Willard’s Hierarchy of Needs for the Earth

Posted by Willard Anderson on February 6th, 2018.

Life of course all depends upon the earth and to a lessor extent upon the patch of earth we occupy. This earth hierarchy of need is about as follows with the most important as the foundation on the bottom. So, this needs to be understood from the bottom upward.

What it is What happened

Ecosystems that are the results of ultimate natural Evolution of humans
mutation, natural selection and evolution to the
the most productive ecosystems possible Efforts of homo sapiens to change habitats upon/in each patch of ground. to favour longevity of the individual family.
This taken to extremes to the point that
mankind needs to seemingly improve their
single personal benefit or the so called
improvement of life which then begins to
break down those levels starting from the
foundations to evolutionary processes,
dominance of one species, pathological
behaviours,that proceed to undercut all the
natural processes that allowed human
existence in the first place.

Formation of inter dependencies, from habitat to no humans
ecosystems including all species and chemical
cycles and firmly based upon the earlier evolution.

Evolution from simplest virus and bacteria no humans
ocean microorganisms, vegetation, to worms, land
animals finally to ultimately to higher order
of grazers dependent upon vegetation and
mankind dependent upon other mammals.

Virus and bacteria from other planets via meteorites no humans
or from the hydro thermal events, evolution or
travel of virus and bacteria form other planets or
evolution from geothermal vents. Growth and
evolution of life in the oceans and then to land,
particularly grasses on the land, and ultimately

Heating of the planet putting us in the Goldilocks no humans
Zone. Fundamental controls evolved: Erosion,
deposition, climatic controls,
Coriolis effect, hydrological cycles, chemical
cycles, ocean currents to move energy.

Main physics of the earth. Sun influences upon
the earth, revolution of the no humans
ozone layer, magnetic field, rotation of the earth,
earth and rotation, central magma of the earth,
component gases in the atmosphere,
the tilted axis, moons gravitational pull, presence of
Tectonic plates, geological history, pulses of
cosmic particles, place in the galaxy,
earths magnetosphere.


We do not have the right to happiness and a world of plenty. Our concept is of human rights is defined in a perfect world, that is a world made perfect for humans alone. That is not the situation that we are in. Human rights are not a universal. They are a convention that is artificially imposed upon the earth. Some of the largest detractors are despots and dictatorships. Most of them are kleptocracies. Religions are based upon ancient conditions that do not recognize even what the earth is. Most of them are also kleptocracies. They manage for a priest class. The dictate rules. They black mail by saying,” You cannot enter my heaven or get my blessing unless you play by my rules.”

Most of the problems we now have are those we have imposed upon ourselves. But they are now huge problems from which we may not recover. Humans rights now must operate in a new paradigm. And it is not one we will like much.

From the Museum of Human rights:
“account all relevant factors. This allows us to balance rights to protect the public interest.
The Charter recognises that all rights come with responsibilities. This includes the responsibility to respect other people’s right
We need a Charter because some basic rights, such as freedom of speech and religion and freedom from forced work and degrading treatment, have no clear legal protection.
The Charter is essentially a form of insurance to ensure that human rights are a priority for present and future governments.”

Now what we really need is a Museum of Biological Futures. Human Rights have little meaning if we do not know how many people the earth will ecologically sustainably support.

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