Posted by Willard Anderson on July 11th, 2018.

1. Trump wanted to withdraw from NATO.
2. Trump shut down the USA participation in the Paris Accord and reduced scientific work. Science is what made America great.
3. Did not speak against Putin when he invaded and took over Crimea and then invaded other parts of Ukraine. Who is Trumps alie?
4. Told Europeans he would not defend them.
5. Trump told the Group of Seven that they should replace Putin in the Group. Whose side is he on?
6. Shook up the alliances with the European countries and the EU. Breaking up long term trade agreements that have vastly enriched many in the world.
7. Installed tariffs thus reducing trade and standards of living for many.
8. Gave the N. Korean dictator an audience and told him he would stop war games training within south Korea with no substantial gain from the N. Korean dictator. N. Korea can easily take over south Korea with its vast land army. Took attention off Putin.
9. Basically, took away the promise to protect S. Korea and Japan from attack by N Korea or others. Shook up SE Asia or Pacific theatre that the USA no longer can control in the face of China’s huge advance and has disturbed SE Asia alliances.
10. He has tremendously weakened the USA, created more debt and given support, through Trump’s actions, to Putin to rebuild his soviet Republic.
11. He is having a secret meeting with Putin controlled by Putin.
12. What will Putin’s next moves be? To invade more of the Balkan states and rebuild the Soviet Republic. Trump will not raise any American weaponry to stop him since Trump and Putin will by then have an agreement, further weakening the USA. By then will Trump be Putin’s man. The USA looses.
13. Would Putin invade the Canadian Arctic? The boundary is under dispute. Trump would not likely help.
14. Would Trump move to Russia?

There seems to be some parameters of character that are very distressing in the leader of the once free world. He has a strong aptitude for telling lies, that once he thought of as negotiating, but now lead to gaining power only. He has avid followers that believe him. Those are people who only think in short time frames based upon quarterly profits or on selected religious dogma that no longer applies in a modern time and of modern knowledge bases. They do not see what the longer trends are. Trump loves dictators and seems to admire the murderous rulers of Russia and N. Korea, wherein lies his un-ethics. He is not hesitant to erode free speech of the black football players and he makes a personal threat to attack anyone who opposes him. It is his way or no-way. Is that what a democracy is about? Is that his idea of Congress?
What does this tell us about the likely hood of the Putin/Trump soon to occur summit for dictators. The people of the USA need to wake up and act. The charges against Trump need to move forward. Does he represent the USA Constitution? Are the threats against democracy and free speech to be tolerated in the New Trumpian Orwellian America?
To threaten the free world by allying his military power with Russia is a clear recipe for repression. Europe cannot fight a Trump-Putin alliance gained perhaps through blackmail. Woe betide the pro Trump followers who know not what they support and the back lash they will receive. He has already said he would be the first president to benefit from his position. He has certainly proven that. Public services and public welfare will first slow down drastically. Education will be targeted. The capabilities from beneficial science will be further inhibited. Harper and Trump both have suppressed scientific endeavour. Many religions have no place for open minded research since religions themselves are all dictatorships. It was that open-minded research that moved the west forward. Now the shadows of darkness and control are rearing again. “Rage against the dying of the light.”

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