Killing Our Environment Kills Our Grandchildren: THE GOOD DIE YOUNG

Posted by Willard Anderson on February 28th, 2018.

We need to act to ensure the longevity of the earths capability to maintain it’s life supporting characteristics.
We must act now to distribute environmental news widely enough so that all people see their communal ownership of earth as their priority of action for life today.
We count on you, there is no one else. There are those who do not yet have the capability to participate and those who are too far beyond and lack the
compassion, that is the basis of humanity, to allow their energy to go beyond greed of personal self maudling and self-aggrandizing consumption.
We all are responsible but the action now will likely fall to those in the 15 to 35 age brackets. At no time in earth’s history has so much depended on so few, that is, to sustain life on earth.

What went wrong!
1. I remember a time when my aunt told my brother she had had her washing machine for around thirty years and that he could have it. We went to move it to his house. It was so heavy it was a terrific struggle to get it out of the house. My brother used that washing machine for another twenty years.
After WWll there were many soldiers coming home who needed jobs. Women were expected to give up jobs for them. At a local brokerage firm if there was a married couple working the women was expected to give up her job. The strategy worked out was the idea of a consumer society to create more jobs. Do not build quality, but build replaceability. When a machine broke down do not fix it, rather throw it out and buy a new one creating more jobs. Then the environment was not even a consideration. Now we know that was a critical mistake.
When you are building something, new or buying a product one should think of the amount of ecosystem destruction that act is causing. Nothing is made without harvest of resources. Nothing is harvested today without destroying more ecosystems and species.
We are badly over populated. Emphasis should not be, not feeding the masses but on reducing the masses. Earth is over-populated by two thirds. Religions are often responsible for too many births the earth cannot support and thus too many tortuous deaths.
We have fished out 90% of the larger ocean fish and many of the ocean fisheries. Trawlers damage the fish ecosystems, fish it out and move on to a new site.
80% of the floral forests are cut. The Indonesian forests are burned and the Brazilian rainforest is cut and farmed and the remainder is drying out.
Deserts are expanding and arable land for food is diminishing. Pimental et al have warned there will be massive global starvation by 2050. It has started! The fossil fuels burned cause CO2 a green house gas and thus climate warming. Climate warming is melting perma frost releasing methane a green house gas 20 times more dangerous than CO2. Warming is melting the ice caps which may be gone by 2030. This will mean a huge area will then absorb suns heat and not reflect it and the climate heating will increase more rapidly, as will storms, droughts, and disease spread.
Heat causes evaporation, evaporation causes rivers in the sky and they cause the deluge of rainstorms, floods and mud slides.
Fresh water is now short in Australia, the USA, China, Chile, Africa, the Mediterranean and the aquifers are mostly used up. Rivers have been over used and many quit flowing so places like the Sea of Aral is drying and disappearing.
Species are in the 6th great extinction phase caused by us, humanity. We are still mostly motivated by an economic model that is:
GROSS REVENUE MINUS COSTS EQUAL PROFITS. But costs have never included all the environmental costs. The environment has been a free good that can be used without reservation. That ancient model is the source of much of our problem along with, over population and dispersal of toxic products without the precautionary principle. I.e. do not distribute products and chemicals until you have proven them safe for the environment and for people.
The computer has sped up production and as well as consumption and therefore also the harvesting and destruction of even more ecosystems and life.

2. We need to broaden distribution since the daily media are censored. When a small girl is abducted and one finds the body all hell breaks loose in the media for a week or more. When a million people die from climate warming, it is not mentioned.
Time, the Washington Post, New York Times, Readers Digest, your daily newspaper, all refuse to enlighten the public about what they need to do to save their grandchildren. The weather is reported daily, but the climate warming aspects of the weather must also be reported daily. But the media refuse to print the most murderous events of our time. They never include as part of economic and all business news about how those impacts upon the natural environment occur and how we are consistently destroying ecosystems and liveability of the planet. News media must catch up to the times.
The object of life is not to consume but to live in total synchronization with the natural environment. Second to live a life compatible with the earth and with others while applying the good intrinsic characteristics with which we have been endowed. Life is experience not ownership and consumption. THE MEASURE OF SUSTAINABILITY IS NOT THE AMOUNT OF FOOD ONE PRODUCES BUT IT IS THE NUMBER OF ECOSYSTEMS THAT ARE DESTROYED!
It will be a hardship to adapt to the new reality of the earth. Not to adapt will be murderously more destructive and hugely more costly. Adaptation means being informed and accepting less.

‘Stephen Jenkinson a Harvard theologian says , “What makes life meaningful is not necessarily happiness, but a willingness to experience the entire depth and breadth of what life has to offer. Thus, when we experience small deaths like environmental collapse or collapse of identity…. You are going to allow your dying to change every idea you ever had about … ought to and supposed to, and who we are to each other, and what this time is for.” We learn to live better lives’. (Utne Reader Fall 2015 pp. 55. 59.)

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