Convergence of Self Imposed Disasters April 2017

Posted by Willard Anderson on April 2nd, 2017.


We are in a time of lethal convergence of events. Today the president of the USA is destroying research that investigates and confirms man made climate warming . He is responsible for killing people. We are in a time of measuring success not by empirical means, but by how we feel about it. We taste in our mouths, the pride of a new car, the joy of living with bigger bed rooms for our children. But this is not enough for most people to get a grip on how we fit in this place and time. They are internalizing pleasure not relating to the whole. We are in a time of purchasing whatever we want or whatever the advertisers want. We do not connect the means and impact of producing the product to the joy of eating or using the product. A time of isolating ourselves from reality. What we think we are giving our children may be hurting them more than helping them. We are in a time of measuring all reality by its immediate impact upon our emotions not upon how its impact relates to the “no man is an island” philosophy. If we are a part of all that we have done then we have separated ourselves from any real understanding between me and who we think we really are. This is a several leagues separation between me and who we think is responsible for the impact of our actions. This is a world in which it is not safe to behave without knowing ourselves. The curriculum writers and educators are responsible for not teaching how to evaluate our whole selves and how we relate to our habitat – the earth. Some of us go on faith alone, without seeing the connection of how that faith at times warps the reality of faith driven actions and instability of the earth. We may be faith criminals without seeing it. But like law we cannot think that ignorance is an excuse for our destructive behavior. In faith terms we are then doing the work of the devil. This separation between perception and reality is the problem of the leader of Syria and his relentless slaughter of people who only wanted to be heard. Hence he is a criminal and should be tried in the World Court.
For ourselves we have:
– created five hundred dead zones in the oceans mostly from farm fertilizer run off.
– caused over fishing and brought on an expected collapse of ocean fisheries by 2050, already under way.
– cut too much of the worlds forests.
– caused destruction of habitat and hunting thus have created animal extinctions at a rate of one thousand times faster than the natural rate.
– used nicotine based insecticides and killed off too many bees that pollinate 25% of our crops and lowers food productivity.
– burned fossil fuels that caused climate warming and amongst other problems is causing the progressive drying of the Brazilian rain forset one source of oxygen for the planet.
We are eroding the basis for human life in order to produce the capitalistic growth at any cost model that is killing children reflected in Africa where drought is threatening a million people due to fossil fuel caused drought.
As our senior meteorologist in Environment Canada said, “We ain’t seen nothing yet.” Is this what you wish to impose upon our little children? The thing is it is late in the game and we need to change now. We cannot use some esoteric argument that we will lose some financial wealth if we do, we will lose some of our fat of the land if we do – is that a fair trade for the health of our children the most defenseless of the world. For some of us our parents went through the first world War, The Great Depression and the Second World War. Compared to that hardship can you sacrifice a little bit for the sake of the children? What is your level of greed? I need your answer now. The children need your answer now. What do you say?
Mobilize May 1 st at the halls of political leadership. Demand the switch from fossil fuels to green energy within five years scaled at ten percent the first year.

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