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How does this impact Earth? CHARACTERISTICS OF UFO’S Jan 20, 2017
If it quacks like a duck and swims like a duck and looks like a duck, and thousands say it is a duck then I would be very unlikely to bet that it was not a duck.
With advanced improvement of telescopes the astronomers now estimate rather than billions of galaxies in the universe they now estimate trillions of galaxies in the universe.
As well since there have been no responses to signals sent out in the galaxy they say there may be conservatively speaking just one advanced civilization in any galaxy. With two trillion galaxies in the universe, therefore there may be more than a trillion advanced civilizations in the universe. Evolution being what it is, it would be surprising if there were not civilizations with advanced technology that could send space ships to earth. With all the new technologies we must think outside the box. Why would one send signals if one can fly there?
Applying our experience with UFOs how would we characterize such civilizations. We can do so only through knowledge of their UFO ships:
They seem to have red, green, blue, orange or white flashing or stable lights.
They appear to have different shapes: triangular, egg shaped, cigar or tubular shaped, spherical or saucer shaped.
They seem to have no difficulty to reach speeds of 800 mph to perhaps 3,000 mph and to reach these speeds in seconds or almost instantaneously and some have described movement as a jump or bump up from a standstill to another location speeding to a new location past jets, but motion not really seen.
They seem to jump or bump up from a standstill to another location almost in an instant.
They can land and interact, communicate with or abduct humans.
Their ships can avoid or render impotent any missile or bullet fired at them.
They seem to have scanning light that may act as a sensor, detection or defensive ray.
They seem to mean no harm to us as their technology is beyond anything developed on earth.
They have an interest in earth and seem to be monitoring or sampling the earth.
During their presence over cars or electronics they seem to shut down electronics at their choosing. It seems they use an electro magnetic force to take out car electronics.
On three occaissons when lights were flashed at them they responded by flashing lights. They may be interested in some form of communication.
They are able to render people unconscious and people may awake with lost time, with a dazed feeling or with burns.
Observation descriptions estimate the length can vary in size from 30 ft to 100 ft to 300 feet and even to 8 times the size of an airliner and fifty feet high.
UFO personal have been generally described as about 4 to 5 ft high but with large heads and eyes. Some described as Nordic and very human like.
There are alleged to have been abductions. People who have touched their ships seem to have burns or their well-being is affected sometimes for years afterward.
The most outstanding report by Sheehan (Dolan, UFOs, 2009. p 136)
“report on extraterrestrial intelligence … concluded there were probably between two and six intelligent civilizations in the Milky Way Galaxy more technologically developed than the human race.’ the UFO report showed drawings of different shapes of UFOs, and concluded there were many cases in which USAF investigations could not rule out the possibility that some of these vehicles were in fact extraterrestrial.”
They seem to leave hard measurable evidence of radiation remains on the ground or yellow or white powders or matter. U3O8 is a yellow oxide shipped out of Elliot Lake so they may have some kind of nuclear capability. In one case a silver piece 4 inches long in a W shape was left on the ground where the UFO had rested. Silver has a high thermal and electric conductance. It may be disposed of due to contamination”‘nation? The sample also contained copper. Also at one landing site there was a powder left and identified as “thaumasite”. (Dolan, UFO’s , 2009) It requires carbonates, sulfates and water to form, which could give evidence toward fuel types. Also a pattern of small spot burns of four burns in four lines on Michalalk who approached a UFO near Falcon lake. Some individuals had suntan like burns and did not recover for some time. Some have depression like behaviour for some time. At the Falcon site it was also alleged that a piece of metal was found, perhaps aluminum which is produced from bauxite. From a animal butchering site there were remains of chemicals in the hides including potassium and magnesium.
I also have photographs I took of the crop circles in the Qu”appelle Valley near highway 9.
Chemicals may offer some insight or suggestion of location by measuring chemical signatures from nearby planets.
Perhaps crop circles, if they are authentic, could represent a specific type of space craft.
The USA denial approach to UFO’s particularly after the New Roswell crash has has become problematic and hinders desirable research. A research organization must be developed omitting membership by USA government agencies.
