Harper as Dictator and Controls on People

Posted by Willard Anderson on March 29th, 2015.

The net effect of Harper’s actions have not been to help Canadians but:
Robo calls probably helped Conservatives win an election.
The Mulroney- air bus affair gave taxpayer’s money to Mulroney.
If Conservatives take illegal actions during the next election campaign Harper gave himself power to prevent an investigation.
His military support to Iraq and Ukraine polishes Harper’s view of Armageddon.
He will likely change government to a republic and give highest financial petro supporters ability to control government continuously.
He promised to withdraw billions from medicare to convert to private medical system which is more costly and has poorer outcomes.
He killed the Canadian wheat board that got good wheat prices for crops for the average farmer and now makes it harder to get good prices.
He probably gagged the CBC to disallow criticism stop discussion of the costs and death rates caused by the fossil fuel industry and paid for by tax payers.
He attempted to disenfranchise northerners who were not literate.
Changed some electoral districts to favour Conservatives.

PM Harper has ensured that he:
Controls the elected members of his party.
Controls parliament by majority.
Controls the senate by his appointments.
Controls electoral commissioner now responsible to his minister.
Controls the supreme court by his ministers controlling all penalties C51
Will appoint a once unqualified judge to Supreme Court to do his bidding.
Ensure that judge can overturn Charter of Rights and Freedoms C51
Allows CSIS arrest rights without charge and held in secret indefinitely. C51
Wants to change Canada to an undemocratic form of republic theocracy.

References: Eeric Gottardi Cdn Bar re “Violation of the Charter”, Harris, One Man Party. Kline After This Everything Changes.

Bob Rae, “I find Harper to be the most deeply partisan and divisive person in Canadian History.”

Farley Mowat “ S. Harper is probably the most dangerous human being elected to power in Canada.”

A student of German history described Harper’s methods for taking over government as similar to Hitlers in his early days.

Under Harper we are no longer a democracy.


Charlie and Loss of Democracy In Canada

Posted by Willard Anderson on January 21st, 2015.

Winnipeg Free Press

You discuss Freedom of Speech with respect to Charlie. I firmly believe that this is a fundamental right and we should not shrink from expressing our views. The hazard is that other rights like democracy have already been or will be eroded (Party of One) by a man who considers himself an extremist version of a messiah. So did Hitler.

How do we measure?
If one asked a Muslim who he/she owes first allegiance to, will it be to their religion or to the Canadian State. It makes me believe if they are as certain about their religion as I am led to believe, that they would choose Sharia law first. They have not denied that. Suddenly the real meaning of disbelievers would become evident. Perhaps every Muslim should reaffirm his/her commitment to Canada first above his/her religion or return to where his/her religion is prevalent. It may be that simple. Ever since Henry VIII we have tried to separate church from state. If we shrink now will it be like the time Hitler came to power. He established a beech head and soon would accept no opposition to his views.
We also know that almost totally religions are not democratic institutions. We know that almost all sects have some serious faults: Mormons in Bountiful, Scientology, Muslims, Roman Catholics. The principle seems to be when you are in power one can impose anything or principle one wants. Hitler did.

In the recent past Muslims asked for Sharia Law in Toronto. In Belgium where they represent almost 50% could it be that Sharia Law will become predominant? If so when the Belgians ask for tolerance to western law will they be given a right to maintain their western views? That is anathema to Muslims. Ask the writer who wrote against the Muslim religion. One test is always would the Muslim country reciprocate with tolerance to western views if they expect their views to be tolerated in western countries? We are appalled by the consequence of Sharia law in the imposition of the lash. That would become mild if we were to have to educate our children here in Sharia Law.

We know that our PM is a member of an extremist Christian sect. He has withdrawn freedom of speech from the CBC putting constraints on the word they use to describe the Tar sands. He has not allowed media to discuss the debt owed by oil companies to victims of fossil fuel caused climate warming. He has prevented the public's elected members from speaking out for the people they voted to represent them in parliament, destroying freedom of speech. He has terribly weakened our democracy as noted by Party of One. We lose one right and then another and the now Muslim terrorist attacks help Harper justify removal of further rights. One of our rights and then the next is soon to go. Harper used omnibus bills (with no debate in Parliament) to place the Electoral Commissioner under the management of a Conservative Minister. This means the Conservatives cannot be prosecuted for robo calls intended to restrict the vote and other dirty tricks.(Party of One) We know that the 2015 election will be the most corrupt election we have ever experienced through conservative malpractice.

Please speak out freely or tomorrow you will be the one who says : when they came for my neighbor I did not speak out, when they came for my uncle I did not speak out, when they came for my children I did not speak out. Now they are coming for me and there is no one to speak out.
I am a Canadian First.

Will Anderson

Litigation for Climate Deaths

Posted by Willard Anderson on December 27th, 2014.


