PM Harper’s Policies Encourage Climate Disasters

Posted by Willard Anderson on March 21st, 2013.

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What would make a person unacceptable to the people to become a servant of the people in Government?

1. A crime.

  1. Under cutting the process of government
  1. Preventing freedom of speech.
  2. Intentionally abrogating the intention of the principles of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms

5. Denying the rights that have been established over time for parliament to govern.


There are a number of events that make one ask if PM Harper has not put himself in this position.

PM Harper has had a number of incidents that increasingly weaken our representative democracy. Whether these are criminal events is hard to say but they certainly do not agree with the basic tenets of parliamentary government – Government for the people, by the people and of the people.

The following incidents raise such questions.

1. Phone calls that interfered with the electoral process that would prevent people form voting. This might be considered treason if the objectives of the party benefiting were to work against the best principles of government.

Robot calla traced to Conservative offices but not brought to charges and convictions. The calls have been traced to Conservative offices and it should be not be difficult to identify a small group of possible suspects. There is the appearance this is being swept under the table. But a crime that destroys the democratic right to vote should surely be punished. Voting is the basic founding tenet of our society. It would be surprising if this investigation was not completed and one would then think that for a alleged crime this serious , the only person to stop the investigation would be the PM himself.

If this is the case he would possibly turn out to be complicit in the event.


2. Proroguing government because one wants to reduce debate about issues in the parliament.

Interfering with the parliamentary processes for private party gains would be tantamount to theft from the people. This interferes with freedom of speech by all elected representatives .


3. Proroguing parliament to prevent a confidence vote by the opposition parties. The opposition has the right to access all processes of parliament . .All the more so when the opposition parties represent the majority of voters.


4. Filling the senate with conservatives in order to defeat an environmental bill passed by parliament. The senate has never before overturned the will of the people.

Proroguing parliament because one wants to not be faced with a confidence vote by opposition parties .


5. Filling the Senate with conservatives in order to defeat an environmental bill passed by parliament. The senate has never before overturned the will of the people. Harper himself promised a reform or dissolution of the senate This is direct interference in a democracy.


      1. 6. There was an “air bus” affair in which PM Mulroney was known to have about $300,000 cash in a paper bag. This did not seem a normal transaction , The author of “On the Take” placed Mulroney in association with certain underworld personalities . Mulroney never disputed this in court . When Harper initiated a commission to investigate he intentionally would not allow the investigating commissioner to associate the money in paper bags with the air bus contract. Mulroney was found innocent . He sued the government and was paid over a million dollars. Later it was found that Mulroney had lied and yet there was no effort made by Harper’s Government to recover the payout. This seems suspicious. This was the peoples money that was paid out under false circumstances. This investigation should be reopened with no prior limitations . 

        It was alleged that large bribes may have been paid out in the air bus affair.

  1. Now in most cases the loss of one million dollars would have started a search to recover the money, if not to prosecute. Since the commission was restricted the case could never be resolved. Under a new PM the case should be reopened . The honesty of a democracy and right to vote is all important . If illegal events did occur in which Harper was an actor then like the convicted who provided the gun to the man who killed four mounties in BC the assistant in the crime could also be found guilty. Where does PM.Harper really stand?

    We know what has happened in the Quebec building industry. We should question if we are allowing the same kind of crime to openly happen in association with federal government.



7. Reducing the royalties paid by oil companies perhaps in the Tar sands but keeping the amounts hidden, favors one province. We have a system of transfers to the “have not” provinces so this should be a public issue .


In selling a Canadian company to a state owned enterprise (SOE) the China National Offshore Oil Company , a National Security Review is undertaken. However “ this type of review is shrouded in secrecy , and it is impossible to tell if such a review has taken place.” Given the power of China this is very important to the Canadian people. At a time when global fossils fuel caused CO2 emissions that in turn causes climate change and disastrous events killing hundreds of thousands of people, any act to exacerbate fossil fuel use is highly questionable and maybe immoral, if not illegal.