This is a situation so drastic and with no outlet for action that there seems to be few reasons why the USA, a technological culture has attacked informal UFO research. One reason could be that they have a crashed UFO ship remnants and they are trying to reverse engineer this ship and want to dissuade any other research into this in which they have an advantage. Or at the extreme they have communicated and been advised to leave well enough be.
A decent research and communication protocol and laboratory approach must be initiated. Our civilization in this time of fossil fuel caused climate change may depend upon it.
Carter’s aide “very very close to Carter” entered the office and found “Carter was sobbing with his head in his hands nearly on his desk” (Dolan. 2009, p. 138). Now how must one interpret this? If he had a personal problem he would be out the door taking action. A military calamity he would as president present a stoic front. That it could be a black management team in control and threatening the President is doubtful as there would still be many options. More likely he got the UFO briefing he wanted, but it painted him into corner. Was the briefing of an action against human kind with no option for positive responsive action. The aliens are a superior race if their technology is the measure. Of course imposed hazards could be great – poisoned water supplies, humans as slaves, sprayed gases, rays or whatever aliens have. Degradation of the grasp humanity has on the earth as a result of: the damage from fossil fuel caused climate warming, destruction due to a growth only agenda and a profit at any cost economic model makes one doubt our own intelligence. Much destruction! If you had the power would you not put better stewards in charge of this wonderful blue and green planet, especially if you were sharing it.
We need a view on aliens that is more thorough and government information is not accessible.
We need a multi-country investigative team to do proper a investigation when these sightings occur.
Develop a protocol and place it on the net so on site experiences can be handled better.
Eliminate any countries participation who do not fully cooperate.
Make all results public.
Develop a description and problem solving formula over earth would not change some things . Put someone better in control line so many can participate without damaging the collective proposed solutions.
Develop an additive descriptor system.
Make physical remains: powders, metals, organic materials, photos and other materials in a secure holding but open access Research earth magnetics as a source of power.
Blackball and deny membership to people who seem to have a destructive bent towards this more solid investigative procedure.
Structure a research center, organization, protocol and location. Enter the topics needing to be addressed into present serious UFO conferences: IE Openness, structure, research library, protocols, and on-line designs for recording observation and material events.
Create a contact list of all UFO organizations to date.
Look for private funding.
Develop an administration.
Place repeat sightings immediately on line in the “Instant Newsletter.”
Develop a system and staff for detecting fraud.
Learn how to measure velocity of UFOs.
Learn how to measure space-time distance under UFO technology.
Use cross fertilization of: pilots, police, astronomers, mathematicians, physicists and common observations to join forces in design of protocols.
To develop a new system – use authors of peer reviewed books as a starting point along with presidents of existing UFO organizations with credible histories.
Fund research into transportation methods other than fossil fuels supported engines. Investigate dark matter and energy, anti gravity, Higgs Bosun particle, magnetics, plasma, thermodynamic entanglement, tele-transportation, nano particle transportation via laser, magnetohydrodynamics etc.
Of utmost importance is that we will not learn a lot about UFO’s until we can communicate with them – which there is alleged to be via an alleged NSA program, “to communicate with non-humans “(Dolan, 2009. p 229). More factual is the response to a car, aircraft and ground based lights flashing lights at UFOs and getting a response. The Foo Fighters (possibly experimental aircraft or UFO,s) of the second world war may have picked up Morse Code signals. There is a Rosetta Stone from 196 BC, and since there is a world languages registry I would think advanced civilizations would have capability in many languages. So any aircraft that encounters UFO’s should have the signaling capacity for Morse Code and perhaps even communicate via English. They should also have capacity to transmit via radar frequency, normal visible light waves, perhaps electromagnetic pulses and if it now exists thermo dynamic entanglement means, if such capacity yet exists. Such instruments should be built into every observatory, military and commercial aircraft and if reasonable all aircraft, and even into a few police cars.
UNESCO has a World Heritage Library and this concept should now expand to other systems in the world.
Ref : Read Leslie Kean’s , “UFO’s”

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