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Posted by Willard Anderson on November 9th, 2013.

Letter to the CBC

The lack of response to  questions by Harper makes it seem likely the PM will not answer because he would then be forced to lie . One has to put his history in context.

1. The PM did not require Mulroney to pay back his payment from the government even though Mulroney  lied in court. Does the PM have the right to not return the taxpayer’s money?  He also refused to allow the inquiry to link the Air bus scandal to the money in the paper bag defeating the purpose of the inquiry. Harper does not seem to want any checks on his position.

2. He often refused to allow elected members to speak in parliament , denying alternative positions and degrading democracy.

3. He prorogued  parliament  twice for personal gain. No interference in his strategy.

4 . He suggested that a coalition between the NDP and Liberals would be an illegal government. No checks.

5. His party was central in the Robo scandal and he denied a commission of investigation in this extremely serious matter of denying people their vote. No checks on a criminal matter.

6. His appointed  conservative stuffed senate over turned an environmental law passed by the people’s parliament . This suggests the senate is corrupt, as there are no NDP members or regional representation. No checks from the institution of sober second thought.

7. The  Charter protects right to choose your religion but Harper passed a law to protect religions. There was no discussion and it seems difficult to get a copy of this law. Harper has  a super plan. 

8.  The Huffington post says Harper is a member of an extreme religious group and Harper said at a USA meeting that , “When he gets through with Canada one would not recognize it” Sounds like an extremist Muslim position .  Given his anti democratic actions it is believable.

9. Harper is denying accused senators rights under The Charter, is that legal? No checks on his position.

10. Harper has strongly resented the possibility of introducing marijuana as a recreational drug. But a few years ago he signed a bill allowing 80,000 chemicals from the USA into Canada with no testing for toxicity on exposure or ingestion and in addition the experimental insertion of these chemical into any product industries choose. Child cancer, neurological disease and endocrine disruption (sex selection) are most probable results. It is urgent to have checks and balances on this issue.

11. Harper has insisted on supporting the oil and gas industry and has reduced environmental impact assessment statements so all the negative aspects of fracking and oil transport cannot now come into full play and there is  no consideration for the future. The impacts are so heavily discounted for the future they probably amount to a death sentence for many people. IE Megantic. No control on CNR track maintenance. No measure on macro ecosystem impacts. How can one opinion hold sway without checks?

10. Harper’s Party is supporting the oil companies and denying climate warming. The UNEP said 250,000 people  die each year from fossil fuel caused climate disasters. (Time April 2010) (Same statistical accuracy as cigarette smoking and cancer,) There is an old theorem, “ If A = B and B  = C , then A  must equal C”. Is Harper’s party complicit in those global warming deaths?

 Many of Harper’s decisions seem to reflect his religious views that are so dominant in his mind but which wreak havoc on the real world.

A recent on lime report said,

  •  “President Obama’s reaffirmation of the importance of providing government records to the public and both Congress and the Supreme Court          support that a “democracy requires accountability, and accountability requires transparency.”
  • Serious conflicts of interest between lobbyists for TransCanada and the US government and contractors were identified in 2011 including TransCanada being a large client of the company which was supposed to prepare the independent Environmental Impact Statement EIS. Also TransCanada’s lobbyist was a senior official in Hillary Rodham Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign.
  • the importance of the environmental group’s role in “information dissemination, public education and advocacy on environmental issues like the Keystone XL pipeline controversy.” GallonLetter notes that the Harper and some other governments are trying to restrict these voices in Canadian projects by legislating against their involvement because they are “not directly affected.” “

Do you think the public has a right to ask Harper to resign due to his undemocratic actions? Certainly this is not the Canada I knew.

Please we need the whole story to be told.


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