Prosecute those who cause death through climate warming.

Posted by Willard Anderson on June 3rd, 2012.




Politics is about people or profit. We assume that you are about people since profit and corporations are just conventions some of our institutions use. Climate warming is about people. If we examine the history of the earth human presence is a tiniest fraction of the time the dinosaurs existed. People do not matter to the earth. But we must also assume that if you care, then you must care primarily for the children.



It is interesting that you will probably assume excuses for doing nothing about climate warming, such as:

: climate is happening and we can do nothing.

: God will take care of us

: : you as an individual can do nothing.

: if it really matters the government will do something

: as the oil companies say it is of no concern

: most people are not concerned enough to do anything, so why should I?

: the experts will look after it

: they haven’t proven climate warming exists.

In all cases you are wrong. Those scientists and authors who have done the research, studied it intensely, have written about climate or have produced video documentaries about it are knowledgeable but not in control. It is true that they know most about the facts of climate warming. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has scientifically proven that warming exists We know there are numerous and diverse opinions, but there is only one set of facts. But the consensus of the knowledgeable experts who know the facts is:

“Geography (climate warming) has become a life and death matter for all of us.”

Jared Diamond



During the Carboniferous, Permian, Triassic and Jurassic, over a time of about 200,000,000 years, the time that the dinosaurs existed, there were lush marshes and heavy vegetation, vegetation that of course used millions of tons of carbon dioxide to grow. Over time the vegetation died and was covered with millions of years of more dying vegetation, so huge amounts of carbon dioxide were taken out of the atmosphere and sequestered. These deposits, over millions of years built up and with pressure became the coal, bitumen, oil and natural gas deposits. These are now a modified compound of this same sequestered carbon dioxide. In the last 100 years we have pumped out and burned at least one half of the oil deposits formed over 200,000,000 years releasing the CO2. We have dumped all that 200,000,000 years of CO2 back into the atmosphere in just 100 years, changing the atmosphere at 2 million times faster the normal natural rate. This has caused catastrophic global warming for which there is no secure technology to deal with except first reducing fossil fuels use to near zero.


THE IMPACTS. There are now thousands of events triggered by global warming . The costs are in the many billions or trillions, but oil companies that are responsible do not pay for these costs, taxpayers do. If we used full accounting of all costs for producing oil and gas the price one pays at the pump may well be twice what you pay now. “For twenty years Mark has investigated global warming for the New Yorker, national public radio, Time, Vanity Fair and The Nation.” He has seen the impacts of global warming and climate change. A sampling of problems included: by Mark Hertsgaard in – HOT, THE NEXT FIFTY YEARS ON EARTH. (2011) are below.

* World wide he has seen dwindling crop yields in drought ravaged areas of Africa causing starving and dying children there. * He talks about one in 20 year floods on the Ganges delta in Bangladesh now becoming four floods in 20 years. * India is short of water so they dam the Ganges River. This allows less water down stream and saltwater backs up making the delta more salty. This in turn kills the local vegetation which had reduced the impact of the monsoons. This salinization of the habitat makes it necessary to travel farther for drinking water, but also destroys the tigers native habitat and will wipe out the Siberian tiger in one of its best last home ranges. There are domino effects from climate change and these will impact our children far more devastatingly in twenty, forty or sixty years. Mark relates these events to his daughters life and fears for the kind of life she may have. * As the Himalayan glaciers melt, water will become a rare resource in this drying area. * The oceans become more acidified killing zoo plankton and gases produced from their rotting cause dead zones.

* He discusses the sea level rise, “extra large floods striking New York city will increase from:

1 in 100 years now, to

1 in 72.5 years by 2020, to

1 in 20 years by 2050. p 43. We can measure the costs.

* Mark spoke to a local school teacher in Bangladesh who said,

“I learned that that CO2 collecting in the atmosphere is causing the earth to get hotter.

Is it True?”

Mark. “Yes.”

“I learned that rich countries put these gases into the atmosphere.

Is it true? ”

Mark “Mostly I said, but now India and China are responsible for many of these gases themselves.”

“I learned that CO2 will make the ocean rise and cover the south of Bangladesh with water.

Is it true?”

Mark, ‘I could not lie’. “Yes that, may happen some day?”

“That is a big problem sir”, he replied . “Please sir, how do we solve this problem?” pp 41-42

Our grandchildren will rightly ask, “PLEASE GRANDPA, HOW DO WE SOLVE THIS PROBLEM?”

* Mark also discusses the deniers, oil companies, and the republicans who prevented President Clinton from taking action on climate and President Bush who helped weaken and destroy the alternative energy business. To quote a tobacco industry planning memo trying to convince people to smoke, “Doubt is our product.” Pp 255- 259. Oil companies do the same.

But “doubt” also means more death, that the oil companies then become responsible for. Mark says he fears for his daughter. Death rates are increasing.

*About 2010 there was a news item that 29,000 children died from drought in Somalia. Of course the war made things worse, but without drought people would not have moved. .

    • In 2011 there was an item that 100,000 were at risk in sub Saharan Africa from drought.

    • A 2012 news item said 1,000,000 children in the Sahel, Africa are at risk of malnutrition from drought.

Today permafrost melting and release of methane is rapidly making things worse as is loss of Arctic ice.

There is a high school theorem that goes: If A = B; and B = C; Then A must = C. Since humans have caused global warming; and since climate global warming causes deaths, then humans have caused those deaths..Should we not prosecute those responsible?




* Jared Diamond says, “Geography (climate warming) has become a life and death matter for all of us.” * MARK says he was, “CONVINCED THAT A CRIME HAD BEEN COMITTED.” (HOT. p. 255)


      The crux of the matter is should we not prosecute those who commit a crime? Do families of the dead not deserve justice? An Indo-Canadian woman from BC was murdered in India. Her parents from BC were alleged to be involved. Because the crime was planned in Canada even though the murder occurred abroad, the parents were tried and convicted in Canada.

This precedent is very important. Political policies are causing deaths. Encourage prosecution!

The CBC has a gag order on climate. I have discussed this with the CBC ombudsman and written him Nov. 2011 and received no answer. CBC will not report on climate warming deaths because Harper has subsidized tar sands oil companies. But although not measurable as to when or how many deaths occur, the CO2 from the Tar sands will contribute to the climate warming death rate. We have to remember if we use energy that releases CO2 we all contribute to this pall of death that is slowly creeping over the earth. Today there is only .8 degree C increase causing climate catastrophes. The long term forecast is 3 to 5 degrees C more by the end of the century. A tornado rated 5 at Elie, 30 km away will become commonplace in Winnipeg Area. The tornado in Quebec today, an extremely rare event, will be regular parts of climate induced weather. How safe will your grand children be then? All media and education has a responsibility to inform the public.


ACTION Stimulate the apathetic!

Each years heating multiples the long tern impacts and makes reversing the problem much more difficult.

1. Write letters to politicians internationally and at home to protect our children.

2. Reduce your own CO2 footprint.


        3. Due to about 24 deaths from SARS we mobilized the country, no less should be done for CO2 reduction.

        4. Oil royalties should gains be equivalent to those for Texas and Norway – $16. to 25% a barrel. Most should go to producing green energy.

        5. Mobilize a green trading partnership through the United Nations and place tariffs on goods from those not participating in CO 2 reduction to 5% of present levels by 2020.

6. Create a national energy grid and national energy policy as most modern nations do.

7. Collaborate :On line through face book and twitter :Create an executive but with multiple regional co-chairs :Create a world attack program for greening our lifestyles :Create a citizens political force.

We need to solve climate warming. If we fail the consequences for our children will be

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