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Posted by Willard Anderson on January 24th, 2014.


Most important is: What keeps you alive. What creates dedication to Canada. Critical thinking.


While we know climate warming is an absolute fact and that it is killing over 250,000 people each year (UNEP) our government has chosen to ignore it because our leader believes in the values of a religious cult. (Huffington Post) Some of these cults are very malicious. Climate warming is a human caused event that because it effects all life on earth requires us to take a very broad view when discussing remedies. This encourages us to have a concept of what a few universal human values or principles might be.



There are principles that Canadians generally believe in.

If one traded those values for a set of spiritual values that have no basis in fact then human society would enter a period of chaos

simply because anyone can set up a group of priciples and say these are the ones we should live by. That is what religions do.

1. Not to kill others.

a) Jones convinced his followers to go to Guyana and commit mass suicide, some forced, expecting to go directly to heaven , and this caused the Jones town massacre. Did Jones have a responsibility to advise his followers what they were in for.? In his vicious extremist idea they would go directly to Heaven, but young children never had a choice of life.

b)This is similar to to Muslim extremism If you kill others you get a badge of martyrdom that sends you to heaven directly

c.) It is in fact not that far from the beliefs of the Evangelical extremist group Harper is a part of. He will fight the battle against evil, the Muslims, on the Israel plains with fighters F35 ‘s that have no practical use in Canada since they do not have the range. Jones town type of thinking . Then after the final battle of Armageddon be raised to heaven in the rapture. As an aside

there is no reference in the bible to the rapture.

It is clear that the thinking that arrved at:

– the extremist Muslim eath and martyrdom

– the Jones town suicide approach to getting to heaven. (Think of the children)

and – the Harper extremist evangelical thinking and the many deaths of armegedden and the rapture to get to heaven.

are all paralell thinking processes. They involve death and then access to a heaven. Where the heaven is; between earth and the moon, between earth and mars, beyond the solar system, no one has said.

This makes Harper a very dangerous man. He has to this point done destructive things in Canada that harms the future of young people. His religious view allows him not to not think about the conditions that Canadians live in because he thinks he knows his final fate. So he does not care that fossil fuels are killing hundreds of thousands. (UNEP) Death is real and fossil fuels deaths are real. So again Harper has policies that roughly equate him with the Jones town kind of thinking and the extremist Muslim martyrdom thinking. If you kill others in the Armageddon you will be raised to heaven. His Israel policies are based upon this idea. Murder is OK!

We have never had such a nefarious PM and we should collectively ask for his resignation.


2 Logic. Cause and effect hypothesis.

If A= B, and B = C , therefore C must = A.


3. The good God theorem. Do no harm.

Freedom of religion.

If we believe there is a higher power that has caused the deaths of thousands of children then that being must be the devil since a good God would do no harm. Would we say Jones had te righ to his freedom of religion. We consider sending hate mail a criminal act.

4.Economics. Gross income minus costs = profits. What is the definition of costs? We know that gross income is all income of a company. Costs are thought of as labour and materials, but we have not included ecological and biological costs that have made the earth a more difficult place to live. Tahiti is impoverished in part because all its forests were harvested. BP oil never paid for the dolphins that are dying off because of miscarriages. BP did not clean up the oil in the total water column or clean up the increased dead zone. These were part of BP’s real costs.

5.Law. Canada case law principles.

a)The murder of 4 RCMP officers in BC, if you handed the gun to the murderer you are also complicit and can go to jail.

b)The murder of the daughter by Indo-Canadian parents in India. The murder in India of a Canadian can be tried in Canada if your actions cause a death in another country.

  1. Do you have any responsibility for your fellow man or for the earth environment?
  1. In a country of law you are required to swear to the truth. When Denier activities that encourage harm to othersinclude lying should they be prosecuted? Deniers approach is a scurrilous attack deneying the truth,which is lying. The impact may often result in death. Should this not be litigated in Canada?
  1. The universe is made up of matter ands energy, according to Einstein. 


Gore presented the Hockey stick graph based upon science.

History of climate warming. About 250 million years ago, during the Carboniferous period of Time over about 65 million years ,there was lush vegetation growth on the earth. Animals require oxygen but plants require carbon dioxide. This vast lush growth sequestered huge amounts of carbon dioxide and of course carbon. This became buried under sediments and after hundreds of millions of years it formed into carbon produced fossil fuels: oil, natural gas, coal and bitumen. We discovered its value as a fuel and pumped and mined out about one half of it in about 100 yrs . We had about several 100,000,000 CO2 pumps running 24 -7 for a century This fuel burning returned carbon dioxide directly to the atmosphere. This fast pumping of CO2 into the atmosphere 650,000 times faster than through natural processes has caused climate warming as CO2 is an effective green house gas.



Scientists have measured the increasing melt rates of arctic ice caps and glaciers . They have used drill core under the Greenland glacier have found air bubbles in the ice. By study of gases in those bubbles and isotopes they could determine the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere during the climate of that time that those ice layers were put down. Drill core under Antarctica went back much further (On Thin Ice, BBC). There were about 5 major periods of great extinctions on the worlds and we are now in the sixth caused by humans. Some of these extinctions correlate with increased CO2 in the atmosphere.

