Death Taxes and Climate Warming 23 April 2018

Posted by Willard Anderson on April 23rd, 2018.

Death, Taxes and Climate Warming 21 April 2018
It seems there are only three things that are certain: Death Taxes and climate warming. We have however got the order wrong.
Taxes often rise faster in right wing governments.
Schools, roads/transportation, food regulation, military, health and education are utilities and raise everyone’s standard of living so they are utilities. Run by government as the cheapest route of operation. An attempt to have corporations run Canada Post did not work. Often frontier research is needed that cannot provide a profit, as occurs in medicine.
All other services and products are better in private hands. Why?
We must remember that corporations have no mind, no empathy, no ethics. So, death is of no significance to corporations. Unless it stops their clients buying their specific product. Hence the more corporation are involved in government the greater will be the effort to reduce government to what will profit corporations. So, a special list of regulations develop that gives corporations a benefit. Taxes not paid because they shift profits overseas to subsidiaries in no tax areas. Shifting costs from Subsidiaries in low tax areas to parent firms in high tax areas so there can be more write offs by parent companies in higher tax areas. This is tax avoidance and/or evasion.
Corporation’s bottom line is profit. We are told that much of government services should be run by corporations. But because corporations must provide profit for their share holders, their motivation is always to reduce costs and increase prices.
Generally, if you have corporative governments i.e. governments controlled by corporation lobbying, lobbying done mostly by corporations and seldom by the voters, then you will have high taxes and high cost government.

Climate Warming
Climate warming is causing many deaths but it is never reported that way. It is first reported that we can not USE GREEN ENERGY BECAUSE IT WILL COST TOO MUCH. That of course is just the opposite. Stopping the use of fossil fuels so you stop the horrendously costly impact of climate change. Stop using fossil fuels. It is the only salvation. Corporations fight this and many believe more of government should be run by corporations.
Spending more up front now to stop use of fossil fuels will reduce a disastrously huge cost in damage and death rates in the future. We cannot afford not to stop using fossil fuels right now. We geared up for the WWII in a year. We can gear up to stop use of Fossil fuels in about the same time. Only because we have left it so late we also must start pumping CO2 out of the atmosphere using scrubbers so the costs climb because corporations convinced governments to delay change over to green energy. Change over is the lowest cost option.
In the Economist p52 March 3, 2018 it says. “The United Nations Development Programme says … by 2100 ocean acidification caused by atmospheric carbon dioxide dissolving into water, could cost 1.2 trillion dollars a year”.
Only laws and regulations can control fossil fuel use and corporations have far greater access to governments via lobbying and psychological digital campaigns that elected Trump than any individual except the hugely rich, the 1 %. Choice is removed from the electorate and transferred to the mass marketed digital psychometric campaigners.
Climate warming is a fact, not a thesis and should be regulated. It should be identified as hate propaganda to state climate warming is not real, with commensurate strong penalties. Anyone taking a position that climate warming does not exist and thus encouraging more deaths from climate warming should be prosecuted. Advertisers that used psychometrics to sell cigarettes to adults and to sell toys to children has been going on far too long. We need to stop at the risk of loosing our democracies. Putin and face book have proved that.

It is a regrettable that a little boy lost his life in an Ontario river a short while ago. They searched for him for 2 or more weeks.
About a 16-young people lost their life in a bus /transport truck accident. The people of /Canada raised $12,000,000 to help. We care about the young and are willing to pay for better futures. I hope that is right!
Now we must understand the difference in scale of deaths. We care about the deaths of a few off our citizens. But we are all citizens of this world and we must react to the global scale of deaths. It Does include us.
5 or 10 years ago China said 1.6 million were dying per year from pollution. Much of that was carbon particles from coal burning and CO2 from transportation and building heating. In Europe there was a repot that 270,000 are dying every year from climate warming. The Economist stated 9 million dying a year from pollution on the issue of March 3, 2018, p 52. Methane released from melting arctic perma frost is an added problem.
Dalhousie U reported there would be a collapse of the global fishery by 2050. It looks more imminent now because of plastics and too much trawler activity. Dr. Pimental et al at Cornell U stated that there would be global mass starvation by 2040 to 50. It looks like a neat convergence of terror. Many people driven by religions and no birth control and population increasing far beyond the earth’s carrying capacity are all very serious problems.
We are in for it. Let no one fool you by not providing the facts. Your grandchildren ARE AT SERIOUS RISK. While Canada may be buffered for a while due to a northern latitude, there will be no hiding from the spread of fear, starvation and uncontrollable migration and drying conditions along with lower crop production. It has started now. Regional impacts are on line.
The large death rates are the measure. Will you only vote for a government that will stop use of fossil fuels today. This year.
Examine your own ethics. When we know fossil fuel driven climate warming is killing millions, then to say climate warming does not occur is simply a criminal hate propaganda act and must be prosecuted. Ask for the parliamentary law to be enacted. It is your future.

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