not so friendly. We saw him as holding the power. He was trying to dissuade us. He wanted us to use more oil, to get more profit, to consume more of what all of us had been doing. He seemed to have a power base and we felt threatened by him. We tried our best to avoid him. We were limited by the fog, he as well as us, but we searched anyway. We felt maybe we were making progress. Then the space in the fog opened and we felt light, in moments we arrived at a space that was brilliantly white. It seemed to the answer we searched for, there seemed to be an answer there .

Then waking I was left to interpret the message and there was no going back. We grasped into our darkest days to find a way to change for the earth to adapt, to address the storms, fires, floods, rising oceans and mud slides and false philosophies that closed in all around us. Before the CO2 became to thick in the atmosphere there was an atmosphere of a very stable climate. So there were good guys and bad guys in the dream. It was pretty obvious the petroleum companies and those who chose to burn fossil fuels and encourage over population, those whose thinking was based upon ancient manuscripts that had no reference to the world today, those who saw progress only as more money, were the bad guys.
Some worried about SARS, Zika , Ebola about disease and toxic chemicals killing hundreds or even thousands and no thought about those who were among the 4 million deaths per year brought on by climate warming and the loss of ecosystems and species extinctions or loss of life generally upon the earth.

Now it is time to recognize where your life or your nightmare will terminate. What route or progress or regress are you in particular taking? Are you wondering in a fog, hoping for some opening into the light. Or do you just not care. What is the cost of not caring?
Is your past fixed by behavior of your parents, are you fixated in the past? Have you chosen wisely or are you like the power base hindering the future, if there is a future. Or are you a thinking person? Do you try to make positive moves for the future and have you come to your light spot yet?

In 1942 with the Germans pounding on the gates of Paris, people began to prepare to evacuate. (p37 “Suite Francaise” Nemirovsky) However “they were unable to deviate from their normal routine.” They “could hear the sound of planes in the sky.” yet they packed systematically, they had a “need to follow a routine stronger than their terror. …They hadn’t understood the reality of the situation.” “They were living in two different moments, the present and the past. What was happening could only seep into a small part of their consciousness, the most superficial part, leaving all the deeper regions peacefully asleep.” (p33. Nemirovsky )

This is the precise attitude we are taking today in this field of disasters. The politicians are not acting because they hate to be the bearer of bad news, they think people will not vote for bad news. But it is not bad news it is only living in two moments, not willing to take the action a flood demands, but accepting a slow death instead, occurring right now in distant lands and in smaller ways in our neighbourhood. But the slow death that affects the foreign places today has no means to steer clear of our children tomorrow. We have not built in that prevention. Are we peacefully asleep? OR
Do you think we should act now?


Posted by Willard Anderson on August 9th, 2016.


We need to examine how we need to change our institutions and procedures to ensure we do not destroy more of the earths biological and ecological capacity to support and recover many of earth’s natural biological processes and ecosystems.

There has been no more than a $ 2.00 per hour raise in labour salaries since the 1970′ s according to The Economist. Since consumer consumption drives so much of the economy this has helped to slow down the economy and in fact causes the structural slowdown.

Large corporations have helped to push salaries down by pushing global capitalism. This becomes a race to the bottom and assures lower salaries for all labour. This is a structural problem.

More midsized companies have been bought out from Canada by large mega corporations from countries with the largest economies. This has affected : petroleum, mining, tech manufacturing, hotels, and real estate. It has left Canada as a new age colony with too many profits exciting the county and under tax avoidance methods .

Buy outs centralize executive jobs to the countries with the largest economies and further entices brighter minds to these good jobs leaving the target country at with less advantage. When you place this in a global trade agreement context the smaller countries become servants to the larger economies, a situation very difficult to escape. Capitalism by definition gives advantage to those with the greatest amount of capital.

Strong capitalistic values and company principals have assured oil companies in Alberta have been taking the advantage of pumping out cheap oil in Alberta with almost none of the profits going to Albertans. Conservative governments kept royalties low and and provided subsidies to the tar sands oil business. Conservative governments thus assured there were no profits for retraining or to implement green energy.

Today new economies globally are moving toward green energy types. With no such fund of hundreds of billions as Norway arranged, Alberta’s government is in debt. It sees only the redevelopment of oil and tar sands, now a losing industry with many high risk costs. If the tar sands paid for the natural disasters it causes and for pumping CO2 out of the atmosphere then green energy wold be much less

There is a trend that more money is going to the top 1% to 5% of the population and less to labour.

