Posted by Willard Anderson on January 20th, 2017.

The Trump Influence on Climate Warming

Trump 9 Jan 2017
Since a pro fossil fuels position is dangerous to climate we need to discuss Trump’s policy statements.
It has to be noted that we all want to know what Trump is.
– Is asking the the Russians to hack e mails a criminal action against his own country?
– He has slandered Mrs Clinton since the CIA said there is no criminal intent in her actions.
– He is allegedly in a business which has a close association with Putin. Under USA law could this be construed as theft from the peoples resources in Russia?
– He has never opened his tax return and may be in a position of tax avoidance. The USA has been fighting illegal tax havens within tax haven countries and used by companies which the USA has taken to court and fined, requiring payment for illegal tax avoidance behaviour.
– He has a legal case against him regarding Trump University.

Then big question is what is the relationship between Trump and Putin? Trump usually does nothing unless there is something in it for himself. He seems extremely self centered.
Now he suggests the NATO alliance has had its day.
He suggests that each European Nations would each be better of by oneself , each going it alone.
He praises Brexit when the uncommon knowledge is that removing Britain from the EU Trade and finance union of course weakens Europe.
– Putin would like to reinstate the politics that were in place after its invasion of Hungary in the mid fifties to renew his dream of the Soviet Socialist Republic, but controlled by Putin.
– Putin wants a weaker Europe so he can continue his actions such as in Crimea and Ukraine as he wants to reestablish the country politics after the Hungarian Invasion about 1956 that created the maximum Soviet Union.
– NATO is Putin’s main barrier so he would gain most from getting rid of NATO’s power.
This suggests that Trump is highly invested in a Putin view but would it have a high impact upon the USA? Harm to the USA could span decades and the USA perhaps may never again have its positive outreach,.. a tragedy for the world. China and Russia are dictatorships after all.

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