STEALING YOUR MIND: management by psychometrics & contrivance

Posted by Willard Anderson on May 1st, 2018.

3 May 2018
In Russia Putin has managed to take over most of the government holdings, including oil and has maintained the profits largely for himself and his cronies. Mean while by police brutality and murder he controls the media. Using this power, he lies to the public which helps him retain his position during falsified elections. He has regressed to the Stalin way of doing things. But his up and coming middle class saw some of benefits of Gorbechovs time and are unsettled. They want a more humane system and there is still an impoverished working class that cannot avail themselves of the consumer goods in upper class Moscow.
In the West the current social media Facebook and Amazon make overwhelming profits. Many corporations are flush with cash but the working class has had almost static incomes with only small gains since the 1970s.
This means maintaining an upper class in E and W are miles apart but the net effects are similar. Most of the profits go to the top. We have somewhat of a more diverse media but back a couple decades that was much more centralized by buy-outs so there is no serious balance in media reporting. The Missing News has gotten worse. Facebook feeds you what you are interested in and thereby pushes uniformity. Facebook apparently upon approval spies upon its clients who do not read the exceedingly fine and complex print. Fb then sends its data out for clandestine use by agents such as Cambridge Analytica.

Modern corporations like Walmart or Amazon do not negotiate with unions to settle wages. They pay what they choose. Many people work part time and have no benefits. There is no ability to move up in pay without unions that have been destroyed by the past PM Harper and large corporations like Walmart. Even the highly skilled do not get a % of the profits their highly skilled work brings to the company. But things in the world are becoming much worse. We know that fossil fuel caused climate warming is causing many disasters but judges presume that a protagonist must prove one climate influence has had an impact on one specific weather event. The result, fossil fuel companies’ costs are paid by the public. This is nonsense and seen for what it is by educated climatologists. They know that the complex of many weather events could not occur without a great amount of GHG such as CO2 heating the oceans and causing the weather disasters associated with spread of disease, mudslides and wildfires. This is included in the IPCC reports.
Corporations have so much power that they hold Governments at threat of moving their facilities and jobs to the lower pay nations. Race to the bottom.

Now we have a dilemma in the West with an uninformed USA president in a country that was the World’s policeman. A country that managed to hold some of the worst tyrants at bay and they are now flexing their muscles; taking over Crimea, parts of the Ukraine and the south China Sea. These are two dictatorships which hold no fair elections. Nor is the Electoral College in the USA a democratic system. i.e. It does not run on a one-person-one-vote basis. As well the Canadian Senate is a dictatorial controller that did Harpers bidding and voted down the most important environmental bill passed by Parliament in Canada in a century.
The USA military allies are being discouraged by Trump who is a close friend of Putins, as if Putin has Trump in his pocket. This is yet to be proven. What it has done is diffuse western effort to keep democracies free and fair. In Europe many of the highly developed relationships with USA have eroded making the Balkan states once again vulnerable to Russia’s False News and aggressive attacks.
Underlying much of this is exemplified in CBC’s The Passionate Eye, April 23, 2018 when they described what they called “THE Persuasion Machine of Silicon Valley”.

Face book develops algorithms to feed you things you will be interested in. It encourages UNIFORMITY. Does the person building the algorithm feel that his/her values system are universal? I find in todays world that the values that are top of mind are always the “economic” algorithms for use in business but are imposed upon education, medicine or mail delivery, especially in the USA. Then the value system that is being downplayed or not considered in life decisions is the biological values. And those are what keeps life ecologically sustainable.
When we feed people this trash of pursuing growth but not ecological sustainability, we are pursuing the destruction of the earth. We must know how our psychometric algorithms stimulate action. Action always counts. With that action, CO2 emissions are still increasing despite the Paris agreement.
When psycho metrics are used to influence you, you will get a hypothetical scenario something like this. “Small children playing. A street demonstration by Muslims. Small child gets hurt. Next move on to Trump saying Muslims should not be allowed to migrate to the USA. Next the decision to vote, based upon the previous influence foremost in ones mind and as one castes a vote in the election.”
One must realize that to be certain news is honest it must be provable, and open to peer group assessment or experimental verification and vindication. When one sells children toys, advertisers should not be able to simply sell a toy that they imply has certain entertainment characteristics unless they can be proven. Quebec has moved more on this problem. Those companies that sell smiles to children rather than facts and honesty should be sued. Adults may be given more credit for thinking things out, but, it does not hold water if the adult has no opportunity to learn about the problem on a diverse media beforehand. Other wise they will be in the same position as children. Now when these heart tugging adds are bombarded at a thousand per day or more, the influence on the person can be very fundamental. That is, they influence the thinking process but without the persons awareness and approval. They literally steal his/her mind. It is a perfect case of the loss of free speech and free choice. Psycho metrics in advertising must be made illegal.

While changing this process will deeply modify modern advertising and the way that Facebook operates, one either makes those great changes or gives up ones democracy. It is time for advertising to use factual data that can be proven. Subtle implied results are just soft lies.

Trump, it is said is a typical potential dictator by nature. He would relish a more dictatorial change in the management/government of the USA. Trump fights the Congress who speak for the public and says the Justice department is crooked because it does not do his wishes.
He may also meet with approval from the dark underside of a controlling group that seem to operate outside of the presidents control, but is supported as a black budget and paid for by the people. All the UFO files are reportedly hidden away in Air force hangers but the President does not have access to these files. Who is really running the USA? A child President and an unknown black triad.
We do not know the full consequences of modern day influences. But many corporations use it with glee. We do know this method of psychometrics was used to win Trump the presidency and the campaign manager says Trump would not have won without Facebook support.

The underground influences need to be cleaned up so we reduce the amount of conspiracy theories that influences those who read very little. Knowledge confirms the right to choose. Without knowing the background, one cannot make a wise choice. We need some sane reorganization and reinforcement of democracy and freedom of speech and freedom of choice.


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