Democracy at Risk 25 April 2017

Posted by Willard Anderson on April 25th, 2017.

Democracy April 2017 There are “60,426 spam comments blocked” and “44,741 malicious log in attempts” to stop freedom of speech on this site.
Democracy is more than the right to vote, Turkey can tell you that. Democracy is dependent upon democratic institutions, rule of law, an unbiased supreme court, the right to charge anyone who breaks the law: political figure, non resident in Canada, corporate leaders, a political party, trade agreements that do not give the “right of a citizen” under the Charter to corporations in order for corporations to get the rule of law over people. Trade deals that do not undercut citizens rights to law, to right of access to Canadian resources without interference from other sovereign states especially when they are murderous dictatorships who want undisputed rights to Canadian resources. A system which recognizes the rights of labour and the right to be in a union to get fair return for work done. It is peculiar how many of these rights have disappeared from Canadians. Our so called democracy has been weakened greatly by leaders like PM Harper, by international agreements signed and about to be signed. By a leader who reneges on a promise for a more democratic voting system – Trudeau.
China wants undisputed rights to Canadian Resources in a free trade agreement. That would have meant that Potash Corporation’s fertilizer would be shipped not to our provinces but out to the land China controls in Africa to feed Chinese while Africans starve unable to feed its millions which are starving during the current drought, despite having some of the worlds best agricultural land, but much now controlled by China. Such is the case for many of these issues that political agreements freely sign away under the guise of an impervious curtain and of unrequited mutual benefit. Canadians are not fools!
So what do we need to do?
Alberta suffers debt due to the 40 $ billion profit extracted from Canadian petroleum by Exon. Alberta has become a laughing stock. They now want Canadians to subsidize tar sands to the detriment of all Canadians due to: extreme floods, ice storms and heat waves from climate warming. Fossil fuels have now killed 51 people in Canada.
Harper’s omnibus bills remain hidden to this day. Why are they not explained in the press? It is also a controlled press that deteriorates democracy further. Without information there is no truth, without truth there is no free vote, without free vote there is no democracy.
Free trade with a murderous dictatorship is bound to include the principles of a state a as large as China , who now endeavours to control Australia, which they consider in their sphere of influence. But sphere of influence is a false principle designed to maintain colonial devices. Global capitalism has gone that way.
Many mechanisms of state are now politically controlled not by the people but by party politics.

Change back : 1. The of electoral commissioner beholden to a party, so this allows that that party can no longer be sued for interrupting a free vote, such as the conservative “robo call” fiasco.
2. The RCMP beholden to a party not to citizen oversight.
3. An electoral system that allows for full control regardless of a 39% vote and no representation for representatives elected by the Green Party, a forward looking party.
4. A supreme court whose decisions can now be over ruled by the Minister of Justice, a party member. These are the motivations of dictatorship. They must be changed to once again become democratic institutions.
5. A Charter of Rights and Freedoms designed for the people that has been highjacked by business Corporations which use it to defer human rights and freedoms.
6. A potential free trade agreement that could make Canada a vassal of China, feeding that murderous regime at the loss of Canadian rights to our own resources. Money or China’ s wealth would buy all.
7. Further China demands a forced extradition treaty, which would mean sending supposed villains back to a murderous lawless dictatorship.

Benjamin Franklin said that,
“Anyone who would trade freedom for security [or profit] deserves neither.”
9. A USA free trade agreement – NAFTA, that allows US companies to sue us for lost profits, and they have, but with no reciprocal duty to the same principle for Canadian companies.
Would Pierre Trudeau roll over in his grave at what his son is doing?

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