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Posted by Willard Anderson on January 29th, 2017.

Minster of Education
168 Legislative Building
450 Broadway
Winnipeg, MB R3C 0V8

February 1, 2017

Dear Sir:

Our younger children are at high danger of exposure to the worst weather catastrophes. The schools have a responsibility to help keep children safe over the longer term. High school students need to know what is coming so they can be involved in protecting themselves.

Climate change caused indisputably by burning fossil fuels is loading more heat and energy into the oceans and thereby climate, directly causing more and worse storms, floods, fires, drought, mudslides, avalanches, tornadoes, typhoons, extinctions and spread of disease. Extreme events are outside the norm for CO2 loading in the atmosphere at pre industrial revolution times. Climate warming is indeed noted in the IPCC and is proven to be caused by fossil fuel burning. The results have caused many losses: flooding of farmer fields in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, drought in California and increased food costs, drought in India causing many farmers to commit suicide, terrible destruction in the Philippines and in Burma on the Irrawaddy delta with deaths of about 138,000, destruction of homes, and incomes destroyed for many.

The annual death rate has been reported by China as 1.6 million, for India probably around the same, for Europe estimated around .62 m. Globally a reasonable estimated annual death rate is 3 to 4 million.
Our senior meteorologist David Phillips at the Department of the Environment said, “We ain’t seen nothing yet.”

Much of earth natural resources are now under heavy stress and much is in a state of collapse with extinctions about 1,000 times higher than the natural rate. Fisheries are in a state of collapse, forests cut without reference to environmental benefits. We had an F5 tornado 33 km west of Winnipeg. Towards the end of the century a horrible death rate is considered likely.

For education to take its’ responsibility would you please ensure that the curriculum points out the need to strongly direct teachers to fully interest students in the details of climate warming catastrophes, and to raise this at national conferences. A few years ago the curriculum did not mention climate catastrophes and death rates.
Our children need better.

Could you please advise me of your plans regarding this worst problem in the world.

Yours truly,

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