Killing Harper’s Undemocratic Parliamentary Bills.

Posted by Willard Anderson on December 14th, 2015.

Government as Leader. 2015, Nov 26

We need science to provide knowledge. We need knowledge as a foundation for free speech. We need free speech to develop representative government. We need representative government to ensure democracy. We need democracy to provide equitable laws to ensure continuity of democracy. Anyone who breaks this chain is guilty of the most serious crimes in Canada and should be prosecuted as such.

To return to democracy we need government to rescind the law(s):

1. Which Harper passed to make the electoral commissioner responsible to himself and make it an independent service.

2. Which Harper passed to permit his minister of justice able to review and change penalties imposed by the supreme court.

3. That are included in the Harper omnibus bills issues that the public has never seen and that are not totally democratic. This may have to be reviewed by a larger committee with public volunteers.

4. Redevelop a wheat marketing board that the majority of farmers voted for and cede barley and wheat marketing to that board exclusively.

5. Develop procedures with and for Unions to help reduce the massive division of wealth between the rich and the workers.

6. We need to allow judges to use their discretion in levying penalties. Too harsh penalties just add more people to jails as the USA experience has demonstrated .

7. The RCMP used to act as an independent agency. Harper made it responsible to a minister. It has to be independent with an oversight committee. Neither the Air Bus Affair or the Robot calls were fully instigated. Justice needs to be served.

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