Posted by Willard Anderson on January 11th, 2018.

This is a response to Sitter’s letter in the RTAM news letter. Unlike the Human Rights statements humans get only the rights that are sustainable by earth physics and biology.

To the RTAM

I concur strongly with Ray Sitter. “We do not have a right to a happy and carefree existence.” and “You cannot ignore things that affect you.” That also means affects our grandchhildren. For too long we have accepted that we are great, have done great things and deserve a payback. What is happening is that we are letting the small stuff distract us. We grab what we think we deserve but forget the impact of our actions.
For example we have dealt badly with the earth we totally depend upon. We still seem too willing to sacrifice our grandchildren. No that is not a stretch. It is the reality we have been denying for far too long. Some has been caused by our consumption of fossil fuels :
That has created greenhouse gases CO2 and methane, climate warming, drying, drought, drying vegetation and wildfires globally. In California because of greater evaporation and thus greater rainfall we get heavier rains, because of dry vegetation we get wildfires globally and because of lack of vegetation we get mudslides in California and elsewhere.
We get acidification of the oceans, dying off of microorganisms which are the bottom of the food chain and thus fewer fish and sea mammals, along with over fishing by 90% in some cases we are depleting food sources for many coastal communities. This at a time when our present too large population is still increasing expecting a global population of 9 billion. We cannot feed seven billion. The ocean algae that produced 50 % of global oxygen declined by 40 %. Forests have been cut too rapidly and we are driving too many species to extinction. Collapse of ecosystems is the true measure of over population. The net result is expressed by Drs. Pimentel and Giampietro of Cornell U in “Food, Land, Population and the US Economy”, saying ,

“The maximum US population for a sustainable economy [is] 200 million.——- world population will have to be reduced by two thirds.” As well Dr. Dale Pfeiffer claims that, “coming decades could see spiraling food prices without relief and massive starvation on a global level [by 2050] such as never experienced before .”

Now perhaps some readers have scientific factual data that totally refutes this. It would be a happy moment. More important we can no longer be distracted by small things…. we were part of the problem and we have a duty to our grandchildren to help correct the problem. Write your Representatives, decrease your CO2 and consumption foot prints. Support policies that will address these problems not exacerbate them. We now need a global one child policy. Not to move towards this change is probably a criminal act because so many people are already dying.

I would be happy for support on these issues.

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