Democracies require free speech and representative government. The bigger corporations can pay for lobbying of government making them more represented than the average person eroding democracy. This is partly a product of globalization. Corporations tend to control more advertising or media reducing freedom of speech to the larger population. It is a sickness in our economy that needs to change.

Universally THERE IS TREMENDOUS DESTRUCTIVENESS IN INCREASING POPULATION as recomended by the current economic model and this model must change fast.

Do not continue to allow religions whose ideas are totally out of date and destructive to continue on that track. ie no birth control.

Measure the ecosystem destructiveness of each phase of life, and remodel each phase toward more life affirming behaviours toward the biological continuity of the earth.

Shift value systems in politics, religion and economics toward life affirming
values on the earth biological scale.

Utilize the total life learning of seniors toward late life volunteerism particularly in efforts that are ecosystem life affirming. IE Protecting nature preserves. Require education continuation on subjects such as specifically 1.) anthropological Mass Extinction : life at the brink ” or the Sixth Great and human caused extinction and 2.) fossil fuels caused climate change.

Make Mass Extinction, Life at the Brink a compulsory subject exposure in the curriculum.

Ensure that the subjects of human caused mass extinction and petroleum caused climate change is taught as early as possible and continues in life learning with these new concepts as late in life as possible, and ensure that people understand what their impact is at each stage of life.

Make right to die legislation compulsory until the earth again reaches balance between human population and earth carrying capacity.

Encourage human migration only where it is proven that the added people in the receiving country will not cause more destruction of the natural ecosystems. Measure not only services required but new consumption and consequent natural resource harvest and damage to ecosystems and to populations of living species.

Make many more human activities illegal that directly increase impact upon nature.

Develop a concept of all earth needing to be a nature preserve one small increment at a time with people coexisting. This changes the consumption/harvest model.

Where the current economic model sees more people as a solution change this towards making positive biological impacts on all transactions.

Make payments to fossil fuel caused climate destruction to enhance reducing fossil fuel use and pumping CO2 out of the atmosphere and requiring development of green energy.

Tune pension, unemployment pay, health services and education payments more towards the earth biology life affirming behaviours and towards turning around impacts upon fossil fuel caused climate destruction partly through reducing fossil fuel use and pumping CO2 out of the atmosphere.

Globally build a coalition of countries that can place pressure upon countries not behaving positively toward earth natural biological continuity.

Restructure all trade agreements towards including earth biological protection. Tax exports of rogue nations. A trade agreement is not a trade agreement if it destroys life on earth.

The sixth great extinction will take us with it if we do not make these changes.
There are two fundamental references that everyone should read. They are VIDEO- :
Mass Extinction:Life at the Brink and

Economics or Biology: dismal or life affirming model 2016 aug

Posted by Willard Anderson on August 4th, 2016.

BIOLOGY AND ECONOMICS a dismal or life sustaining model to live by.

What is it about humans that is important to every one and to all procedures, actions and methodologies we use? We need life. We want continuity, appropriate applicability,ecological sustainability and happiness in life. Nothing else matters so much. Yet the main model that we apply to all the efforts we put into living is the economic model. It drives all human life, why we work , what we buy, and do. Yet it is startlingly designed almost in whole by only the almighty dollar.
The Economist says about it that the current model , “was designed for a different era , and looks increasingly flawed for a modern world.” Specifically it says that the model in some cases “fuses with psychology”, and economists need to “mingle with historians and sociologists”. There remains a plague of narrow mindedness in specialties .
Models are today based upon new and increased knowledge of the earth and of biology. Any model that drives most of human actions needs to include biology and excludes it at our peril. And that peril has become more common and even measured via starvation, storm, disease, wildfire and flood.
In our newly designed or replacement model to drive all human life we need to target biology: continuity of life, appropriate applicability of procedures and actions, ecological sustainability and happiness. We have made a huge mistake of replacing biological life with the idea of profit at any expense and allowing political systems that allow personal gain and greed to override global biology and we are paying for that.
We can do better. Biology is telling us we have no option left now but to do better.

Bias in the Media Impacts UFO’s and Climate Warming Deaths

Posted by Willard Anderson on June 28th, 2016.