A time for taking stock for our children’s sakes and to examine legal liability for climate warming deaths. 18 Dec 2014

There is a death rate attached to fossil fuel caused climate change just as there was from cigarette smoking. Not that they could say which pack or brand of any cigarette caused a specific cancer. Regarding climate warming one researcher has verified with 95 % statistical certainty that it is human caused. Vegetation and carbon sequestered during the Carboniferous period over 100,000,000 years formed fossil fuels and at least 50% have been pumped out and burned in 200 years causing CO2 release into the atmosphere 500,000 times faster than the natural rates and that is the obvious cause of climate warming. So fossil fuel producers knowingly have caused warming oceans and thus storms, floods, fires, droughts and mud slides which in turn have caused an increasingly large death rate. Why is that whole story kept so secret? Does our PM not demand in legislation a balanced story for us through the CBC. What are his policies? “Carbon dioxide emissions have risen relentlessly … the fastest in 30 years”.
This high death rate is :
– United Nations Environmental Program (Time, April 2010) 250,000 deaths per year from fossil fuel caused by climate warming.
– The Dana Group says 400,000 deaths per year, and
– a report from “4 ex presidents, 2 Nobel winning economists , the World Bank, IMF and Asian Development Bank, Better Growth Better Climate” says ,
“Outdoor air pollution, largely from coal though also [CO2] from cars and other industry, kills 4m (million) people a year – more than any infectious disease”. (The Economist, Sept.20, 2014.)
Who pays?

Precedence 1. In Thunder Bay there was a suit against the city for not being prepared for floods
caused by climate warming.
2. In the case of a shooting of 4 BC mounties, the person that handed the killer a gun was also convicted. 3. A killing of a daughter in India by parents, were charged and convicted in Canada. So crimes committed off shore can be prosecuted in Canada. 4. Cigarette companies were fined for causing cancer deaths on a basis of statistical evidence. There was no one to one particular package/brand of cigarettes causing a specific cancer. 5. IPCC report by a Doctorate says he had 95% statistical evidence that climate warming is human caused. Statistical evidence is valid. 6. There is now prosecution for hate mail. 7. We are 100 % solidly immersed in science: our food supplies, houses, heating, cooling, industry, food supplies, farming, transportation, communication, clothes making and on and on. Christianity is based upon, “Suffer little children to come unto me.” Yet there are some religious groups that say they should do nothing about the killing of children. The only answer is extreme hypocrisy or a satanic influence. 8. Royalties are much higher in other jurisdictions -Texas, Norway. 9. Polluter pays is an accepted principle.

Now rates of ice melt and warming is faster than expected.
“Led by geophysicist Beata Csatho, UB associate professor of geology, the research provides what the authors think is the first comprehensive picture of how Greenland’s ice is vanishing. It suggests that current ice sheet modeling studies are too simplistic to accurately predict future sea level rise, and that Greenland may loose ice more rapidly in the near future than previously thought. (University Of Buffalo, ENN, Dec. 2014)
There is no longer any question about the fossil fuels causing storms, tornadoes, floods, mud slides, drought, and wildfire and the deaths. Because of all the deaths those pushing for more fossil fuels must take responsibility. This is the story everywhere. It is worse than we think. It is a global emergency as the BBC reported. But death is something very peculiar. When a 142 school children are murdered in Pakistan we morn and weep and carry on to urge the bombing of Isis to solve the problem. But the 128,000 killed in Burma from a human caused typhoon passes almost as if they were invisible. Perhaps drought in Sao Paulo Brazil is a more relateable problem. “In October … rain was just a third of normal … and if it rains less than half the long term average in the next few months. …the Cantareira reservoir, on which 6.5m people depend ….will dry up by July 2015.” Corrective measures are unlikely to be ready by then due to political ineffectiveness. This will become a very evident death rate relate-able to many places were there is drought. Canada has the same political ineffectiveness due to greed and mythological beliefs at the top. We need impeachment and we need to prosecute.
The media do not report the whole story, but we still have freedom of speech, even though access to this blog was originally interfered with.

To politicians for the children’s sakes.
We need a strong carbon tax now! Or prosecution for the destruction and death.
a)agree b)disagree
1. We need to stop fossil fuel caused climate warming. a) b) 2. We need a political system that responds to this human disaster. a) b) 3. We need a measurable population policy that conforms with what the land supports. a) b)
Your planet depends upon you.

Developing Solutions to Climate Change.

Posted by Willard Anderson on November 21st, 2014.

