Posted by Willard Anderson on January 11th, 2019.

Anything is possible if you don’t know what you are talking about. The ignorance of many people, who pursue their private interests at the expense of everyone else is a large problem that those with harmful conspiracy theories cannot get their minds around. There is a weakness of governments to act outside of the benefit of oil companies and car companies. We need a major thrust bringing us into the green fossil fuel free world. Those to admire are Denmark and the great strides of Germany and Sweden.

Politicians, a plague on your houses. .
The Alberta oil ignorance. People in Alberta demonstrate against a carbon tax. That is like pushing to return to the horse and waggon instead of powered vehicles. It is backward thinking.

The industrial food production system has a footprint 224% time its food productivity (CBC, Jan. 10, 2018, 9:45 PM.Winnipeg) because they do not measure costs. A federal report said fifty % of topsoil was eroded in the first hundred years of agriculture. It destroys ecosystems, it caters to a system that is not progressive,– Progress is enlightening, and supportive –, growth is cancer.
It does not pay for fertilizer run off that kills lakes like lake Winnipeg, or the Gulf of Mexico with greater dead zones, it encourages toxins that kill off the bees we need for over 25 % of our food crops. Do food producers pay for these costs? It encourages petro-chemicals that are toxic, but fossil fuel companies do not pay the costs. We need to get with an ecologically sustainable system on all of life.

The new Zeeland method of poisoning off introduced species causing native spices to die off entirely. This plays to the fact that wild horses in Alberta are destroying natural habitat, but horse lovers cannot see getting rid of them. They accept destruction of the Canadian life-giving ecosystems.
Our specific problem is:
“*Too little understanding of legal boundaries,
*Too little Interest in building consensus
* An inadequate long-term view of almost anything.” (The Economist, Jan. 5, 2019. p21).
Our planet is at threat, earth’s grandchildren are dying. Students inherit a wobbly uncertain whole earth problem. We must get control of the rogue corporation that threaten us all and get rid of politicians that are their handmaidens. But going form liberal to conservative will worsen the problems as they support those very harmful corporations.

Our politicians need to arrange a close relationship with the green countries and build a cooperating system, so it can hold sway in international trade. While prosecuting or blockade trade with those who pump oil mercilessly without reference to the damage or paying costs for the damage.

Use Canada’s hydro power to create a green economy, use the GM plane to build hydrogen and electric trucks, and farm equipment build hydrogen production at the hydro power souse dams to use power in low demand times to create hydrogen by electrolysis. Tax all gas vehicles in an increasingly heavily taxed penalty.

Write letters, demonstrate, push good green people forward to run in elections.

Students get on the social media, internet etc. to build an unbeatable phalanx of green revolutionaries and demonstrators and low footprint consumers globally to save earth for themselves.
Students you have already begun, can you pursue your goals, there is no life in loosing to the oil companies. They have never paid for their costs of operations and never will. You pay more than anyone, with your dark future if we do not change if you students do not win.
And YES there will be some costs and heartaches in the transformation, but that is far better than DEATH.

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