I wonder!! It has been reported that as early explorers met native groups less sophisticated that when they took a photograph that the natives thought they were stealing souls. Or were was the magic in bullets. Natives thought witch doctors could render them immune to bullets. What was firewater? How did the invention of the steam locomotive change life or the internal combustion engine. In the fifties Dick Tracy talked into his wrist watch and believe it or not we have cell phones or wrist watch phones today.
There is a concept that Einstein discovered that he called “spooky action at a distance”. That is one object reflected the action or behavior of another object that was at considerable distance from the first. Action at a distance. Today they call it entanglement. When one object is entangled with another it can exactly reflect the others actions instantaneously. Now called teleportation. That this can be done on a molecular level has now been proven. Some call it tele transportation which is another description of the same phenomena. Now suppose this concept developed into the future means that such tele transportation of molecules can in fact realize “beam me up Scotty”. So we go from small amounts of molecular information to larger amounts of molecular information that actually constitute not the transfer only of digital information but the digital information of a material object. Ergo beam me up Scotty. ” Physicists at the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience, part of the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, report that they sent quantum data concerning the spin state of an electron to another electron about 10 feet away. Quantum teleportation has been recorded in the past, but the results in this study have an unprecedented replication rate of 100 percent at the current distance, the team said.” Now science takes time to transfer the engineering so it may not occur quickly fast. But once a concept is proven material enaction scaling up the process seems to frequently follow.
So now we have a peculiar situation that the high tech telescopes that have been sending out information for 30 years to parts of the galaxy have not received a response. So the thought is there is no other advanced culture in the galaxy. Still if only one example of advanced life exists in each galaxy there are still 200 billion likely examples of advanced life in the universe or multiverse. Someone must be doing a lot of development work even beyond our own. On the other hand we have observations of thousands of UFO sightings by lay people, police, military people or pilots describing lights or space craft they have seen or touched (Falcon Lake). It is unlikely that so many sightings can be passed off as lunatic. So with the idea of entanglement it is now quite realizable that for advanced cultures that they can use tele transportation as a transport mode vastly decreasing the time for interstellar travel. Hence lunatic observations are supported by the new scientific reality of thermodynamic entanglement or tele transportation and this brings up new questions. Why would an advanced civilization want to communicate with a civilization , us, that is destroying its planet when they can use sensors, hackers and samples to learn all they want or need? Further they are being shot at when they approach.
People often wish to talk to others who are on somewhat the same plane as themselves. The test of common sense may be an intergalactic concept. What will science prove by2100 if fossil fuels have not wiped out life on earth by that time?
Would it not be a tragically small minded political scandal if the politicians disregarded the wonderful future the young may entertain while we now bend to the contaminated whip of the petroleum companies and continue to allow the oil companies to pour more CO2 into the atmosphere and threaten the future of all life on earth. The Bohr’s Institute says “Future Global Warming Could Be Even Warmer.” (ENN jun 14, 2016). “The newly computed odds for experiencing recent runs of record temperatures by chance, without accounting for human – caused greenhouse gases, are greater than odds previously reported in some media – between 1 in 27 million and 1 in 650 million – incredibly slim.” (Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Rahmstorf) Agricultural lands are decreasing and food production is expected to decrease by 20% in both India and China. The ridiculously infantile small minded economic model guiding our pursuit of life is so narrow that it can not be used to build another model. We must integrate the bio physical aspects of the earth and survival of the earths ecologically interdependent planet into the economics model in the face of simply making more money mostly for dictators, kleptocracies, the corrupt and the already millionaires and billionaires.
We need the CBC during weather reports to state clearly that extreme weather damage is a product of fossil fuel burning. We need educational curriculum writers (the greatest human caused disaster the earth has ever known is not today in the curricula) presenting fossil fuels caused climate disaster that recognizes the importance of the planet to youth. Finally we need politicians who have the people and the environment first in mind.
The problem is the barriers! Corporations keep information like the fossil fuel caused climate weather disasters out of the news (The Hidden News). One professor through his science proved at 95% statistical certainty that these extreme storms, fires and floods would not have occurred without added CO2 in the atmosphere causing greater heat energy in the oceans driving climate events. The Bohr’s work is more stringent.
We need everyone to know that if the subsidies were removed from fossil fuels and given to green energy then green energy would be less costly than fossil fuels. If you had fossil fuels companies pay up front, at least 50% of the costs of disasters and damages of fossil fuels caused climate weather disasters, then green energy would be far less costly than fossil fuels.
The benefits of all new inventions and discoveries, entanglement to green energy, has to be presented on the basis of sound scientific data and presented to everyone in an easily digested format. On the other side the whole destructiveness and real costs of continued fossil fuels use changing earth climate has to be thoroughly aired. It is not today!
Willard Anderson


Posted by Willard Anderson on May 20th, 2016.

