Posted by Willard Anderson on January 6th, 2018.

Fossil fuels caused climate warming which in turn is putting the world in serious jeopardy and while people recognize that t this is a kind of problem they have no idea of the scope, the immanency, or the likelihood that under current policies it will go wrong.

Now the USA has based all its new polices on the personal greed of a child like president with no recognition of the disaster the world faces.
It seems that by default the Canadian government is leading us down the garden path. No knowledge of how widespread or interconnected the problem is.

While millions die each year from climate warming still there is No GREEN ECONOMY PENDING. There is no united provincial front. Institutions that are old and decayed. A senate promoting only self and dictatorship. Independent individual provincial policies in too many areas. Many without a presence of the climate disaster in their curriculum at all.
In the case of Manitoba with which I have been most familiar, the last time I read the curriculum there had been no mention of climate warming at all, high school students need to know about their future or lack of future. They are walking blind and the government is assisting and directing this. One of the past Curriculum directors was quite religious and did not see the need to address climate warming. Education is one of the three great tools to bring it under control.
There is no relationship or use of the private media. They depend for news on private small but horrible accidents to whet the appetite of the by standers by to hold interest away from what counts. The only interest is profit. The free press has largely been replaced with an oligarchy of papers under corporate control who have largely fed in to the growth, petroleum fancy car myth as a measure of progress. This has for decades been outpaced by the Nova Scotian model of measuring growth buy benefits of living standards. But the old model of growth at any costs still holds sway. Growth measured by corporate profits that are not disseminated amongst the people but squirreled away in the hands of the top echelon of executives with their multi-million-dollar bonuses. There is now pressure to privatize Medicare because they see the high dollar the profits they may make. After all we are all willing to pay dearly for and that is on a slippery slope with privatized corporations on rapid growth. Our institutions are failing us because the old model of corporate government and twiddle dee twiddle dun has again raised its head The last well spring of solutions; education, the media, corporations, and
finally, politics has been maintained as an arm of industry.
Oil runs the conservatives and banks run the liberals. Elizabeth May is perhaps the only bright light but the current election system does not allow representation in parliament since we have modified democracy and in parliament and there is no “one vote one person ” to allow us all a voice in government. This was what Trudeau promised and it is the first most important step. The and the first after the post systems are old hangers on when the designers of Canada’s political system thought they would have to step in and control the populous and to this day they still do. The first important environmental bill put forward by the NDP and Liberal parties in parliament but voted down by the self-serving senate. It is still the case. We need to wean the senate away from power.

The policy of a price on carbon is important, but buying the right to pollute more is not a progressive move. Where is our desire and action of reaching out to the northern European nations that that in the forefront of dealing with climate warming? Why are we not collaborating with these nations? With the European trade agreement did we not make this more possible? If not, we missed huge chance to better the situation for the young. The oil producing nations are burying us when they have the funds to take us away from the brink. And make no mistake we are on the brink. No one knows how soon there will be an accelerating release of crystalized methane from the arctic coast, and melting and calving off of large pieces of the western Antarctic ice sheet rapidly raising ocean levels.

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