Kindness Needs to be Applied in the Macro Setting Too 1 Feb. 2017

Posted by Willard Anderson on February 1st, 2017.


The highest calling is kindness we discussed that in a sort of way; Kindness to spouse, to children, to parents, to friends, but also to enemies because lack of making choices that are against their own interest is probably what made them enemies. Of course we expect reciprocation. But how do we get to kindness. Dictatorships of course are bound to founder. There is not a broad enough intellectual base to solve problems.
There are some things that seem to warrant a leadership role. How to help children grow, helping to heal, broad mindedness, which is narrowed by too limited a view on life and in ones interests.
Trump needs to learn to come to a common understanding. One has to seek it out. So it means picking the critical things. The big fields.
Has Trump a good range of understanding or is his view not more than a whim. We are looking at the true measure of man. The problem is that people make a lot of decisions that are against their own interests. A lot of this can be attributed to the fact that they do know enough about the world. As my son said the news in California is what goes on on the east coast. The view is very myopic. There is a whole world out there, that mostly is not nearly so privileged. But of course global capitalism has begun to change many lower income people into third worlders, who do not rate medicare or a decent public school education and teachers are not respected. People voted in Trump based upon his bluster that he would make America great again without knowing what the institutional framework would be needed to make such a thing happen. But the world has changed. We cannot allow the wild west rape the earth for profits. But the problem equally was that Clinton represented the captains of industry and they were right she did not represent the workers, that was a Bernie Sanders task, he was the true visionary that needed to make America great again. One quote I recall was, “If you want to make America great, look to the Swedish model”. Because right wing extremists criticize Sweden does not make it wrong, only that the right wing become false profits.
Which raises another problem. When people are uninformed they hail to the soap box orator. It may be a Trump or right extremist religious view. It is not uncommon for religious followers to remake their holy books over in their own interpreted image. And they have done that in droves. When their gods are reconfigured they can do anything they selfishly want. Buddhists stand on the roadside letting global warming destroy crops and families, others interpret their books as having the right to kill anyone that does not believe as they do. Christian extremists think it is right to take health care away from the poor and the most outrageous lies may show up on their net sites. Is it kind to steal peoples wages just because you can? Is it kind to impose drought upon Indian farmers so they commit suicide, just because they are in the way of fossil fuel profits? Is it kind to impose ignorance by limiting funds to schools? Perhaps Trump should have been a dictator. What would he have done with a Russia. Which leader would have killed more people?

With the wealth to bluster and not fear courts, he has limited or no understanding of the social ways a community operates, how a better education system is designed or health care system or the insidious impacts of over population, or why climate warming is statistically accurate. Between his tweets and religious idioms Trump has gotten a way off track.

Taxes are an important institutional tool. It can be used to twist a lot of arms, and today that needs doing. During the post war days the tax code was much more fair. But Canada took a different route. Global capitalism has been the race to the bottom. Since its initiation incomes have stagnated I believe it was from about 1976 to 2006 that there was only a $2, an hour wage increase in the USA. Unions have been stamped out by conservative governments. But they are drastically needed to fight large corporations. Tax loopholes need to be closed. Off shore tax evasion needs to be stopped, even in Canada. Lobbying needs to be fair, every citizen has the same right to the PM’s time as the big corporations. It is a stilted game. Our form of Democracy needs to be strengthened. The Harper Omnibus Bills need to be repealed or at least reexamined. We still do not know the damage they have done. The electoral commissioner needs to be independent not beholding to a minister of the Crown. The oversight committee of the RCMP should be non partisan. The minister of justice should have no right to review the decisions of the Supreme court. These are important features for democracy. Free speech rather than false news that Trump made up for the election and which needs to be replaced again by a thoughtful media, reversing the cascade of The Missing News. Kindness needs to be held in the macro setting too.

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