How would you measure humanity at this time on the earth? We generally try to protect children. We think of them as innocents and do our best to care for them. Similarly we tend to look after our elderly. We seek clothing and shelter. But some of our systems are very negative at times. China or Russia may approach this in enrichment for the top ruling class or dictator. We live in systems of greed justification instead of systems of stewardship. I suppose the stock market investing is the epitome of this greed since only those with money can take advantage of it and the more money the better the success.
Also in the west we live in an age of excess. We have TV programs encouraging a form of gluttony. All foods are considered more acceptable and we eat as much as we can, causing out of control obesity.
We like to be artistic. The work of the classical artists seems to have degraded into extreme abstraction with high prices, measured by name rather than quality. Abstract terms are used to describe it that have no meaning to most people. We run large gas guzzling cars despite all the warnings about fossil fuels and climate warming destruction. We are able to buy intricately made garments festooned with sequins and other time demanding g seamstress construction techniques. These clothes made in the west would cost perhaps $150. but poor countries with wages of maybe 25 cents per hour and sweatshop conditions the clothes are cheap. Really it is a system of encouraging continuous poverty with a race to the bottom driven by free trade and globalization. Our systems are devoid of ethics or morality, disregard the human and environmental conditions. At the same time our wildlife is diminishing in population numbers and projections of extinctions this century are around 50%. While the climate warming conditions are causing some of that extinction, toxic substances we dump, habitat loss from over harvest and hunting are having disastrous impacts.
There are simply too many people for the earth to now sustain. But many religions say that we are to populate the earth. The bible or Qur’an do not say, “populate the earth until one destroys what was Gods work”. It seems that if religion is the factor of management, then there are satanic forces at work. Certainly the rape and killing of innocents is a madman’s work. But there needs to be strong and ethical measures to reduce the whole population of the earth. This is quite possible and can be achieved in a human and equitable way.
We need to evolve and advance our processes and tools we use whether stock markets, chemicals or gratuitous harvesting that needs to be reduced drastically. We are a species on the rampage with no morality, no ethics and no self control.
Where do you want humanity and the earth to be in the near future? With the processes at hand it seems we are heading for super catastrophe.
The main barriers to positive change:
- Unmitigated capitalism and free trade.
- It is a mistake to follow the miss-interpretation of religious books written hundreds of years ago, at a time when the writers did not have the knowledge of how the world’s biological and physical systems worked. Yet religious dogmas dictated a way of treating the earth that has been cataclysmic, pushing especially over population and over consumption.
- A marketplace that focuses on selling and not on achievement, efficiency and fulfillment.
- The world has very irregular educational systems. While there is no divergence from the way the world really works few countries have the capability to place this new knowledge in a fair way in the brains of the young people as well as in with power.-
- There is a personal view that if others have some wealth then I too have the right to do whatever I wish to achieve that same wealth. While there is no question the wealthy nations have to help the under privileged there is now an absolute limit to growth.

One has to act. How would you deal with this dilemma? Are you willing to act?
One has to ask :
Where are the systems in business that determine how much we can take from the living earth? We are already past the point of ecological sustainability and this means the rich have to turn over wealth to help the poor. Conditions must be that we all will work to maintain and apply ecological sustainability. What needs to change in our systems?
How can we make that change?
What can I do right now to contribute to positive action?
Pick a problem.
Discuss with ecological experts.
Develop a small solution.
Communicate with others locally and internationally
Coordinate with crowds

Remember …………….
The physical makeup and processes of the earth determine earth biology. Earth biology determines what plants and animals live and evolve. Only then peoples education, medicine and ability to distribute wealth fairly fine tunes our lives.

Creating Policies We Are Comfortable With

Posted by Willard Anderson on November 12th, 2014.

We are creature of habit. Perhaps all animals are. We like to know what our circumstances are or what they will be tomorrow. We like to know we have a place to sleep, even animals make a burrow. We like to know we have something for breakfast, something to eat later in the day. We depend upon getting to this condition by exploring our technologies and applying them to make things easier. To make things more accessible. But trouble comes when others take our processes or technologies and perhaps even do one better so they can apply them and perhaps even take some of what would satisfy our needs and convenience away from us, sometimes making things much more difficult us. Our processes have been delineated by freedom of speech and democratic choice. That is a free press and to be able e to access the press or now the internet. Democratic choice is built upon the Icelandic and British systems.
We now have a surreptitious government controlled not by democratic choice but rather controlled by a number of default legislative bills that have taken those freedoms away from us.
1. We have lobby groups that have huge access to ministers to influence them with money or future benefits in order to give private companies their way. For there to be fairness there should be a clear one to one relationship in the ability to donate to a campaign and to vote. Otherwise it biases elections. If business has the right to lobby then all individuals should have the same access paid for by the government, or, lobbying should be terminated.
2. The government has given companies have the same rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms as people. The Charter was intended only to be a document relative to people. We need now to have every city and province to pass bills to take the Charter rights away from corporations. Some jurisdictions have done a comparable thing in the USA. These Charter rights expropriate an undue amount of wealth and power to corporations which are just constructs to direct wealth to certain people.
3. As well during elections there should be no funding from corporations at all. To be fair the donations and right to vote need to be in a one to one balance. The election is designed for people to make their choice. Corporations have no right to be benefactors when real workers suffer losses in the process.
4. During the fifties and sixties there was pretty much a free press and there were many independent news papers. Today large companies have bought up independent newspapers, furthermore owners such as Izzy Asper had fired many of his staff because they did not hold the same philosophy as the owner. Then the owner insisted on writing the editorials himself, thus abrogating the right of freedom of the press and ceding it only to a collective who hold all those newspapers in one large corporation. So today most newspapers are right wing and the center or left wing philosophy is seldom heard.
5. In addition the federal government now works to destroy unions and has pushed a large amount of the created wealth to the owners of industries and the workers now get an extremely small share that has not increased significantly since the 1970′s. Meanwhile the top 10 % of society get most of the financial benefit. One needs taxation to be fair and the workers have to have a voice in negotiating salaries. Again they need a free voice.
6. Surely the tax payer should not be subsidizing fossil fuel companies with such a long history of high profits and such a history of high death rates from climate warming. The fossil fuel
companies should now be paying all costs of production including the costs of deaths.
The USA is a guiding and an extreme example. The processes in the USA have led to a paralyzed government, supported strongly by a Christian extremist racist right wing view and this has caused things like education and health to have suffered badly. A country without a decent educational system will devolve into dictatorship, because opinions are primarily those of the wealthiest and strongest but there is no longer a free press venue for the middle class or workers opinions.
When one has a leader like Harper (an extremist evangelical says the Huffington post) who would like to be the only spokesman for Canadians, you are moving toward religious dictatorship not unlike the extremist Muslims in Iran. For example Harper’s policies contribute to high death rates from global warming because his strategy is only to pursue power. He releases political gifts to improve his own image from time to time. He does not care about Canadians since his motivations are strictly religious motivations and those of self concern. A) Power and B) money.
There is a pattern emerging which we see more evidently in the USA. When Bush Jr. left office he left the USA with about a 11 trillion dollar debt. This very much limited the abilities of the next president. The public lost homes and retirement funds. The Banks were never tried in court though they sold mortgages that had no value. The government bailed out the banks which put the money to work enticing the big corporations to create work, up to 11 trillion dollars? Where did it go?
The public never had all of the information. Knowledge was manufactured for public consumption. The matter of a free choice during elections was controlled by manufactured or threatening information, threatening to the average person who then was only in possession of the manufactured story. The story was in the control of a few large corporations – owners of the media, so
it was very easy to communicate to the unwary and to a misinformed public. So it is today!
C )Control of information. Dionne was attacked by the conservatives and there was a false story fed to the public. Though he would have been the far better PM for Canada as he had Canadian’s welfare at heart, the false stories to the public made it impossible for Dionne to win. (Manufacturing Consent, Chomsky)The conservatives had control of the manufactured story. But people like Dr. Hansen and many climatologists knew the real story. But as the war on science began scientists were afraid to speak out because they would loose their grants. The true story about fossil fuel caused climate warming was never presented.
Now we have a government that has created the largest national debt Canada has ever had. We are led into a war where our aircraft were not called for and the USA just put 1500 trainers into the war that could have been Canadian. Comment was made that the few Canadian aircraft would make little difference. In fact their target was first a pickup truck, while the USA bombed the meeting sites where the leader of ISIS was to be and it is now suggested he was seriously injured. Canadian security has recently come under cyber attack by some foreign state so it is doubtful that Canadian attack targets could remain secure. Yet Harper is undercutting and closing down science libraries that could have helped us. In addition the PM refuses to meet with the premiers.
Now remember that it is the lack of an educational system that separates democracy from dictatorship. We ask which direction is our present PM leading us? (See earlier posts)
As well the PM realizes he has an image problem so as a strategist he sets up a program to help women with children. A sure sympathy getter — If — one does not remember all the damage and death he has helped to impose globally on children growing up today.

