With Little Thinking it is Hard to Address Macro Problems

Posted by Willard Anderson on January 26th, 2017.

Trump 9 Jan 2017
A little of this bears repeating, but in the context of what are the stages of going from democratic to oligarchic to tyrannical?

Since a pro fossil fuels position is dangerous to climate we need to discuss Trump’s policy statements.
It has to be noted that we all want to know what Trump is.
– Is asking the the Russians to hack e mails a criminal action against his own country?
– He has slandered Mrs Clinton since the CIA said there is no criminality and hers was just poor judgment.
– He is allegedly in a business which has a close association with Putin. Under USA law could this be construed as theft from the peoples resources in Russia?
– He has never opened his tax return and may be in a position of tax avoidance. The USA has been fighting Illegal Tax havens within Tax Haven countries and used by companies which the USA has taken to court and fined, requiring payment for illegal tax avoidance behaviour.
– He has a legal case against him regarding Trump University.
The big question is what is the relationship between Trump and Putin? Trump usually does nothing unless there is some thing in it for himself. He seems extremely self centered. Now he suggests the NATO alliance has had its day. He suggests that each European Nations would each be better of by itself, each going it alone. He praises Brexit when the uncommon knowledge is that removing Britain from EU trade and finance agreement weakens Europe.
– Putin would like to reinstate the politics that were in place after its invasion of Hungary in the mid fifties to renew his dream of the Soviet Socialist Republic but controlled by Putin.
– For Trump he wants a weaker Europe so he can continue his actions such as in Crimea and Ukraine as he wants to reestablish the country politics after the Hungarian Invasion about 1956 that created the maximum Soviet Union.
– NATO is Putin’s main barrier so he would gain most from getting rid of NATO’s power.
This suggests that Trump is highly invested in a Putin view but would it have a high impact upon the USA? Harm to the USA could span decades and the USA perhaps may never again have its positive outreach, a tragedy for the world. China and Russia are dictatorships after all.
As an adjunct to the Trump rail against a strong Europe it is worthy of noting the fundamental basis for the theoretical position Trump takes. Without being too facetious it would be easy to call Trump’s view it a sort of conspiracy theory of strategies or a more to the point a tweet system of government.
He does seem to focus on jobs not a bad idea but to the exclusion of deaths from climate change, social welfare, fair returns to the public, health services, education, loss of species and habitats
collapse of ecosystems, democratic process and protection from dictators. One needs a global view and the list goes on. A tweet view of the earth is a government based upon ignorance.
How do we square the circle? Narrow to broad concepts.
1. The leader of the Free World says , “No one knows the system better than me.” Little thinking! Yet he has no clue about how a medical system is designed and operated, or an educational system, or the food industry from water supply to pesticide to fertilizer.
2.Our economic system which is fundamentally based upon earnings minus costs = profits – but costs almost never include anything in the natural environment. At the same time how we live is fundamentally based upon biology and climate.
3. Humans are herd animals – social is the key, but the leader knows nothing but self.
4. Food is the support for all humans but the largest agricultural system is based upon grab as much water as fast as you can to make profit so aquifers and fresh waters decline as the whole population increases. There is no sustainability for the resource that once sustained itself while the population rises each year and does nothing to sustain itself at a level the earth can ecologically sustainably support. An educational system includes elementary school, high school, university bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees and post doctoral research programs. While the president takes his knowledge from tweets.
and it goes on and on.
6. New knowledge is based upon investigating the unusual, the need for problem solving, building upon those that went before but developing the new. Yet tens of thousands have seen unidentifiable objects, over Area 51, over the home of the UN in Belgium, British nuclear plants, yet the USA government operates as if these thousands of people do not exist and if one starts research from the basis of 19 C assumptions even though the idea of thermodynamic entanglement has been proven, dark matter and energy hypothesized, anti gravity and magnetic power systems being researched, then one does not square with the other.
7. There are many serious problems to deal with. Could some sort of crowd sourcing using the speed of computers not help address a variety of assumptions or hypotheses. But spectator sports have become the opiate of the people and these many minds are seldom available for problem solving.
8. It is alleged there may be litigation being prepared due to Trump’s means of holding his private companies.

If we cannot presently square the circle in thinking but in action it is evident that we have to change our lifestyle to be compatible to the earth. Our macro lifestyle has to recognize the limitations of the bio-physical earth. The new design of life has to address each of the items above. This is a drastic change and we have to vote only for the party that will begin to address those changes or our grandchildren perish. It is very simple. Do you love your children?
Tyranny is the limiting of the action on ideas to a cloistered narrow minded few. Do You love your children??

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