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7 billion people in a 2 billion world 16 March 2017

In the time of Deep Ecology in the 1970’s biologists said back then the ideal population of the earth circa 1900 would be about 1 to 2 billion people. The earth now has less capacity. In a world of 7 billion How does it fit together?

Did people make a difference to the earth. Probably the wrong question to ask.

The earth would have gotten along without us. More diversity of species, greater length of survival of a different way of evolving, perhaps species added, mammoths remained and size grew and with added intelligence. Minimalism is one route for evolution or degradation of energy. Some say the world moves towards eutrophic conditions. I believe the universe is cyclical.

Has science made a difference. No doubt yes though some of it was more negative than positive. Since it was not done with unified goals in mind but just the need to research more in some narrow unrelated field. But what if we had set broad goals, which means thinking the big picture ie, other species mattered, the planet, the universe? Despite our change in biological destruction perhaps we can redirect our goals and our ideas of progress. But what politician cares?

Our Problems
All that we have fought for over a thousand generations was not a cohesive thought. It was just we did a lot of things and somehow we had to make sense of what we did much of which was not sensible. Now we have to structure a more unified plan that will make sense for the future. Protect natural fresh water supplies, reverse climate warming, fewer people, think more of the planet and universe. The earth climate changed perhaps a half degree in two thousand years, today our use of fossil fuels has changed it one degree in 45 years and much of nature cannot adapt. Nature means us!

I was in a very clean trailer park in Mesa. It was diametrically opposite to my idea of any park but an insight to what city people expect there. As I looked around I found it was almost totally 99% a fabricated environment. True they had planted a dozen or two cactus but deciduous plants and palms dominated totally, both demanding so much water they could never survive in the desert. Near the San Francisco area they are pulling up almond trees because they have depleted the aquifer. The Central Valley will once again become desert. In New York the canyons of towers make nature impossible. On the Yangtze River in China the acidified air burned my nose and throat, I understood the face masks of big cities. All still well accepted politically. While the country side natural vegetation had long been decimated the tightly over crowded cities of Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai and further away those such as Mexico City become the mausoleums of the future. But in China many live from hand to mouth in a Chinese dictatorship short on social programs, while the Canadian prophylactic program in Africa was cut by PM Harper a religious demagogue. Talk about backward steps. There seems to be no real effort to live with the earth, none to date, CO2 emissions still accelerate.

We Need To
Build curricula that suggest alternative realistic futures, but as positive as we can make them. So we don’t say, “I will win, but of course others must lose” since we are in a closed system.

The Hubble telescope tells us there are two trillion galaxies in the universe, there are other civilizations, statistics proves so how could it be otherwise. Our goals must relate to that.

If we are to live on this planet we must live within the the constraints or limitations of the productivity of the earth, not how much can we eat, but how does diversity improve life generally, how do we reduce our demands?

We must not let toxic waste dumps and pollution grow.

Now we have a start to build criteria to help from goals that are worth while. What do we want to be as people?
Greed and lust for profit at any cost is the ultimate evil, the ultimate ignorance. Lust for profit at any cost, the current economic model used in all trade deals is income – cost = profit . Except the costs never included the impact upon the natural world. So big business took the profits and the taxpayer pays for the costs of climate change caused by the fossil fuel companies searching for profit. Thus a legitimized theft that remains in place to this day and gives us selfish multi billionaires.

So there must be goals for way out there in the universe. The University of Calgary’s proof of the existence of Einstein’s “spooky action at a distance” or thermo dynamic entanglement gives a strong hint of what is to come. The USA has said the “beam me up Scotty” transportation may occur by the end of this century. We are getting a more enriched understanding of black holes, curved time space, dark energy and matter, absolute speeds etc,

Traps and Punishments
The sirens that led Odysseus on to the rocks are still with us. Start not with “what will I profit to invent and sell a thing-a-ma-jig,” but rather, how does this little piece of what I do fit into the long term goals. Surely ecologically sustainability will become one guide. Would a politician accept this as a target or do we need to reconstruct what is a good politician? How do we find them?

Perhaps like Chile we need a disappeared list. We need a world court with teeth. It has always bothered me that serial killers are put in a penitentiary, provided bed and board, TV, libraries for a cost of up to $50,000. per year and never pay for the lasting harm they have imposed and in the meantime young children have inadequate funding to pay for what childrens’ futures is becoming.
We need to ensure criminals understand what pain they have inflicted. Second the money spent on them must be used to help the children in a limited resource system. We need to honour the earth for our childrens’ benefit. Greed harms children. Those who pursue greed need to pay it forward.

We need an empowered court with teeth to judge, such as the world court could be. What are the laws the world court uses anyway? Men such as: Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, need to be convicted posthumously to demonstrate what world criminals are. Today leaders of violent dictatorships, of kleptocracies, religious extremists that kill often in shrouded terms of working for their god, these need to be judged in our world court. As should Assad who started a war based upon the peoples wishes to be heard. “Greed is good” on poplar shows is the making of a planned statement of murder. Let us not be fooled. Those people need to be on the termination list. In our over stressed system people of the First World consume about 23-27 acres to support each person. A Third World person uses one to two acres to support oneself. Thus while for each person moving into the First World consumer society needs four or more people to die in the Third World. And they are dying. Recently four countries in Africa are experiencing drought and it was reported that millions are at risk, with 6 million in Somalia alone. Hundreds of thousands have died from fossil fuel caused climate warming induced storms.
Today the birth rate still far exceeds the death rate. Perhaps by 2080 there will be a crossing of the graphs lines when deaths exceed births. It will not be a smooth change. What would you expect? How will our goals address this probable future?

Where to Go
Are you a good person? How does one measure goodness? Thinking about the problem. Acting at least in some way on solutions.

Of course we do have the problem of conspiracy theories based only on hearsay without any empirical evidence. People who want to be heard should do a little background search to understand that what they say holds water in the real world. Too many like Trump make statements of desire or hearsay, of what he personally wants, rather than statements of fact. Even in Canada today the CBC needs to go back to airing public letters on whatever opinion. It needs to be more democratic, more in line with Freedom of Speech, not just freedom of speech for the privileged.

Users of the social media are a new wave that have to be heard but they have to use fact based information in judging or in investigation before offering sloppy opinions, not just wild hearsay such as we are getting from a noted world leader.

The ultimate few worlds top billionaires control untold wealth that they stole from the labourers via their simplified economic formula, labourers whose gains never kept up with the wealth of the production they created. The few major world billionaires divvy up some of their engorged wealth to create a bit of what Africa needs, better health services, but forget the real problem which is over population and impact of consumerism. Religion drives billionaires motives more than biology. All the world needs a one child policy. Some will mock that and say, “I want or we need more children”, more market for thing-a-ma-jigs. But that personal want is killing the world. What we need, (our children and grandchildren need ) but not what we adults want, is important.

We almost need constitutional change. There is no such thing as absolute freedom in a closed system world. The USA National Rifle Association is perhaps the most perfect system of an institution that is anachronism in our time. Too many politicians follow that pattern. Far sighted goals could take us out of this trap.

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