Our policies should reflect how we want to deal with this huge problem. OR WHAT MORE IMPORTANT PROBLEMS ARE WE DEALING WITH?

The voter should control money, power and freedom of information. HARPER HAS IMPOSED A GREAT DEAL OF POLICIES THAT WERE NOT IN HIS ELECTORAL PLATFORM.


Climate disaster principles , barriers , solutions.

Posted by Willard Anderson on October 24th, 2014.

1 st Principle: Vegetation during 100,000,000 years of the carboniferous period sequestered vast amounts of CO2 creating the current natural gas, petroleum, coal and tar sands fuels. We burned perhaps half of those fuels in one hundred years , or one million times faster than natural rates and that created global warming.
Principle Two: IPCC fifth report – humans are responsible for climate warming by burning fossil fuels 24 -7 for a century and releasing vast amounts of CO2 to the atmosphere.
Principle three: The CO2 in the atmosphere is now greater than any it has been for the past 800,000 years.
Principle four: After heightening of CO2 in the atmosphere there were past extinction events. Principle five: The CO2 causes an upset of climate creating many weather disasters and killing millions of people.
Principle six: The climate disasters have caused a trillion dollars in costs to our economies global wide and if no action is taken the costs will equal the global GDP by the end of the century, making business as usual far more expensive than all the actions we take to solve the climate warming problem and converting to green renewable energy.
Principle seven: This process in the past has included the addition of CO 2 to the oceans making them more acidic causes oxygenation of dead plant and animal material releasing vast amounts of gaseous sulfur compounds killing off animal life on the continents.
Principle eight: When the four mounties were shot in BC the persons handing the killer his weapon were also convicted.
Principle nine: A young Canadian woman was murdered in India by her parents. They were tried and convicted in Canada even though the murder took place in India. Crimes in other countries can be tried in Canada.

IMPACTS The Dana Group, UNEP and others state that there have been one million deaths per year from fossil fuel caused climate warming. The report Better Growth Better Climate was written by “people from all the main financial institutions (such as the World Bank, IMF and Asian Development Bank) who know what presidents and finance ministers think is important” and the author(s) states, “outdoor air pollution, largely from coal though also from cars and other industry, kills 4 million people a year, more than any infectious disease, and in so doing has huge economic effects.” (The Economist, Sept. 20, 2014, p. 24) Fossil fuels and climate warming have killed 51 Canadians, plus near misses in Winnipeg and your taxes have increased paying for fossil fuel created weather disaster and relief. In this context we have to ask what should the penalties be for encouraging fossil fuel climate warming with all its death rates be, compared to penalties for hate mail and murder. Should we not be prosecuting anyone expanding fossil fuel use or those pushing policies that support fossil fuel use. Is that not the same or worse than hate mail? Think about the perhaps half million children that have died from fossil fuel use. Whose side are you on? It took 40 years to prosecute cigarette companies for encouraging cigarette smoking that killed many people.