As teachers we have a special sensitivity to children. When you say, ” I can do nothing” you are helping to kill children. We need an ever increasing network of people to stop climate change. Here are some ways to start. But perhaps we need a reminder as to why.

Robbin Wylie writes an interesting history of the decline of the Mayans. He says there was a mega drought that lasted a century off and on. Also the Mayan’s may have exacerbated it by clearing the land so the land would not hold water. We are now into global heating and droughts and as well have cleared the land so it holds little water causing floods as Winnipeg is too familiar with.

New projections state that China and India will have their food production reduced by 20%. Big cities will not feed their populace. India’s record heat hit 51 degrees C about may 19, 2016. (ENN) China is busy locking in resources from Africa which the Africans also struck by drought drastically need. African desertification may displace 60 million people from agriculture which contributes 40% of their GDP. (ENN 12 May 2016) By contrast Canada’s food production is estimated to rise by 5% but only 5% of our land is arable. On top of that the earth can only sustain a certain population before ecosystems break down. We are drastically over populated and need birth control everywhere. When the populations are in balance ecosystems will no longer die.

There are MANY ways that climate warming impacts us.
NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies says the middle east drought is the worst since 1100 CE, “you have the potential for large scale disruption of food systems as well as potential conflict over water. resources”.

A “Lifestyles 55” article May 2016 says, “Fatty acids EPA and DHA have a direct relationship to cardiovascular , immune system , neurological function, vision and reproduction. Ryerson University research shows climate warming may have a significant negative effect on reproduction of these omega -3 fatty acids in algae which may lead to cascading effects an overall decline of these nutrients for human well being.” Other research shows there is currently “barely sufficient to meet the nutritional demand of the human population.”

Megalophobia in The Economist of April 30, 2016 the efforts of Beijing and Shanghai using hukou – a license to buy lots and use schools, which aim to keep rural folk from moving into their paradise like mega cities, while food supply diminishes make such big cities the mausoleums of the future. A long time resident of Hong Kong said he believes about half the population lived from hand to mouth. But life cannot be isolated from nature and natural ecosystems. We do not live on food alone but on earth’s diverse ecosystems ability to sustain us all. They are not able to and we are now in a state of decline. Climate warming is only one bell weather of the problem. The impact of certain inventions make consumption ever more efficient and leave toxic enviornments behind. But the true measure is the viability of the earths ecosystems to support human masses which they now
are not. Fort McMurray is another measure of that. We need broader thinkers. Any one stuck on economic measures by wealth will not do. I have seldom if ever seen the Economist marry ecosystem health with economy.
That magazine needs to mature. They need to understand carrying capacity of the earth, economy and social needs are all based upon earths bio-physical characteristics as the foundation of everything. Even earth quakes tell us that. This is the secret to life on earth and the meaning of life. Good to know that!

The actual new reality is represented by, “A recent tender in Mexico will generate electricity at record low costs of $40. a megawatt per hour -cheaper than natural gas or coal.” (The Economist, April 16, 2016. p 12)

Now what action do we take? Since change is needed on a broad base we need to write letters to elected representatives, media broadcasters, the press, use social media – face book etc. Write to your personal connections and to friends, school principles, school boards, curriculum branch. For certain to someone in another country. Some good points are in italics.

Write letters to the Prime minister first remind him 1) his first duty is to protect Canadians. This also means having a larger view of what is happening t.o the earth – climate heating. Ask for a reply within two months and write to your elected representative.

Write to the mass media and insist 2) they quit hiding the impacts of fossil fuel caused climate warming. The fire at Fort McMurray is a climate event.

Fossil fuels caused emissions impact health 3) encourage the use of electricity wherever possible.

