History Repeats; Causes of Death Differ

Posted by Willard Anderson on November 1st, 2018.

History Repeats Itself
I have two granddaughters and I have a terrible disappointment with the results of the emergency parliamentary debate on climate heating. The danger is real and tangible. We regularly get storms that have the stamp of excessive burning of fossil fuels and the resultant death rate is globally 10,000 people a day says Dr. James Hansen the instigator of the debate on fossil fuels caused climate heating.
There is a more complete story to tell about this heating, and the failed debate on climate emergency.
The SS Nazis were brain washed as children but did not think for themselves as adults. During the worst of the war, in murdering the Jews they, hung civilians, shot women and children and gassed the defenceless. The SS were described as,“unparalleled, distant, superior”! While millions of Jews were slaughtered, many Germans preferred to look the other way. After the war Germans were ashamed to be German.
Time cures much and today with our view of what we have achieved, all is as it should be. Though we have climate change and at first almost imperceptible climate heating that was recognized as a possibility in 1900 even though it was thought heating was good. By 1957 we knew it was going to be harmful. Politicians and corporations stood by till well after the new millennium.
Tornadoes destroyed some of Elie, Manitoba, that could have been a school. The USA hurricanes killed a few as weather became more extreme globally. First a few dozen died from typhoons and floods then hurricane Sandy brought $50 billion in costs and higher death rates. Families, mothers and children are dying. We just stand by. Then globally thousands die. The blood on our hands was, for those who had power and did not act, more manifest. The delusion framed itself in pseudo religious clothes, a dogma of do nothing, while more died. We became “unparalleled, distant, superior”. We worshipped growth that directly caused a 60% loss of wildlife globally reducing the liveability of the earth. We made environment distant from economics. Lying to the public. We turned our heads while others died.
Dr. Pimental et al forcaste world starvation after 2050. Will we still turn our heads the other way or will our grandchildren be on that death list? All along for decades corporations and politicians have had the power and the political responsibility to turn the tide. When will they act so our own grandchildren will not die. Instead they build more pipelines, harvest more dirty oil from the tar sands. Have they become the SS of the modern age when everything can be thrown away, all death is justified, just to turn a profit or to remain in power? Where are our activists and where are the brains of our leaders? Have they been brain washed, can they not think for themselves?
Is this an unfair comparison? Death decides that. Climate warming is a global event to which we all contributed. Measure the death rates. According to Wikipedia about as many soldiers died in combat in WW11 as have died globally from climate heating. There is now much blood on their hands! We all must act!
Now the Liberal Government is doing some good things such as improving housing, pharmacare, protecting ocean areas, improving aboriginal access and others. But none of these matters if we do not get off fossil fuels and reduce CO2 in the atmosphere. This is fundamental to survival. This is war against CO2. We must treat it with that importance. This is a climate emergency. All, must be put aside to achieve this decease of the CO2 footprint. The current UN report sets the standards. Above all we must meet that. If monies are needed for improving climate other tasks must be put on hold. During the second world war we geared up in one year, quit building cars and built war goods. Make no mistake this is every bit as serious and cumulative death rates are worse than the second world war. During the war one had the hope of returning to a better time. If climate warming gets out of hand, there will be no returning. We must sacrifice all our secondary wants to defeat climate warming. This is a must do!
We need our government to take action on the following:

First: penalize fossil fuel companies that are not planning to convert to green energy in three years.
Second: we need to collaborate with other European countries, so we achieve a significant drop in CO2 and the pump CO2 out of the atmosphere.
Then: Move to green energy fast, within five years.
And: Pump CO2 out of the atmosphere, fast.

We cannot allow ourselves to fail. It will mean the deaths of many of our grandchildren. Many grandchildren are dying now in countries that are even more on the front line such as the Philippines or Africa.
Canada has tried to be a fair country. But to be fair we must abide by rule of law. When people knowingly are responsible for others’ deaths we prosecute. We should be developing a procedure, so all follow the law in the United Nations. Even if the deaths seem to be at arms length form fossil fuel burning. It is now our duty to register those corporations and leaders who have the power and allowed the climate warming deaths to continue. Canada, to be fair, has a duty to the UN to encourage the UN to begin the prosecution of the leaders of those wayward nations, and if appropriate to include ourselves. As they say, if the shoe fits!
What to do?

“Limiting global warming to 1.5°C would require rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society,” said IPCC Chair Lee. “With clear benefits to people and natural ecosystems, limiting global warming to 1.5°C compared to 2°C could go hand in hand with ensuring a more sustainable and equitable society,” he added. (The IPCC Oct. 2018 report on climate warming)

Could you print and sign this as a petition to mail to the Leaders of many countries.

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