Climate Threats to the Grand Children

Posted by Willard Anderson on April 20th, 2011.


The earth is over harvested and won’t support more people. Biologists know this.

  • During the Triassic to Carboniferous periods of over 200,000,000 years the lush vegetation growth during the time of the dinosaurs, was sequestered in the ground forming the vast deposits of petroleum. We have burned and dumped half that CO2 into the atmosphere in just 125 years. So we caused disastrous global warming. (Wikipedia)
  • The WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION says that during year 2000, – 150,000 people died from global warming and another 5 million suffered from climate related disease. April 2010, Time reported that the UN said that one third of a million people died from global warming. New Orleans and Pakistan floods as well as storms, droughts, fires, disease; have gotten worse.
  • With bio feed backs, melting ice not there to reflect heat, methane release from permafrost (20 times worse than C02) are expected to cause a projected temperature rise of 4-6 degrees C, melting all ice and raising sea level by 75 meters by 2100, flooding one third of the global population. (Hansen. Storms of My Grandchildren)
  • The National Center for Atmospheric Research, Dr. Aiguo Dai using 22 computer models, says research shows continus drought is expected by 2040 and much of Australia, Asia, the Mediterranean, and SW North America will become more arid, reducing food supplies and consequences will be enormous. (Aiguo Dai)
  • A Dalhousie University professor says 90% of the big fish in the oceans have been destroyed and ocean fish ecosystems will collapse by 2050.
  • Over ancient times high CO2 and oxygen depleted oceans, enabled vast growth of bacteria and phytoplankton which rotted producing copious amounts of hydrogen sulfide making the atmosphere toxic and causing extinctions.. (Suzuki, Mitchell)
  • USA military says climate change is there largest security problem.
  • Media outlets generate misleading reports, “climate gate” and bias scientific results and lie to generate personal profits. Be certain you deal with the hard science information. (Skeptical Enquirer).
  • Dr. James Hansen, Director of the NASA Space Institute is the most knowledgeable climate scientist . His work is indisputable. But few are familiar with it because the mass media hide it and public school systems hide it, and the deniers mislead you.
  • 23 of the world’s top environmental leaders formed a coalition and wrote a letter to Pres. Obama and asked that he, “Declare a Global Climate Emergency!”
  • We all just want a bit more growth, we all want more. But earth is a closed system, who are we going to take it from? The grandchildren!
  • Suzuki says that we know why we are in a climate emergency, we know how to solve the oncoming climate disaster but there is not the political will to take action. He says that in the face of this knowledge, for politicians, “the failure to act is a criminal act, and is an inter generational crime” against our grandchildren.
  • Are you willing to act and vote only for a carbon tax be paid to the developers of new green energy sources and to join a class action suit? Yes No
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Abdul rauf said on May 5, 2011 at 1:13 pm

We are planing to minimirse the co2 and plant green or vegetation. need to change the environment by doing so some change can be expect through all over. smiller some other change also expecting we will convey very soon.

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