Corporate Driven Policies Increase taxes

Posted by Willard Anderson on December 8th, 2017.

2017 Corporate Driven Gov’t Policies Increase Taxes

Planning for the rich and not for the less well off.

Planning for the rich always includes reducing taxes and thereby increases profits and corporations wish to disregard any program that will interfere with this increase of profits.

The rich horde money and take it out of circulation. They can legally avoid taxes by sending money to “no tax” jurisdictions such as the Cayman islands. This is allowed in special trusts that are legal and which it only makes sense for the rich to use. But they stretch it beyond the legal

Even the middle class seldom utilizes these mechanisms as they have too little advantage if you do not have very large deposits or unusable or free cash and great disposable income.

Lower and middle class to have to pay their legal taxes.
The rich use lobbyists to get loopholes and taxes reduced

This has the effect of taking money out of the local economy and thereby deceasing the opportunity for jobs and thereby reduces the consumer spending and consumer market lowering economic returns and putting pressure on the economy to move to lower performance.
Third is a spiraling effect and without good policies it becomes difficult to turn this around.

The Trudeau government true to form has followed this approach of Tweedledee and Tweedledum of the Liberals and Conservatives who both serve the wealthy corporations.

They allow a senate to exist that has no responsibility to the people and no control through the electoral process so can be persuaded easily to do the governments business. Generally those appointed to the senate are those who pursue policies for the wealthy.

The horrendous aberrations put into place by Harper to decrease democracy have not been replaced or overturned. These dark bills have never been brought to light by the corporate owned press. But most likely the omnibus bills serve the rich or those who take no responsibility for climate warming such as some extremest religions. So the senate voted down a very important environmental bill which is now coming back to bite us anjure our children severely (See Johanna Wagstaffe, podcast ,” 2050 Degrees of Change”.

About when Trudeau discovered that the large corporations that funded his election copntrolled his freedom of speech , and they did not want this rep by pop process in place as it deteriorated the hold the corporations have on government.

The UK has a clear labour and business government choice. In Canada there are two corporate sponsored parties Liberal (Banks) and Conservative(Petroleum) and the labour party the NDP that are consistently denigrated by the media held by corporations.

A good example is the Notley government in Alberta who claims that the effort to close down pipelines
would cost too much, while it will cost us much, much more.
To reform the electoral process that Trudeau promised would have given more power to the people. He made a swift turn around as he needed big oil to fund the government while it is in fact labour that funds government

In fact fossil fuel disasters are costing us more every year. Research by professors in the IPCC state tat without the extra energy the fossil fuels added to the atmosphere that the storms that caused so much damage would not have been nearly so extreme. There would not have been such severe storms such as the Ice storm in Ont and Que, the flooding in Alberta, the flooding in Saskatchewan, the spread of the pine bark beetle in BC, and the 2017 wild fires in BC. These events are causing a rise in taxes in every province it is a hidden tax, not recognized as a fossil fuel initiated tax on the middle and lower classes that pay for the morbid foolishnes of those who push for a fossil fuels driven economy. A green economy would make Canada more competitive on a global basis and would create many new jobs in new technologies.

We are in a spiralling race to the bottom. With an agreement with China they would have the power to control Canadian resources and farms. They would do this by their insistence on companies operating in China use Chinese clouds and then Canadian inventions would be stolen by the Chinese and further the Chinese would insist that Canadian companies operating in China (The Economist) would have to get a permit from Chinese government to export Canadian inventions. For a mouse to sleep with the elephants is great mistake when the elephant is a dictator. China needs our food, energy and often our very good technology. We need to understand how to capitalize and make our inventions exportable without give aways to China. The old system helps international corporations operating in Canada but it will further decline wages in Canada and possibly reduce the economy as we export our inventiveness to China.

We now need to elect into power a true labour government that can help to pull us out of this control of government by the corporations. But it has also to be green. The fossil fuel based weather disasters are growing too great. In contrast to what Alberta premier Notly says, we have to progress as costs of fossil fuel based weather disasters is too threatening. We are going backward we commit to longer term use of Alberta Tar Canada ,

Running a green economy on new Canadian technology will boost our exports and increase jobs and improving the consumer part of the economy.

This unreasonable takeover of small newspapers, with and independent voice, by the large corporate owned press is also a mistake. We need independent papers. Without them we no longer have anyone to tell us the whole truth. We no longer have free speech under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. These takeovers should be prosecuted under the Charter’s requirement of free speech
Canada no longer has to be a colony of the larger nations, a trap we fall into by signing this agreement with China. We can stand on our own two feet. We have proven it.

Under NAFTA the US companies can fine us for lost profits and have done. This clause is not reciprocated for Canadian companies that lose profits in the USA, which is what Trump is doing today.
In any new agreement this reciporocation must be installed. In addition corporations must no longer have the same rights as citizens under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

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