True Costs Of Oil Energy That Oil Companies Should Pay

Posted by Willard Anderson on July 9th, 2012.



Statistics of Oil Energy True Costs of Operation.


There is a serious problem with the climate disaster knowledge. People just

don’t want to believe that humans could destroy the earth.

Deniers put put out information that casts doubt and it is the easiest and most

comfortable information to believe. It is hurtful to think that humans

could actually destroy the earth.

But the deniers in their tirades use extreme language calling science

false or malicious. They however never can question the accuracy of the IPCC

climate scientists work. Neither do they present any peer reviewed research

that says the IPCC is wrong and that will also stand up to peer reviewed work

or to close examination. The deniers are just wrong. But since many are paid by

oil companies or are religious fanatics they will not relent. Though it is wrong

one cannot question blind belief that is not based on real science.


Now we know that the IPCC reports are accurate and correct. They stand up

to further examination. Further, climate warming conditions are getting worse,

and we need to act soon or it may become impossible to reverse the disastrous

warming consequences. The data shows us that:


1. “There are twice as many heat records as cold temperature records”

(CBC The National, July 6, 2012).


2. Tornado History in Canada by Wikipedia.

Years Number of tornadoes

1969-70-71 0 to 3 per year

2011 23


3. Insurance claims show,

“Total claims and expenses 1996 15.9 billion dollars

Total claims and expenses 2003 24.2 billion dollars

( Source, Natural Disasters Insurance Availability and Affordability)


4. Federal Spending by Program

Disaster Financial Assistance 1999-2000 2000-2001

$211.4 million $441.0 million

A doubling of costs in one year. This does not spell well for the

future costs.


Because CO2 is the culprit in global warming, these are the costs that should be

paid by the oil companies as part of their cost of operation by any normal

economic model. But of course a government that supports big oil with our tax

money is not responsible to the people. This is a betrayal of democracy.


9 July 2012


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Please take the time to study my words in depth, pass them on widely, and act upon them as a world community.

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