Now we have dumped all that CO2 back into the atmosphere much faster . We have had a hundred million CO2 pumps operating 24-7 for over a century. We have dumped the CO2 back in to the atmosphere 650,000 times faster than the natural rate. We have discovered that by looking at the fossil record and the isotope studies of gases from the drill core, that there were times of massive extinction during which the CO2 content in the atmosphere was about the same as it is today.

We live in troublesome times. It is for the young to be very active in choosing sound energy types, solar, wind etc and accept this as government policy. Because of the power of oil companies we need to enforce a strong carbon tax and use oil profits to produce green ecologically sound energy methods. We geared up for the second world war in the space of a year or so. We can gear up to make our climate ecologically sound again.



Megantic oil fire 47 died

Hurricane Sandy 50 died

Philippines typhoon 5,000

Pakistan flood on the Indus R,.10,000

Ethiopia drought 29,000 children

Heat wave Europe 2003 30,000

China coal particulate matter in the air , 100,000 dead per year.

Typhoon Naga in Burma dead per year. 128,000

United Nations Environmental Program says on average there are 250,000 dying per year from fossil fuels use .

Dana Group says 400,00 but the truth is proabably now much higher.

This is only an extremely small listing of death rates from fossil fuel caused climate weather and disaster events: floods, fires, storms, droughts, mud slides, tropical disease spread, and storm surge. These have increased due to climate warming and fossil fuel burning.



There are thousands of scientists contributing to this around the world and from many many countries.

Recently there has been the suggestion that the earth is cooling. What has happened is that the ocean deep is starting to warm. So this heat cannot be measured by terrestrial based measures. The IPCC has confirmed these influences.

Consequences and Oceans :

  1. We have lost 40% of the phyto plankton in the oceans since about 1960. (Seasick)
  2. Over fishing and acidification allows jellyfish to take over ocean ecosystems again. Jelly fish evolved during the Cambrian seas when there was a low oxygen environment. Now changes favour jellyfish. (Roberts)

3. Acidification in very small amounts causes loss of shellfish. Bodies drop to the bottom, rotting or oxidizing, using oxygen, and rotting producing sulfide gases in vast quantities. This gas bubbles to surface, blows inland and kills off land based life.(Climate Wars – Dyer)

According to Gwynne Dyer this process may have caused some of the great extinction events.

(Climate Wars) We are now in the 6 Th great extinction event. Oceanographers claim the change over of ocean ecosystems will be much more disastrous than the warming climate itself.

Are we at risk? In Manitoba at Elie 33 km west of Winnipeg an F5 tornado occurred , the strongest ever in Canada. The forecast is events on Terra firma will get worse. This was a hair’s breadth away from hitting Winnipeg.



1. With melting ice caps there is more exposed water and more heat absorption IE more exposed ocean with no reflectance from ice caps.

2.. River sin the Sky. A recently discovered phenomena from . With work by Dr. Robert Sandford . Cloud distribution is not even. Weather events form cloud systems that move like a river in the sky dumping vast amounts of moisture in a small area creating flood events. Sky rivers are a climate warming response. This may have been the Alberta flood cause., consequently a climate warming event.

3.Dr Semiletov in Russia discovered many large seeps of methane bubbling up in the arctic ocean , some a kilometer in size It is a green hose gas 20 X as dangerous as CO2. Melting – perma frost is allowing the release of vast amounts of crystallized methane, that no longer under cold and pressure then becomes gaseous. It rises to the atmosphere and exacerbatees climate warming.

The core below the ice in Antarctica has traced CO2 in the atmosphere back millenieums.

There are of course many other material costs – loss of crops, starvation, increased spread of tropical disease and need for different infrastructure requirements.



Policy is set by Harper based upon his extreme religious views. Parliament has lost freedom of sapeech and democratic principles.

Though we know the damage done by fossil fuel caused climate warming Harper has chosen to subsidize petroleum heavily. Royalties have been reduced I believe below $2.00 a barrel (Texas 25% , Norway $16.) The tax payers pay for the damage done by oil spills, storms and fires. not the companies which has been reported on CBC at about $3 billion .

Harper has closed 14 science libraries meaning medical researchers are having a hard time doing their work. The ocean pollution research could easily have mortal consequences for some people.

The favouring of Israel and taking 14 rabbis to Israel seems to be following a literal pattern of following the bible . The thinking process seems to be modeled after the Jones town massacre logic. Harper hopes for a war against Iran and it will include the deaths of many of our young people. Do we remove him by plebiscite?



1. Deniers need to be held to account for their impacts on increasing death rates

2. Fossil fuel companies need to spend half their profits

on green energy production . Or pay for their disasters.

3 We need to adapt to green energy systems as fast as we geared up for world war ll

4 We need to use green systems and products.

5. Are media criminal for not informing the public of the dangers of Harper’s policies?

The cost of not changing over is much higher than the cost of loss of a few jobs in the fossil fuel industry..principles . Was he guilty? Are oil companies guilty ?? Politicians ? ?

6. Have studernts interview media owners, teachers . Board members and elected members. Ask them to write essays on their probable future based upin the IPCC fifth report.

Teachers, politicians and media people have a tremendous responsibility to inform the public clearly and accurately based upon the science.



References Climate Wars – Dyer; Ocean of Life – Roberts, Storms of My Grandchildren – Hansen, The Armageddon Factor – MacDonald, Fools Rule – Marsden, Laurence, Alana Mitchell – Seasick, Hertzgaard AND MANY MORE ON


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