Posted by Willard Anderson on August 8th, 2018.

We have a series of disasters of our own making.

Russia interference in elections and reducing democracy. It is alledged Trump holds his position illegally. Putin reinvades the Balkan states and there will be more.

Rise of China pushing for an autocratic government and a grasp by invasion for all it could hold.

Decline of Unions influences the near slave like workers that have no say in negotiation of salary, and working conditions.

The lack of attention to the cataclysm: corporate government has no mind, no heart, no morality.
While China’s dictatorship has raised the standard of living for millions the corporate governance has increased the gap between rich and poor reducing more to poverty.

Governments see the need for corporate profit that blinds them to the rising death rates from climate warming 10,000 deaths per day globally says Dr. James Hansen the original researcher on fossil fuel driven climate warming.

The Canadian PM reneged on his promise to change the voting system to a more democratic form where every vote counts and not first past the post gets all.

The great regression toward more harvest and production to satisfy growing populations has decimated tropical forests so over population and heating conspire to create huge death rates by mid century says Cornell U.

Meanwhile oxygen production from forests and declining algae in acidified seas reduces oxygen production.

There is a projected loss of 50 % of species due to human impact. Collapse of ecosystems reduces living viability.

Thirty years ago there was research into blue stem as a perennial crop, this would have reduced soil erosion and labour required for farming. It would be huge. The researcher went to the USA. Even though the research was Canadian, this would have been A HUGE ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFIT. Since I have heard nothing more of it I am wondering if seed companies bought it out. If so they should be prosecuted for crimes against the environment and humanity. There is now the effort start with a new species.

Desperate for change, “Stop now or we doom the lives of our descendants”. Lovelock, 2004

What do you wish for your children? What will your ACTIONS GIVE THEM? Vote only for the leader that proves he/she will transfer to green energy sources—fast, and collaborate with like minded countries at the UN. Fine the perpetrators, big.
Write to your representatives. YOUR CHILDREN MAY BECOME VICTIMS.

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