Posted by Willard Anderson on July 20th, 2018.

Culture: USA – Russia
Webster’s says it is, “A particular stage of advancement of a civilization.”
Of course, “advancement” is troublesome. I would say it is a melding of values, political actions, behavioural patterns, unwritten codes of behaviour, corporate influences, institutional design, relationship to carrying capacity of the natural environment, acceptable drivers for economic and profit gain, educational fundamentals and distribution of the services for public well being.
The problem that the USA has today is there is a 180-degree difference between what the congress and judiciary see as USA culture and what Trump portrays in his activities against his countries ideals.
Michael Cohen (writer for the Boston Globe)says it “seems patently obvious – that the president of the United states is an agent of the Russian government.”
If what is patently obvious is laid at the feet of the congress and judiciary there is a need to act before further of Putin’s plans for weakening the USA and democracy are carried out and the government of the USA itself degenerates. The Putin plan of: causing friction in the Balkans in Ukraine as well a Montenegro, and direction of the inept N Korea meeting that achieved nothing good – upset Japan and other local countries, the trade tariffs that weaken USA jobs over the long term, the effort to destroy NATO, to re invite Putin to the G 8 regardless of his invasion of an independent country, and the effort to break away from allies, moved the USA out of the Paris Climate agreement, the increase in national debt, all must warn the USA what Trump is and what the representatives of the people must do to protect their country. What level of destruction is required for impeachment?

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