8. If such a thing as a Net Benefit Review has taken place it is not brought to the attention of the public, it is certain that the so called soft benefits or environmental soft benefits have not been taken into account in such a review. As a consequence there will most certainly be net dollar losses to the Canadian people. It is now evident that the cigarette debate wherein cigarettes causing cancer was demonstrated by statistical association, and this allowed conviction. This is a definite parallel to the use of fossil fuels and deaths from climate warming caused extreme climatic induced events. There are also a number of areas where cattle are sickened in areas adjacent to fracking oil recovery. The tax payer is subsidizing fossil fuels that are ever more destructive and costly to Canadians and should be replaced by green energy sources but the PM keeps the oil subsidy details secret and indirect oil producing costs are never counted..


9 Recently Harper has introduced a law protecting the rights of religions, but has not become involved in general human rights. In most cases religions do limit the human rights of their adherents. Some restrict birth control, others prohibit women from priesthood or restrict women s education, others have taken away children’s rights totally saying it is OK to use children as suicide bombers. There are a host of interferences of religions regarding human rights. Some of these religious rights may soon interfere with democratic processes.

    10.The most recent total lie that is being pushed by Harper is that the petroleum industry is the key to Canada’s economy. This is the exact opposite to the truth. Greene energy technology is the key to the future economy. At the present time fossil fuels have cost a trillion dollars globally. This however is probably very low since costs such as the BP oil spill in Mexico has caused an expansion of the dead zone, caused dolphins to have miscarriages. There are a host of likely ecological problems that are neither studied or costed out and this is so around the world. There is a certainty however that continued fossil fuel use will be destructive. Fossil fuels are causing a great deal of damage, not to mention the terrible future scientists are forecasting from continued fossil fuel use:high temperatures, mega droughts, more frequent storms, floods, spread of tropical disease and more. This will impact our children and grandchildren worst. There is a certainty however that with continued fossil fuel use there will be destruction of our economy and worse it will slow investment in green energy which is the key to future manufacturing and export.


    11. “Reports reiterate the scientific veracity of anthropogenic climate change “ (ENN, R Mathews, Jan 18,2013) The real truth about the burning of fossil fuels is that there is absolute confirmation that burning petroleum products emitted CO2 which has warmed earth climate causing dozens of serious climatic and weather related events. These floods, fires, tornadoes and hurricanes, as well as spreading tropical diseases and water shortages from drought have caused many deaths and much property destruction.


    The 2011, 2012 droughts in the USA caused caused $5.2 billion loss to agriculture (Utne Reader May June 2012) in Texas and loss of 8% of the US corn crop. Hurricane Sandy caused $50. billion damage and about 200 dead, probably 50 children.


    The thunder storm that gave birth to 200 tornadoes in the USA as well as tornadoes the following days caused about 450 deaths, perhaps one quarter or more children. The rainstorms and 2010 flood on the Indus River caused about “2,000 deaths and $43 billion damage.” Likely more than one quarter of the deaths were children. (Wikipedia ) The cyclone Nargis in Burma 2008, “causing at least 138,000 deaths. … and damage estimated at over US$10 billion.” Perhaps one quarter were children. (Wikipedia ). The UNEP published in Time, April 2010, saying, “250,000 people die each year from climate warming.” This is scientifically supported.

    A second reporting agency, the Dara Group and Climate Vulnerability Forum in 2011 said 400,000 per year are dying from climate change, and a third agency about 2012 said one million children are at risk in Africa from climate change. Regrettably the Arctic “Death Spiral” makes things look even worse.


    At this point in human history it has become criminal to continue to burn fossil fuels as the main energy source. Government has totally abused management of petroleum resources. The billions of dollars of profits given to oil companies should have been used to make Canada a green country.

    Harper has wasted a vast amount of money pushing fossil fuels and damaged future industry opportunity.


    12. Now we are hearing that Harper is trying to stop scientists from reporting on their work. Scientists feel threatened they will lose federal funding if they report anything negative to the oil industry. Harper is closing the very valuable Freshwater Research Area east of Kenora, Ontario. This was a globally important research site. I phoned the CBC Ombudsman and asked if PM Harper put a gag order on the CBC so they would not report in the climate caused disasters and related deaths. Given three opportunities the Ombudsman would not say Harper had not done this.


    We need to elect Harper out of power. We need to be aware of the damage he is doing. Your children and grandchildren depend upon you taking action.



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