4)Subsidies to fossil fuels should be transferred to create green energy incentives. Remember fossil fuels caused the deaths of 47 people in Lac Megantic. Petroleum killed people, not trains. The train loaded with cement or wood would not likely have killed at all. The Fort McMurray fire is a climate warming event. While Peter’s guest on the National CBC, said one could not attribute a climate cause to this particular fire. But a recent study stated that
5)” with 95% statistical confidence the hot air, high winds, dried forest and 33C degree temperature would not have occurred without the added fossil fuel carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere.”

Ask politicians 6) to pass an Act to impose penalties for fossil fuels and rewards for green energy.

Try to reduce burning natural gas. Add solar panels to your rooftop. Ask 7)Hydro to build in some disaster costs to their natural gas price. Solar is now much cheaper than fossil fuels since the fossil fuels have not paid for the disasters they cause. In the murders of the 4 RCMP officers justice required jail for the man that gave the murderer his gun. If justice is fair and this applies to Ft. McMurray fire, that is if cause and effect principles were treated the same as in the murders of the 4 RCMP then the petroleum companies would pay the costs. Is justice fair? With the current death ragtes if the major oil producing nations are not on a fast track to reduce fossil fuel production, then their leaders are complicit in these death rates and in crimes against the environment.

We have to reverse the CO2 in the atmosphere. With jobs being shut down due to wildfire and hardship in Fort McMurray, ask the PM 8)to introduce a large solar panel and wind program to employ the people affected.

Reduce your carbon dioxide footprint 9) Take care how often you use appliances.

We need rapid change to green energy. In the second WW we geared up for War in one year. 10) We can certainly gear up for change to electricity instead of fossil fuels in a few years.

There is a need to change community layout and building codes need to change and to 11) change toward electricity used in codes for buildings and for transport.

We always have to remember the human population is a long way over the carrying capacity of the earth, and it doesn’t matter what corporations, politicians and religions say. It matters when we don’t fall into line and reduce demands on the biological basis of the earth.

We need to do this today! There are many NGO’s that help and there is much on line about how to help reduce climate impacts. See subjects on line:
* ” Top ten things you can do to help”
“Take action to fight climate change”
“Ten ways you can help stop climate change”
— and much more.


Posted by Willard Anderson on April 24th, 2016.

Politicians Policy Directive 9 Apl 2016

It seems we are in an increasingly rapid period of change. During the
pre industrial era things were probably somewhat stable. Then industrialization brought on by the iron industry and steam power and a little later automobiles and aircraft created a stimulating swing in change. Ford did not make a fortune under these influences by endorsing the horse and buggy but by producing assembly lines for model T’s.
Similarly recently we have had the computer revolution and a rapid support of the technology gave us large advances. Today we have another equally as large a technology change though more accelerated by push as well as pull. It is the energy revolution and the fossil fuel caused climate warming problem along with its costs.
The difficulty is we are not treating this revolution the same way as we did the automation revolution of cars and planes nor like the computer revolution, both quickly endorsed.
Rather than responding to the new revolution as we did in the past we support the old fossil fuel platform in Alberta, which is like supporting the horse and buggy instead of the Ford assemble lines for model T’s. Today though the writing is on the wall for fossil fuels creating climate warming. Fossil fuels caused CO2 has heated oceans creating the conditions for climate change giving us: storm, flood, wildfire, rivers in the sky deluge and mudslides but most of these have a local impact and we can write them off. Even thought they mount up to $ hundreds of billions globally they are not considered by global capitalism’s economic model.
Using this model fossil fuels companies have swindled the government by denying that they should pay these fossil fuel caused climate costs – at one trillion dollars per year globally. We need the of common sense that occurred during the former revolutions.
Sadly we still:
1. Subsidize fossil fuels and
2. Do not requires the fossil fuel industry pay the full costs of its production.
3. Bend to an archaic industrial horse and buggy era. We forget to analyze and compare the Alberta management fiasco; Norway has a multi hundreds of $billions of slush fund which it uses for the advancing the benefit of the nation. Alberta has a net debt due to its bungled management of a one time one era resource.
4. There is another unfortunate event ; After the changes of the 18C to 20C we still apply an outdated economic model that now costs more than it produces.

