Trans Mountain: PM Has a Responsibility to the Nation

Posted by Willard Anderson on April 14th, 2018.

Trans Mountain Pipeline
We recognize that our PM Trudeau as any PM has great responsibility to use his position to govern for the people by the people and of the people. That suggests you do what is good for the country and Federal Governments are one of the very few tools we can use that consider the future not just for a four-year future but the distant future.
We have come to see that the management of fossil fuels nationally has been a great tragedy. We need a new model. We know that most countries with big windfalls that have the luck of having vast fossil fuel supplies use it for the people. Many countries have nationalized that resource because so much good could be done. As well dictators have or kleptocracies have tended to control the fossil fuel wealth and used it primarily for themselves and for their families. So much good could have been done. Today we have three vast problems.
1. Distribution of toxic materials without controls that are reducing the liveability of the earth, Oil spills in rivers and oceans. Lack of control of toxic substances and the applied rule of “use it till others see how you abuse it”. Plastics in the oceans, numerous food and water additives for which the impact of cumulative use is never tested. They may even encourage cancer and infertility and a host of problems for wildlife eg: disposal of birth control drugs that finally run off into the rivers and impact aquatic species, GMO plants whose characteristics are transferred to wild weeds and increase the cost of agriculture.
2. Over population. Dr. Pimental et al Cornell University have stated that that the global population should be no more that one third of what it is today. I recall in the eighties the common logic amongst biologists was that the carrying capacity of the earth was about two billion. We desperately need a universal one child policy. Religions have caused many horribly destructive painful deaths by insisting on no birth control. This position is no better than the impacts of the Spanish Inquisition. The cruelly vicious impact has been about the same. Churches caught in the bind of minding holy books written 500 or thousands of years ago impose disruptive injurious thinking upon a modern world that cannot sustain the attack with the population and means we now have that magnifies the good and/or horrendous actions upon the biosphere.
3. We have now changed drastically the very earth ecosystems and biosphere we live upon. Farm the plains, cut the forests overharvest the fish and cause climate warming that today causes a conservative estimated death rate of about 4 milliom deaths per year. IPCC and others have totalled death rate figures. Yet such a cataclysmic death rate does not register in our far-sighted politician’s brains whatsoever. The obvious answer is get rid of fossil fuels as soon as possible. Build green energy and try to begin to live an ecologically sustainable life. We are late in the game and it will take a century to change but the alternative of migrating to Mars is a child’s foolishness. We pump vast amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere by firing huge rockets hither and thither when what we need mostly is a new fuel that will not destroy the earth. In Canada our northern people keep complaining about the melt rate but politicians have closed ears and only think about their 4-year term. Canada is Back! We need to bring a sound green fuel policy to the along with collaboration with north European countries or whichever country is on board to an ecologically sustainable future. Our future is anything but sustainable and it is time to have a class action suits against governments that are not rapidly moving toward ecological sustainability.
As an after thought, Norway has used its fossil fuel riches wisely and has a 100 billion-dollar heritage fund, while Alberta’s brilliant method of corporate development has meant it now has a debt. The people need to look at their long-term future. Climate warming is bringing almost certain drought to southern Alberta and the aquifer will not last forever, can one not learn from California? We have been this route with the old fossil fuels technology and we now know it is causing great costs and millions of deaths per year around the world. Why would one ever want to double down on a tremendous mistake. MS. Notley should be devising a positive route to the future and not tired dangerous technology of the past.

When you count the number of children that have died from terrifying, horrible tormenting deaths from, : wildfire, flood, drought, starvation, Tornado, disease spread, pumping out the aquifers and making fresh water unavailable, and it is likely some of the children will eventually be some you know — then are you willing to keep pumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and keep increasing climate warming?
Then does not the PM have a national duty to change from fossil fuels to electric green energy?
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