Posted by Willard Anderson on December 12th, 2018.

The burning of fossil fuels; coal, petroleum, and natural gas for two centuries has caused green house gas emissions mainly CO2 and methane creating a green house effect and the buildup of heating in the oceans and land. This extra evaporation and energy have in turn caused a huge impact on climate and greater and more frequent storms which have been disastrous globally causing everything from hurricanes, storm surges, drought and vastly changed climate impacted crop growth. The net effect according to Dr. James Hanson is now a world death rate of 10,000 people dying each day from climate heating. Professors from Cornell University forecast global starvation by the 2050’s.
We are a country that lives according to parliamentary laws and those who cause deaths must be prosecuted. Although the warnings were widely disseminated fifty years ago the petroleum, coal and motor vehicle companies fought any changes and ridiculed the idea fossil fuels caused climate disasters. Political leaders caved in and allowed the disasters to proceed. These disasters now threaten the very lives of humans on earth. There still is no serious world wide action on this problem so emissions are still increasing.
It is time petroleum companies, car companies and politicians were prosecuted under the law.

“It is the first time a human-rights commission has heard evidence on whether large emitters violate basic human rights by causing climate change. Benjamin Schachter, who acts for the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights … said that the impact of climate change ‘directly and indirectly threaten the full and effective enjoyment of a range of human rights, including the rights to life, water, sanitation, food, health, housing, self determination and development…. Dr. Allen said that, through this study you can see that human influence has exacerbated [the climate and weather events].” “Dr. Allen estimates that had the emissions ceased entirely in the 1980s, roughly 40% of the warming being seen today relative to pre-industrial times, could have been averted.” (The Economist, Nov. 17,2018, p.80.)

During the World Wars we geared up for military production in one year. We can do that today, adapting to green energy. Each country can issue its own bonds. Those corporations that profited from selling fossil fuels can be taxed and the taxes issued to new green energy producers. This can happen rapidly. At the present time our grandchildren are highly at risk of starvation, climate catastrophe and impacts from ocean currents slowing, storm surges and dying flora and fauna reducing ecosystems and the viability of the earth. This is real. Prosecute those corporate leaders, senior politicians and dictators at fault for pushing fossil fuels. The main fossil fuel and petroleum producing countries are: Iran, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Venezuela, Nigeria, Russia, United States, China and Canada.
The media are also at fault as they have not adequately informed the public. When ever they write about fossil fuel energy then the complexity with climate disasters must be included. Whenever they write about climate disasters, the consumption of fossil fuels and CO2 emissions must be included. A partial story is a lie to the public. That is the way Russia had supported president Trump’s campaign. This time the connection between fossil fuels and climate deaths is true.
In addition, taxes are now increasing to repair after the many climate disasters. Jobs will decline after companies are destroyed by hurricanes. If you love your children, you have a duty to fight for prosecution of those who caused climate heating and the crimes against humanity and the environment that are now greater than any human-environment combined events of the past. Prosecutions must begin. The living earth is at stake, “tackling climate change is a shared mission to overcome a massive market failure: the negligible cost of potentially catastrophic emissions. This is not about “winner takes all” more about, we all lose unless we work together.” (ibid. Dec. 1, 2018, p.12.)

BUT, “why are respones so inadequate? One reason is special interests. A formidable lobby exists to warn of the dangers of climate change. But when it counts — as, say, in Washington states recent ballot initiative on a carbon tax- its antagonists in the fossil-fuel industry smack a cheque-book more forcefully on the other side of the scales. On the right that has bred a culture which flatly rejects the evidence.” (ibid Dec.1, 2018.p. 12.)

If you do not take some action, then you are culpable because those who lived over the last five decades contributed to this disaster if they were not fighting it. This means write letters to political leaders. Use this article as a petition, circulate it to your street or community and mail it to politicians. Vote for change. As an example since GM is vacating a plant it can be turned to producing electric cars. Reduce your carbon dioxide footprint, buy only appropriate hybrid, or electric motor vehicles, insulate your home, demand change fast! If you love your children, then do this. If you truly hate your children, you of course will likely take no action unless you care about your own life. Also remember religions are not democratic and do not prefer free speech. It is a satanic act to kill 10,000 people each day.
Doing nothing is no longer an excuse. It is a crime. PROSECUTE!

By the way my blog has been attacked by guess who? Please circulate this to parents & students in other cities, other countries.

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