Momentous actions of the past and rectification 16 Nov 2016

Posted by Willard Anderson on November 16th, 2016.

The Current, Trump and Hitler Nov 10, 2016

In discussion we ask why Trump won. Because he saw something others were not willing to look at!
During the Ronald Reagan Presidency the deregulation of the banks began. Bush hurried it a long. Clinton did not help and Greenspan chose to make some very misguided decisions by not encouraging some regulation. This also allowed for the corporatization of government. This even affected Canada and one effect was that I received virtually no pay raise for the last 10 years of my career. But specifically it led to the 2007-9 financial crash. In solving that crash the works of Reagan, Bush, and Greenspan avoided the problem and ran government for the corporations. People lost houses. Today some of those houses are still not above water. Worse the taxpayer bailed out the banks even though they had no fault. In Canada I gather the Bank of Montreal and Commerce were bailed out. Canada was not without fault. In addition there were thousands of zero value mortgages that were packaged and sold as class A investments. People lost savings and retirement funds. This provided deep injury that could not be forgotten. Many corporations defrauded the tax office with offshore subsidiaries or used loopholes that thousands of their lobbyists were able to write into the USA tax code. The public were not a part of the management of finances. The government worked primarily for the corporations. Regretfully much of this is similar in Canada: the Harper Omnibus Bills have not been brought to light and we the public needs to know how much of them must be reversed such as; Bill 51 loss of privacy, the electoral commissioner being responsible to the minister of justice, the RCMP also became responsible to political managers, the decisions of the Supreme Court being been open to review by the minister of justice. These have not to my knowledge been corrected. We are like Trump but Harper assured that Canada preceded Trumpism control systems. In the USA hate reemerged.

You asked on radio what may have happened if Hitler had been killed before the wars. To answer we have to understand what is our problem today. Food supplies are threatened, we have serious over population in every country, we have an economic model that does not at all reflect real life on earth. Food production in China and India are both forecast to decline by 20%. Australia is seen as on the edge off the fossil fuel caused climate warming disaster and promises drought and decline in food production, California producing 25% of USA food is in serious long term drought and food supplies imported to Canada from there have increased a lot already in price. Introduced species getting out of hand are destroying crops, overuse of chemicals is eroding the organic qualities of soil world wide, and probably causing cancer and desertification is increasing world wide. Our fundamental model for living is a convention devised by the large corporations that does not address the real foundation of life on the planet. The Malthus Tragedy of the Commons is playing out and every country is badly over populated.
We will not solve problems by trying to feed more people. We need to address our own over population with single child policies world wide. We need to recognize in our model for living on this planet that the very foundation of such a model is the biological and physical characteristics of the earth. Without that recognition we are surely slated for extinction.
You asked the question if Hitler had died before the world wars what would have been the upshot. With global population headed toward 11 billion the real question is who should have died earlier to prevent our present death rate today of 4 million people per year from fossil fuel caused climate warming?
Who were the problem makers? Historically many of the wars were religious wars; thirty years war in Europe IE wars of the roses, Hindu – Muslim wars, Christian- Muslim crusades, the Spanish Inquisition and Buddhist – Muslim battles. Without religion there would be little deneying of scientifically proven climate warming.
With real declines in food production and increase in population we cannot live any longer on sentiment, beliefs or theoretical economic models based upon hypothetical conventions. We must must ask who else should we have killed. Communist leaders, Reagan, Bush, Greenspan and the main corporate leaders who deny there are any crimes against the environment.
More to the point who should we put on a pedestal? Malthus, Grey Owl, John Muir, Aldo Leopold, Rachel Carson, James Hansen, Brown- Doomsday Book author, Suzuki, Elizabeth May, Naomi Klein and other biologists and climatologists should be heard when we write our new model for human living.
The real measure of success for our species is to measure of “lack of success” by the number of wild animals and plants that have decreased in population, gone extinct or the number of collapsed ecosystems. These are what threaten humane lives. As chemicals replace ecosystems, as oceans are plagued by plastics, and overfishing we come closer to the precipice.
Any functioning president of large nations who does not measure life by bio-physical parameters will become truly more destructive. We must begin to write penalties for this destruction and for the increasing death rates.


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