Climate Warming, Military Defense and Trump

Posted by Willard Anderson on March 14th, 2018.

According to The Economist some US military operations and infrastructure located on islands or on the US east coast are in serious threat of being unusable due to climate warming and sea level rise, in part by Trump’s policy pushing more coal burning, at a time when Russia and China both present greater military interference though false news and serious acts building more military capability. The Economist says Feb 24, 2018, p 22., “Mr. Trump, might not hobble the armed forces efforts to deal with the consequences of climate change. But a more far sighted commander- in-chief would be adding to their armour”. In Canada when a man gave another man a gun that he eventually used to kill RCMP officers that man was convicted and imprisoned. As US navy facilities become less usable due to coal burning, warming and flooding and impact military operations and perhaps lead to more military deaths, or are even active in opposition to the USA constitution, would Trump’s policies be thought or judged treasonous under US law? Under Mueller’s investigation Trump does favour Russia too frequently by not condemning their interference in USA elections. When does one need to act versus just think about action? It is suggestive of a time some British politicians thought it better to appease Hitler. “We have met the enemy and he is us”, said Pogo.

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