As the fossil fuel climate warming catastrophe ramps up costs are increasing by geometric proportions. Most of which we have still not factored into the futures market. We are discounting the need of a healthy future for our children.
But the second phase is that the fossil fuel crisis is now becoming more evident.
1. Tropical disease in spreading at a time when drug companies reduced their research on antibiotics.
2. Sea level rise is increasing with storm surges in synch creating more disastrous storms such as hurricane Sandy NY and Rita at New Orlean. More harmful storm surges are in part a product of melting ice, warming oceans and expanding water a one million chil;dren a year diing from climate warming. and and these combine forming higher surge tides.
3. Agriculture is taking a hit from climate warming within the sensitive zones experiencing drought; which cause expanding deserts globally but more critical droughts in the Sub Sahara, Australia, North China, India the Mediterranean area, and SW USA and the SW Canadian prairies, amongst other places.

This is causing a 20% reduction in food supply in China and also in India and an increase of 5% in Canada. Who will die of starvation first? Chinese stats reported 1.6 million dead from pollution each year, most likely from burning coal to produce electric energy and for using fossil fuels for heating buildings and for transportation. This suggests about one million children dieing form fossil fuels each year. Who would support such policies?
Now tell me that it is important to support Alberta’ s policy of producing fossil fuels, climate warming and a high death rate for children! Should we not rather help them shift to a modern economy.
The structure of Trudeau’s budget may be OK but the substance of it is a way off target in this one respect.

Ghomeshie:Good Interpretation – Bad Law for Women

Posted by Willard Anderson on April 9th, 2016.

Ghomeshie Trial March 2016
I find there is something of special interest about the Ghomeshie trial. I believe I have read that there are differences between the male and female brains. Surely one is programmed for birth and nurturing, the other for getting food and protection of the family. It seems sensible the brain would need to emphasize different things depending on programming: different emphasis and pathways.

Certainly for the ladies, in my limited understanding of the female brain, it is important to see motivation as critical. When a woman is in love it may occur like a bolt of lightening or over warm feelings over time. For a man it may be the same or sex but remember he has more physical power. Given that motivations drive action would it be fair to say the motivations and consequent action and I emphasize action, are different for men and women. In less regulated society force often becomes involved. But since men are stronger than women and they know it, that changes actions for many, both on the receiving and giving end. This alone may make it necessary for the accusing complainant to be able to question the accused and see if his words ring true. So when one is in a trial where the issue is abuse of a woman it seems the words of the accused as to whether he did those things or whether he would be prepared to lie become critical. Otherwise it plays to the strength already of the male despite the principle of ‘innocent until proven guilty’.

Now when the trial is played out as a trial of the plaintiffs words rather than on the central action of abuse, which was considered to be at the root of crime, it seems there is a step missing in Canadian justice. Perhaps it just becomes more evident for women. After all a man in the woman’s place would have hit the guy back. (I realize there are other complications). This again seems to bias the trial. I understand that the judge found the accusers words brought the question of doubt into play. Should not both parties have the opportunity to cast doubt?
I don’t understand law but I ha but I had the terrible feeling that:
1. We were not bringing the accused to trial but rather the accusers, and that
2. There is a need to understand male and female roles on societies diversity of behaviours that were perhaps critical to this trial.

Perhaps too much seems to be designed for men. For men there is an other aspect to the glass ceiling. How is it women who give birth and care giving that are the most important jobs in society are given to the “weaker sex”? When men do good work they are paid more, and may spend a part of that on themselves and on the family. When women raise children well, love of mother improves but all society benefits.
When writing code of the programs on the internet, much of what is out there is the product of the creator. Surely code is the ethical responsibility of the creator and so perhaps of the negative product of such software.

At issue is the context of how people behave. Take a young boy who grows up in a abusive home. His father beats him. The father tiring of his wife says , “I am leaving.” The little boy immediately says , “Dad don’t go. Don’t Go.” The boys whole social psychological identity is in the family .

When a man and woman encounter a potentially harmful situation the man’s response would most likely be well, this other fellow had a hand in it, I am not wholly to blame. The woman on the other hand may self evaluate and say I wonder if I could have done something different that could have created a better outcome. The woman in self evaluation is reflecting the evolutionary child rearing principles. She cannot blame the child. She has to make herself better. Only in this way do we get healthy children.

All systems of society have changed over time: livestock rearing, agriculture, political systems ( dictatorship is stuck in time and is a retrograde system.) Economy is suffering through a 20th C model that no longer fits today. It must evolve to suit what we now know about the earth. Even the law which has not changed rapidly now needs to change. A modern law may well have seen a different outcome in this case. We need a new law that takes into account the different evolved behaviours of men and women. In law design perhaps we need some: psychologists, biologists, physicists to bring our system up to date. There is much more breadth and depth in this question.