THE OIL COMPANIES ARE THE PROBLEM. But the barriers to solutions are : mass media, educational curriculum, religion, politicians and selective application of Canada’s laws.

Harper is the senior POLITICAN but is also a member of an extremist religious evangelical group (Huffington Post). He does not allow members you have elected to actually speak in parliament reducing freedom of speech. One member of his group said only evangelicals should be allowed to hold seats in Parliament and he sent fighter planes to the mid east the first time because he wants to be in Armageddon, the final battle between good and evil so he would go direct to heaven. (The Armageddon Factor) He attacked the supreme court because he wanted to be the only one to speak for the nation to pass on his extremist religious views. He protected Mulroney limiting investigation into the air bus affair. Put a gag order on the CBC (the ombudsmen would not deny this.) He wanted to stop the CBC from informing the public how dangerous fossil fuel caused climate warming has become. . He has done much damage to the fabric of Canada, and we wonder where we would be if Pearson were in his place.

RELIGIOUS institutions we expect would abhor violence but we have found even those one would expect to have the best of values make mistakes. They should be required to reform or be penalized. It is not perosnal beliefs but the institutions that are at fault.
Values such as “Suffer little children or thou shalt not kill” are important. A lot of recent news stories have referenced religious abuse: of young girls in Bountiful, the ability of Scientology to control free speech and free movement, the priests of the a church abusing children and then being protected by the current and former two popes (Secrets of the Vatican), the violence of extremist Muslims that many say is supported under verses in the Qur’an. Do we insist on being politically correct about freedom of religion even if a part of their message is violence. Does someone imposing violence upon others under religious freedom have the right to freedom of speech to pursue these criminal acts. Not according to our hate propaganda laws! When see hate mail being sent out with the purpose of hurting people. According to Canadian Laws are we not required to sanction them and impose punishment? Our law requires strong penalty for people espousing hate propaganda, up to two years prison sentence or up to $10,000. fine. Crime is crime. Now when we hear about the extreme actions that Isis takes we should not worry about their religious rights. They seem to have abrogated their religious rights by viciously killing innocents. Mind you politicians and corporations have killed innocent people as well. But the scale and viciousness seems to go beyond everything else. At the core of this is that they carry out crimes on the basis of a belief system. In the case of all the worlds religious books whether written one hundred years ago or two thousand they are written upon beliefs. There was little knowledge about the hard facts of how the worlds bio-physical properties behaved and these holy books did not have scientifically based facts. Now we know much more.

We expect the MEDIA to report to the public on the basis of facts and acts, not upon what they believe. We do not say we believe our house exists. We say we know it is there, we can measure it, feel it, it gives us shelter from the rain. The problem we have today is that the media do not report the whole story, they take it out of context so people cannot see how things work. The media has to separate facts from beliefs and tell the whole factual details and how they are interwoven. People should know something about how the world’s climate works. It is absolutely essential. But today we have no support from the mass media to report on climate crimes. People do not even understand that one odd ball year does not in itself establish a pattern. But climate data has been established over a century and now much longer. All our governments required scientists to report on climate studies and they have done so in the Fifth Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. On line one can read the true facts about climate, but the media seldom reference it, despite it is far and above the most important event of our times, more so than wars or Ebola. Man made climate disasters have killed millions. The data is out. But the media still close their eyes. Funny how the media do not investigate climate caused disasters. Could it be because they are beholden to the petroleum corporations whose advertising the media do not want to loose? Should companies not responsible to the public hold media transmission or wave band licenses? Young peoples futures are being sacrificed for corporate profits.

EDUCATIONAL CURRICULUM is of course controlled by politicians. It seems however that the more altruistic behaviors of teachers are not operational, they are asleep at the switch. Does not their concern for their students override all other fundamental problem for students today? Fossil fuel caused climate warming is such a problem. It has killed millions and costs trillions. It is way out of scale of today’s limited small details. It is a big story. But as the biggest story it is mandatory that it be dealt with thoroughly in the curriculum. Students need the tools from their educational experiences to be able to handle the problems they have now inherited. Their futures depend upon a more thorough response to climate warming. Even worse it is time constrained. Science says that if we do not deal with it in the next two years we will not be able to control warming. The hazard is beyond the average understanding without education and knowledge about the details of how it happened and how we can solve this problem. But it needs to be done now. Ask Drs. Suzuki, Mitchell, Hansen, Barber, Roberts or authors Dyer, Klein or any reputable climatologist.

