Responsibility for our Actions and to God

Posted by Willard Anderson on December 14th, 2013.

Responsibility and A Good God 14 Dec 2013


1. When it comes to religion we have to first decide whether we have a good god or a bad one. A good God cannot do any evil A bad god would in fact be the devil. Few say they worship the devil. One of God’s commandments is, “Thou shalt not kill.” It seems plain enough. To kill is to be evil.


2. In Canadian Law there was a case of an Indo- Canadian girl who was killed by her parents in India. Even though the murder occurred in India the parents were tried, convicted and jailed in Canada.


3 A second case was the murder of the 4 mounties in BC. The person that provided the rifle to the murderer was also prosecuted and jailed. So if you provide the means for the death you are complicit.


4.There is an old theorem that goes: If A = B , and if B = C, then C must = A

So therefore

* If oil companies provide fossil fuels that people burn causing CO2 in the atmosphere and thus cause global climate warming,

* and if that climate warming is causing many disastrous weather events directly killing hundreds of thousands of people and the deniers are like the person handing the rifle to the murderer.

* therefore the oil companies or those denying climate warming are killing the people.


5. But if the deniers and oil companies are causing or are complicit in the thousands of deaths, then they are in direct opposition to God’s commandment. This can only be if they are serving the devil, since God does no bad act. As well they could be tried under Canadian law.


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