When will men see their glass ceiling and what would be the consequence if they did? It seems men the fighters need to back off politically to women the talkers and maybe there will be more harmony across nations. We need to recognize dictatorships are a system frozen in time, as are many mythologies that demand behaviours based upon understandings of a century or more ago. Too bad global capitalism can’t impose sanctions on dictators, but we are not bright enough yet it seems. International law also needs changes. For all, function should also influence form of the law. Functions for men and women have always been different. In law this needs to be recognized especially when it comes to sex.

I hope for better for my grand daughters.

Investigation to Guide Human Behaviour revised 2/4/2016

Posted by Willard Anderson on February 4th, 2016.

It seems there is a need for a complete understanding of the theories of the universe by joining theories of thermodynamics and relativity and perhaps of the multiverse. That is of course the job of physicists and astronomers.
There is a simpler level of inquisitiveness that needS to be addressed to solve some of our prickly disruptive problems like assuming we should believe in mythologies that do not allow birth control when overpopulation has caused over harvest and human population passing the carrying capacity of the earth. Mega deaths are in store. The current expectation is a 20% drop in food production for both China and India and a 5% increase in Canada while global population increases to 9 billion.
This investigation should apply the scientific process. It should deal with experimental proven systems of inquiry . It needs to deal with factual material life at the specific level but also at the blue sky umbrella approach to assembling connections between phenomena, testing and accepting and moving on.
So it should accept: erosion and deposition, climatic forces, subatomic particles, Higgs bosun, potential of dark matter and dark energy, systems ecology, chemical cycles, natural selection and evolution in the fossil record or geomorphological record and nano particle influences, light and energy waves and gravitational waves, virus and bacteria, chemical soups and origin of life apparently achieved in the lab now, astronomical observations, and the acceptance of life and perhaps civilizations come and gone in 13 billion years. That homo sapiens is perhaps 50,000 to 250,000 years old, upright apes perhaps a million years old.
The culture of competition and seeing other cultures as enemies and letting this broken view limit understanding of what seems to meet the simple measure of common sense although some would say relativity challenges the old idea of common sense. It seems we have to start with the more or less most advanced ideas.
The human brain is said to operate by electric chargers jumping synapses between the millions or billions of brain cells or neurons. This means it is an electric organ. But since it is electricity that operates the brain a very strong electro-magnetic pulse could possibly render the brain unconscious. I have read reports from a Laurentian University professor who stimulated the brain to essentially make the person see images perhaps what some might call ghosts, read about the electric charge stimulation of the brain through implants to stimulate more action in the brain for early patients of Alzheimer, or to stimulate feelings of heat, or tastes.
The brain seems to be able to generate as much electricity as needed to spawn those jumps between synapses. Some kind of condenser I suppose.
I recall my father said he built a crystal radio as a young person around 1925. I have read about the idea of transmigration of thought and if the brain is electrical and transmits between neurons it must also transmit to create the human aura. Now considered reality. But I have also heard that some people receive radio signals in supposedly a crystal like structure in their teeth fillings. So could the brain transmit a signal to another biological entity – transmigration of thought?
There is also a remark in Einstein’s work about “action at a distance”. It is the idea that the viewer has an action impact upon the object being viewed. I recall astronomers identifying a planet or celestial object that appeared to follow the behavior of another planet at some distance. One solution is that there could be another particle that travels faster than the speed of light. If so it offers a tantalizing new power thruster form.
Now we get into the scope of other life in the universe. Physicists and astronomers look for the Goldilocks zone on other planets of which there are now considered to be thousands or millions. So life it seems is guaranteed to exist elsewhere. One theory is that bacteria arrived on the earth via meteorites or ice objects. Evolution took over. But then it seems logical common sense that in 13 billion years in the Universe this process produced other civilizations that have come and gone. We cannot be so swell headed as to think we are the most intelligent life so there were/are civilizations well advanced beyond us.