School curriculum reports to provide data for the young to develop their own life stories upon. Today fossil fuel caused climate warming is the most important part of their stories. Today their taxes are higher becase of disaster relief payments for man made storm events. Theire lives are impacted now. But there is next to nothing in the school about the longer story of how fossil fuel caused climate change is impacting them. They have no tools provided through the public school curriculum so young people do not know how to delve into complex problems about climate disasters that impacts them (their taxes are now higher) and that urgently need solutions. Their futures are at stake. Now we need to prosecute!
We need to initiate a class action suit against government, an accord to an agreed upon target to return CO2 ppm back to below preindustrial times and to stop spending more money on pushing fossil fuels rather than upon developing green sustainable energy. Prosecute those not taking CO2 out of the atmosphere at a rate agreed upon to bring CO2 ppm below 300 ppm in the atmosphere. We have more CO2 in the atmosphere than there has been for about 800,000 years and along with that amount of CO2 in the past have come massive global extinctions. Do you think this is serious? Do you think the media and the educational system should be keeping everyone well informed. Should electronic media have licenses if they do not keep people informed. Can you ever see the broadcast media saying, “No I will not broadcast that a hurricane is imminent regardless of how many people are at risk.” Can you see religious institutions saying, “We can’t help, that hurricane is god’s will and we must not lift a hand to help?” Unless of course the institutions are satanist groups.

The ANSWERS are:
Write letters asking Harper to resign.
Start creating real jobs initiating a green energy supported economy.
Punish the perpetrators pushing more CO2 into the atmosphere while not creating green options.
Insist upon a national hydro energy grid and electric railways Canada wide.
Be certain that schools have a curriculum that teaches the whole story .
Penalize media for posting hate propaganda and not including the true story about fossil fuels .
Communicate world wide.
Ask for green building codes.
Persue actions to take CO2 out of the atmosphere.
Do crowd sourcing on the internet for your actions.

Wildlife Destruction and Harper Update Sep. 21, 2014

Posted by Willard Anderson on September 21st, 2014.

Blog Summary 24 Aug 2014

In March 1973 I started work with Manitoba Parks as their Chief Parks Naturalist with responsibility for their education interpretive program province wide. In following years I traveled very widely in Manitoba. As I drove to Duck Mountains Provincial Park I used to count road kills. In later years I then repeated that habit. I found today there are many fewer road kills. There are more cars driving faster so what is happening is that there are many fewer animals, except for geese and whitetail deer.
In traveling to Hecla I had found a nice stand of blue flag or wild iris in a wet circular area about 20 m in diameter. Then they put the road in so the stand was wiped out. This in part defined the administration. They seldom spent money on protection but totally emphasized harvest and recreation. The early director was coerced into continuing harvest in the parks in order to get them dedicated. This continues to this day with hunting and trapping still going on in almost all parks. In addition the whitetail or Virginia deer carries s brain worm but it does not kill the animal. It does infect and kill other ungulates. Highest infection is in eastern Manitoba. It is peculiar that the whitetail deer are totally protected in the Whiteshell while moose have been hunted almost to extirpation in the park. This makes no sense. As well the hunting group have access to almost the whole of Manitoba excluding posted land. This is a shame since one seldom sees animals in provincial Parks as occurs in Riding Mountain National Park. But that is too far for many to travel to. Hecla had a ban on moose hunting for five years and it was common to see moose in the marsh near the entrance. When they reopened hunting, populations dropped form over two hundred animals to less than fifty. One seldom sees moose today. Staff were generally not professionally responsible and their ethics seemed to agree that harvest was important. After all park visitors don’t miss what they have never seen.

In Winnipeg I have noticed the loss of Northern oriole from the southern part of Winnipeg. Also robins used to come in hoard to eat the berries off the Mountain Ash trees. The robins numbers have seriously dropped off. There is wide loss of wildlife. I spoke individually to the Director of Parks and Director of Wildlife. Both agreed that there should be some parks where wildlife is protected. I have passed this on to the Minister responsible. The problem of less viability of ecosystems is widespread. We need to act on such problems.
Please write the minister.


The anti Ebola drug, mostly invented in Winnipeg, which seems to have some impact, Harper has given away supposedly to health workers in Africa. While this is laudable the disease spreads ever more widely. It is probably just a matter of time before there are cases in Canada. Then the excuse will be we cannot produce the drug fast enough. What is the strategy? Harper’s seems to be a religious one.
With Ebola today, it is strange that Canada seems to have no airport traveler control strategy, no long term plan even after the SARS epidemic experience. There is a lack of logic here. This is not unlike sending our air force to the middle east while supporting Ukraine. Mean while Putin knows if Obama intervenes in Ukraine he then has justification to move into the Canadian Arctic to grab oil. He is building up troops in the Russian arctic and Canada’s air force is no where to be seen in our arctic. What is our PM doing?

We have been told by Huffington Post that Harper is member of an extremist evangelical group. It seems all of Harper’s actions fit this evangelical extremism philosophy. (See earlier posts.) We have a PM who is doing much damage to Canada. He takes $13 billion out of the transfer payments for health care in order to run his election campaign with cash gifts where he deems appropriate.
He takes money away from volunteer agencies and redirects it to the evangelical movement. Iran is a theist country run by priests and Harper is trying to follow the Iranian model so he fought against the power of the supreme court. He thought he should have that power. We have to remember one of the members from the evangelical group said only evangelical members should be allowed to hold seats in Parliament, (The Armageddon Factor) the Iranian model!
Good luck for the future!


A Run of Scurrilous Events to Test Your Life.

Posted by Willard Anderson on July 23rd, 2014.

