Convergence of Extremes : Contemplation to Action Dec 2016

Posted by Willard Anderson on December 16th, 2016.

CONVERGENCE OF EXTREMES: contemplation to action 2 Dec. 2016
It appears as if we are living in a time of a convergence of peculiar and extreme events.

– We are in a time when global capitalism has almost uninterrupted control over governments except for dictatorships. Of course corporatism is dictatorship.

– Global wealth has been refocused to the top one percent of the population by global capitalism, leaving labor with decreasing or nonexistent raises.

-We are in a time of global pandemics : HIV AIDS, SARS, EBOLA, ZICA, MALARIA.

– There seems to be a consensus in the way religions treat each other -“considering the violence inspired by so many religions … did they do so maliciously” (R. Dolan. AD After Disclosure, p. 297.)

– There seems an extension of Star Wars in a belief that we may travel to another planet or even Mars if we destroy earth. This is currently impossible and demonstrates ignorance.

– There is a current convergence of new news about space with high powered telescopes, so the size of the perceived universe has gone from billions of galaxies to trillions of galaxies.

-There seems to be a plethora of concerning conspiracy theories disregarding the basis of science and that does not recognize the science in our daily use of tools and machines.

– At the same time there are thousands of observations by qualified viewers of phenomena such as Sasquatch and UFO’s that when so many observations are in evidence common sense suggests there must be something there worth doing research upon.

– There is data now in a WWF report saying that we will destroy two thirds of our animals on earth if we don’t change our behavior and at the same time data tells us that China, India and Africa will each have a 20% drop in food production within 20 years. For countries with a billion or more population the inevitable result would be migration, wars and large die offs.

-We have used fresh water supplies with unrelenting pumping, over pollution and with drought exacerbating this and yet there are no country wide long term planning strategies for conserving water.

– Now there are numerous governments taking action to move closer to dictatorship, indicators are: not checking ballots twice, allowing the electoral commissioner to be responsible to a minister, and allowing the minister ( a political position) of justice to review the Supreme Courts decisions, accepting the overthrow of sovereignty of land, personal loss of privacy through governments cell phone surfing while not enforcing the Charter of Rights and Freedoms or equivalent documents.

– International finance is in trouble. India has canceled currency and caused a rush on gold buying. China seems to be over extended in debt and if not managed properly could lead to crisis. The USA is in debt to about $17 trillion. Trump promises another tax deduction for large corporations raising the debt by another $6 trillion. If his economic kick start does not perform as he expects this added debt could lead to default and a more pervasive collapse than the 07-09 problem.

-There are a host of new discoveries in the past few decades: Nano technologies, lasers, dark energy and dark matter- the “spooky action at a distance” now called Thermodynamic entanglement, electro magnetic fields that influence electronics- the USA electromagnetic bomb and the knowledge that electro magnetic fields from lightning could fry electronics such as inverters as noted in two cases- so called anti gravity machines – detection systems that have identified gravitational waves from the big bang – a host of cosmic particles as yet probably not more than a few identified.
But there is no cooperation amongst countries to investigate, link and apply these new technologies.

The earth biophysical landscape is at serious threat. There is as yet no serious attempt to actively cooperate to correct the problem of fossil fuels caused climate change – though we may now be on a cascade making correction a lot more difficult.

There needs to be a cooperating agency between governments that do not pursue such different philosophies that common agreement is not possible at this current time. It may have to start with something smaller and simpler than the UN.

There is a current convergence of new astronomical information. Some time ago there was thought to be hundreds of billions of galaxies in the universe. Recently with the upgraded telescopes and satellite probes a statement was made that there were 10 trillion galaxies in the universe. Time and distance is a problem. One thing is striking, speed of UFO’s is described as so fast they, “appeared to jump from one point to another”. (Leslie Kean , UFO’s 2010). This phenomena is akin to the thermodynamic entanglement which has been proven experimentally at the particle level and now is hypothesized as a method to fantastically improve speed of the internet. If this same phenomena can be scaled up from particles to machines we may have a transportation speed that is UFO like. While France, Britain, Brazil, Chile and other countries have provided free access to their UFO information the USA has remained secretive. Is it possible that the USA has maintained its secrecy because of what it discovered in the New Mexico UFO crash and this plus other new knowledge put it ahead in back engineering a saucer and getting near to the energy drive systems of UFO’s. An earlier observation of a UFO from a car led to an interesting interaction. (L.Kean, UFO’s) The car driver floashed his lights at it. The UFO responded by flashing lights back. Yet there has been no reply to our intragalactic signals. Paraphrased one astronomer said, “If we are the single advanced civilization in our galaxy then at one civilization per galaxy there is a probability of only
10 trillion civilizations in the universe. There has to be the linking of all the new technologies to help solve problems and to reach the levels of other civilizations in the universe.

The Economist projects vast ioncreases in jobs 20 years out. First world people consume about 4 to 7 times as much as third world and people. China in the last 5 decades has added 300,000,000 people to first world consumption. This means a huge crush of over harvest and over consumption destroying the earth. Growth is evil but progress and what makes the people more ecologically compatible withe the earth is good. There has to be a tax on plastic doodads and disposables and emphasis useful production and an emphasis on enduring needed items and reduction of waste. Not growth but progress and efficiency related to people and the earth and needed research. We need to get busy. Cooperation always trumps competition. Even ants and bees know this and ecosystems are based upon this principle. We are part of the ecosystem and we need to reduce and control our population.

1. There must be cooperation between those governments that can share a philosophy of mutual respect and trust. This has to be affirmed by action.
2. There should be a limit to and a reversing of population growth, by starting a universal one child policy.
3. Principles of universal support not unlike the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms must be communicated widely in the context of a threatened planet and desperate need for cooperative improvement.
4. Any development and production models must have as an underpinning foundation the bio-physical parameters of our planet earth or we will not survive.
5. There has to be the linking of countries to help solve problems and reach the levels of other civilizations in the universe by cooperatively attacking problems with technology.
6. The democracies that value human rights and the foundation of the biophysical environment have to be foremost. The collection of existing democracies must materially assist those governments that may have a small interest in joining the group, may have soft dictators that are somewhat open to change but need financial and organizational assistance.
7. Measure population carrying capacity of the earth not by how many people we can feed but by how fast and how many ecosystems are collapsing and the rate of extinctions.
8. The initial speed bump of this process is commencement. Perhaps the social and environmental NGO’s, and churches if they recognize that God used science in his creative processes, should become the first innovators and activators of cooperation. NGO’s unite!

For your children’s sakes take action.
Will Anderson

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