Living in the Mind and Reality 16 Feb 2017

Posted by Willard Anderson on February 16th, 2017.

Living in Your Mind – Beauty and Truth 14 Feb. 2017

When the brain interacts with something experienced through our senses: taste, touch, hearing, seeing, smelling we are living in the present. If the mind translates those stimulus by parallel intelligence, and jumps ahead, then to gain truth we may have applied another language.
It is strange how Madeleine Thieu (Don’t Say We have Nothing. p 107) describes it,
“He’d been thinking how if one needed darkness in order to see the heavens [read stars], might daylight be a form of blindness, could it be that sound was also a sort of deafness.” To follow that logic:
You would need to shrink interstellar distance to see the order in the Universe.
We need stillness of the mind in order to understand motivation to action.
When disorder prevails we need to apply rational investigation.
To transport matter throughout the universe we need to de-scramble it’s patterns to molecules.

When you watch TV you are put into the abstract of the mind. When you go to the theater
the same. When one dreams, when you read, your reach into the abstracts of the mind is greater. The mind does more and the media less. The more abstract the concept yet with the creators meaning, the greater the perfection of the minds interpretation. BEAUTY! Thus the simpler the media concept, the deeper the meaning, the greater the beauty.

Hence intrinsically there is a reach for abstraction and heightened mind experience. So we move from a complexity of senses to more and more just one sense. If we were to abandon this process we would be stealing from our future. So beauty as love is not a complexity, it is a singularity. It remains in that single media unless a deeper experience dislodges it. To abandon the process is to leave a deep wound. While to accept it is to learn. Perhaps learning always is the greatest capability of our species. Do not be afraid to learn!

We are creatures of our minds. Every time we are worried about something, every time we are being creative, problem solving, every time we deal with our relationship with our children or with lovers, we are working in the mind. We can fall in love with a mind!

But above all, “we want no more gods and emperors, no more saviors of any kind. We want to be master of our own country. Democracy freedom and happiness.” (Thien p. 369) TRUTH! But when the damage to democracy put in place by Harper has not been repealed, when corporations control the media, when the one main measure used is the dollar profit, when there is not a public outcry that sees the decline of the life systems of our earth, then we again need love, beauty, need to learn, need truth and to fight heartily.

“A revolutionary government should listen to the voice of the people. Nothing should silence it more than silence.” (Thien ibid p 371, ) It is not revolutionary to stop a voting system from happening that “says one person one vote”. … “A new path is opening up, we failed to take long ago” (ibid) and lost out on our path and instead got global capitalism, a system that benefits from discrediting ‘one person one vote’.

Beauty is truth, truth beauty!


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