Blog Observations 15 Jy 2014
1. I have noticed that it seems to be raining more in Winnipeg. I have read that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) wrote in its 2000 report that much of Canada below 63 degrees latitude would get 20 to 50 % more precipitation from climate change. I have noticed the disastrous flood of Calgary. I have read that the Dr. Rob Stanford has studied and discovered that like rivers in the ocean, IE ocean currents, there are river currents in the sky. There are for example areas of air flow that carry more moisture or less moisture. That Dr. Stanford calls the rivers in the sky and they will drop much more moisture as heavy rainfalls. He said the Calgary flood was one such event.
Of course it is logical that as the climate heats there will be more evaporation from the oceans. What goes up must come down and it is.
2. I have noticed that what people call economics seems to be a system for simply making the rich classes much richer. Our economic system is a system for centralizing capital. It has nothing to do with the real biological or physical characteristics of the earth. It is constructeded as non material process model. It is a construct that powerful people have persuaded others to follow. Since they have made it politically correct, it is illegal not to follow it. But since it has nothing to do with the earth it is always inevitably destructive to most of us and to the earth. Remember it is only a figment of imagination to control behavior. It badly needs to change to accommodate the natural limitations the earth imposes on us. Such as we know : – there is only so much ground water, or – what we grow depends on the past stability of the climate being dependable or – like average home construction being solid enough to withstand normal vagaries of the wind.
But we have changed the fundamentals, and we have used a flawed conomic model to do it. It seems almost a foregone conclusion that normal human behavior should not change the fundamental dynamics of the world that we have built our buildings and lives upon. Now we have changed these fundamentally because we believe in only the figmentary economic model that is not based upon reality. Let me explain. a)We had successful agriculture because we could rely on usual planting, rainfall and harvest seasons. b)We believed that economically petroleum was the greatest form of energy. We used it exclusively to the point its emissions CO2 changed the climate and now we have disasters and lower food productivity, all because we did not listen to the natural bio physical laws of the earth.
3. I have observed that most inventions seem to have an expected life. That is they have a limitation of achievement or of producing for consumers. Soon there is another invention. So the horse with stirrups and saddle were good inventions, they allowed more efficient horseback travel. The steam engine upstaged them and soon the internal combustion engine after that. They increased the opportunity for people to produce, more power for agriculture, more power for assembly lines to produce faster. Telephones made it easier to communicate and speeded up production and consumption. But when one examines cancer, speed up is not always good. Especially when it is based upon a false economic model. We just get into trouble faster.
4. I have noticed that education seems to continually dwell on restructuring its systems of education, its teaching methods but without changing its curriculum. The problem is that the curriculum was designed for horse and buggy days, and one can improve horse and buggy methods but when the world population patterns and consumption rates change drastically there is a deep need to change what is taught and not just how to teach.
5. I have noticed that the media in the nineteen fifties consisted mostly of independent outlets, press radio and TV. Much diversity occurred. This served the process of offering diverse opinions the likes of which furthers education. Today there has been the break down of anti centralization laws and there is so much consolidation that there are only four or five main media companies. In the main Calgary press the owner fired editorial writers, expressed his own opinion in the papers editorial page and this process has spelled the end of the educational value of the media. One can no longer believe the press. Only the internet now allows diverse opinion and some forces would like to control that.
6. I have noticed the hard stand taken by MP Baird and the PM regarding their opinion of Putin’s responsibility of the shooting down of the Malaysian aircraft. They feel that since Putin provided the rockets to the Russian rebels in the Ukraine, that Putin has much responsibility in those almost 300 deaths. It is hard not take notice that Harper’s policies strongly encourage fossil fuels and require the tax payer to pay for fossil fuels development (regardless of Canada’s rich hydro resources) and that the consumption of those fossil fuels has caused one million deaths since 2010 (UNEP Time April 2010), so there is not much to separate the values of Putin and Harper.
7. Despite Harper’s strong statement about protecting Canada, the opposite is true. In Amanda Lang’s broadcast, on CBC The National, July 22, 2014 her guest, the intelligence expert noted that Russia has many forces stationed in the their high arctic. Canada has no permanent military station in the far north regardless that we perhaps have the longest border with Russia than with any other country along the arctic, so we are very vulnerable to Russian forces at a time when Russia/Putin has taken a very expansionist position and the high arctic oil ownership and access boundaries are not yet established.
7.Lastly the government is taking a position of limiting freedom of speech and is slowly destroying the CBC: with a gag order ( I checked with the CBC ombudsman and he did not deny it), lowering budgets and changed station band locations on TV. One program “Ideas”, CBC has more diversity of ideas than any other station. Loss of Freedom of Speech also means loss of democracy, which Harper would also be glad to see disappear as he has shown by threatening the Supreme Court. He alone would like to be Canada’s clown messiah. CLIMATEDISASTER.COM

The 11th Hour – an important documentary 21 June 2014

Posted by Willard Anderson on June 21st, 2014.

Kenny Ausubel – 11th Hour , IFC documentary.
Very worth Watching
Some Quotes

Ecological crises is global.- Michael Gerlicheau/
Build an app to defeat big oil/
Global warming kills.- Mathew Peterson/

Save a carrying capacity of the earth.- Brock Dolem /
All hands on Deck/
Retrofit buildings, 3 million jobs.-Greg Watson/
Vote – Gloia Flora/
Technology must be conducive to life/
Build the level of awareness/
Disengage consumerism.