It seems that with human observations of UFOs there is enough evidence to establish that UFOs exists. The many books by Sagan, Heyak, Dolan and many others have taken the doubt out of it. The USAF Blue book used to discredit vast amounts of evidence no longer has credibility in evidence of the advances of astronomers and physicists and works like Dolan’s. It is regrettable that the National Geographic follows the Blue Book line with no research in it’s “Are We Alone” current issue. In fact the USAF in a report “Item 5 paragraph 12 (Dolan p. 313) also restated that all radar evidence [and there is much] of UFOs was automatically classified and could not be discussed or revealed to the public”. Out reach to many computers may establish patterns of observations. At the very least we should follow the test of common sense for the thousands of observations of UFOs around the world. If it swims like a duck, if it flies like a duck, and if it quacks like a duck, then it is a duck. The purpose of the secretiveness is that there is hope of reverse engineering the power system of these UFOs and the fear that Russia or China wold beat the USA to this new power source. The approach seems to have been self defeating. It has been suggested that there could be an anti gravity power plant or something beyond that. There was a curious report of an east Coast USA ship having been accidentally transferred to a different location (Dolan, UFOs) and was described as a possible accidental discovery of UFO power phenomena.
In Dylan’s book there are many reports of UFOs that dive into the ocean. Many UFOs seem to be fully capable of undersea operation. Now it seems astronomers found several planets completely covered by seas. If they are water and are a source for oxygen then it is possible these planets could be wayside stations for UFOs.
There has been no explanation of crop circles except for a few hoaxes. The circular lay down of grass or grain could be explained by the observed rotation of UFOs. Not many are said to be very hot. The pattern of grain laying down in such a fashion could be a result of temporary landing sites.
If UFOs are this advanced it is likely they have been observing earth for hundreds of years (Dolan). If they had needed an alternative home they could easily have wiped out threatening lifeforms, they are never threatened by fighters and they can render people that approach them paralyzed or unconscious and likely also animals through the use of electro-magnetic pulses perhaps. Some witnesses have also, according to reports, talked with UFO visitors, so some have a command of English (Dolan,p.316). Not surprising since we translated mid eastern languages from the Rosetta Stone. Also they would certainly have many remote sensing devices. Furthermore because of their speed, power, threat capability and usual peacefulness their actions seem to be research based. Because of their likely long history with earth they no doubt have bio-physical knowledge and would know something about the bio-physical status of earth and over population. They may even have a speculation or considered prognosis on where earth viability will likely be in 100 or 200 years.
Their knowledge and status of earth seems to mean we would have a lot to learn from them. We should not approach them with firepower – useless in any event, but with a desire to gain knowledge. Sociologists claim humans are a social species and we do better with cooperation than with competition. The old ways need to be extinguished. The more so since cooperation is the best meeting ground for our fellow members of the galaxy.
We will be leaving this problem to the young who are brought up in the ways of computers and social media. New UFO contacts can be spread quickly. We should have a friendly strategy worked out. Send messages of greetings within our solar system and design a mutual regard strategy. Since the young are now used to Face Book and Twitter it may well behoove them to learn to communicate with a background of more than a fifty word vocabulary and a better understanding of such a complicated future.
If this all sounds too extreme, the young should know that those of us born many decades ago at a time of stooking, huge flocks of mallards and dominant rail transportation, are finding each of our next decades to be more and more extreme.
Fossil fuels warming our climate, destroying species at 100 to 1000 times the natural rate, destruction of ocean fisheries so jelly fish the survivors of the Precambrian seas once again becomes dominant and the oceans become eutrified due to: dead zones, current oil spills and WWll sunken ships, fossil fuel caused acidification and anoxic conditions that no longer nourish sea animals requiring large amounts of oxygen. When the seas die, we die is a usual refrain in climatological books and ocean studies.
Now there is a search for gravitational waves. Light can or electricity can travel as photons or as a wave. Does the Higgs particle play a role here, transferring a wave of energy to photon. But of course electrons are already particles with mass. Can matter in our known forms be transferred to a wave by the Higgs particle. Do UFOs travel utilize this as a power source?
So now we have it. Civilizations in our galaxy or beyond, fantastic speeds, phenomena that transcend mythologies, knowledge that immediately makes the capitalistic economic theory redundant, outpaced by improved knowledge. The mix of human survival has more to consider today. We ignore it at our peril. This peril is fast upon us in form of the fossil fuel caused climate disasters. We need students to work like flash crowds but we need computer flash gangs who first record sitings: location, date, probable purpose of visit, communication, record of communication to build a Rosetta stone for future design of consistent messaging, collation, recommendations.
Also Governments must deal climate swiftly. There is too much else waiting in the wings.
Will Anderson

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