Be sure to see this documentary

Other thoughts
In other reports the UN Environmental Program states one million people have died from fossil fuels
caused climate warming./
Report says costs are one trillion dollars globally and by 2100 costs will nearly total the world GDP.
In the Burma a typhoon killed 128,000 and thousands of children.
Know you have to do something.


Posted by Willard Anderson on June 21st, 2014.

Blog Update on the Crisis 21 June 2014

The primary owner of the media outlet Vice said in an interview by Wendy Messley on CBC yesterday, that the important issues are now being disregarded in the news. He said that the disaster left behind in Afghanistan after the American’s left was a vast increase in the poppy crop. This has resulted in shipping opium over the porous border with Iran and is thought to have caused one million new addicts in Iran. This event has become part of THE MISSING NEWS. This issue was first discussed in a book by that name. Part of the problem is that the news media generally see no financial bottom line benefit in reporting on this kind of news, that is news they think would not be of importance to their main advertisers. They do not have the benefit of the public foremost in mind.

To add to this serious gap there are other kinds of missing news.
Another weakness in not portraying important news is the influence of certain religious institutions that insist on not accepting scientifically proven natural laws. Many religions view their god as all powerful and thereby he/she should set the only example for their behaviour. But when the institutions of Religions use their power to divert thinking away from long held standard views of beneficial human behavior then they are involved many times in destructive behavior.
A new document on the Roman Catholic Church again severely criticized the hiding of priests that have molested little children. This documentary basically implied the last three popes, in hiding guilty priests, have participated in this (By Canadian standards ) criminal act. A recent USA supreme court judgement states the Vatican as a separate country can be held responsible. While people should worship as they wish, institutions or countries that undertake criminal acts should be held accountable.
The extremist Muslims also promote the killing of non believers. They are certain they only they have a right to their religion. This is a criminal group by global standards.
Thirdly it has been alleged that the Christian Science group has held people essentially captive and prevented free behavior and used a form of brain washing to get people to make vast contributions of their time and money that deteriorates the participants welfare as well as freedom.
This collective story is important.

There is also a view that the economic system supports human kind. In fact we have to recognize that it is the physical and biological attributes of the earth that supports human kind. Any form of economic system is always just a human convention but when the economic system does not recognize the bio-physical factors it becomes deviant and more destructive. This is very important missing news.

Revisiting the story about PM Harper is important. (Reported on in previous climatedisaster.com items)
Extremist groups of all kinds, including the extremist evangelical group of which PM Harper is a member (Huffington Post , The Armageddon Factor) is another example of deeply negative applied institutional behavior modification.
If one notes hypothetically, that there are questions about possible criminal behavior and if one intentionally misdirects any investigations into an alleged criminal act, is this intentional deviation not a criminal act in itself? Harper did exactly that in the Mulroney air bus affair. (See earlier posts on Harper). When are and which people not subject to the law?
Secondly the fact that Harper is a member of an extremist evangelical group (Huffington Post , The Armageddon Factor ) seems to continue to be supported by his behavior. Why did he attack the first judge of The Canadian supreme court. This seems to be very much in keeping with the fact that he sees himself as the conveyor of god’s word and works and has a messianic view of himself.
We have to remember Harper is a great strategist, but his goal is a religious one not a goal to further the benefit of the Canadian people. The closing down of the scientific projects, Freshwater Lakes Research, and scientific Libraries harms people terribly and reduces jobs for the future. Attacking the supreme court hurts our jurisprudence system. Avoiding justice for Mulroney allegedly hurts the fabric of Canadian law.
Now recognizing Harper as a strategist we have to wonder about the help he provided for mothers that do not have the sustenance they need for their young children. While of course this is a very nice thing to do, what were the motivations? Harper’s first problem, as an religious extremist, is to get elected again. He wants a better public image so this was a route to improve his image. In fact biological principles say every additional human living in the consumption oriented first world results in the deaths of several people who are on the fringes of survival in the third world. The world has very limited ability to feed more humans, not recognized by Harper as a religious extremist. Facts are not important to a religious fanatic.
Another part of his electoral strategy is to deny the right to vote to people who are living outside of Canada. He does not see these people as supporters of his religious view or of his electoral support group. But intentional disenfranchisement in a democracy should be a very serious crime.
We should be asking PM Harper to resign.

Another part of the missing news is that educational systems widely do not explain this important association of humans and the earth and most importantly the harm that other beliefs such as poor economic systems have imposed upon humans and upon the earth. Communism is simply an idealistic way of thinking about the hypothetical equality of human beings (Humans in one country should have equal access to the law.) with absolutely no reference to the ecological sustainability of human lifestyles. Some elements of both can be useful so long as they meet the natural laws of the earth’s bio-physical systems.

PERHAPS MOST IMPORTANTLY there is little reporting of the whole story of the fossil fuel caused increasing climate warming disasters. While a mining disaster will get top billing for a week or more until it is finished, the whole story of the oil caused climate warming is now reported to have killed at least one million people (UNEP, Dana Group) and to have caused a trillion dollars of cost, and one would think this is a story worth persuing more diligently. When a member of your own family is killed would you then take action?


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