We Discount the Value of the Lives of the Future ; that is the lives of young people of today

Posted by Willard Anderson on January 26th, 2019.

Future Discounting of Young Peoples Lives
Future discounting is a way pf pricing something so it becomes cheaper today and more can be sold meaning the provider gets more profit today and does not worry about the future price.
When the future comes one can no longer help but may have to pay higher prices because of the earlier future discounting and selling much volume towards depletion.
If it is priced more cheaply it is possible to sell more of the product now. What it does, is it assumes that the future price will also be low. So, there is no need today to price it as a sort of market lifetime average price for the object, or commodity. Or one can say that we under price it now for more profit for a group disregarding that in the future users may have to pay a higher price in the future, even though it becomes say a more important health product for the future. Just bad luck pal.

Now, one could say, by introducing chemical products and CO2 into the atmosphere that is building GHG up much higher for the future and that we know will cost more deaths in the future, that is, just a method of discounting the value of human life for the future. For the young today, we would say their life will be valued less and less important in the future than our lives are valued at today.
Hence, we value young people less than ourselves because of all the destructive products we sell for which there are no regulations that consider future destructive properties of those say chemical products or CO2. That is certainly the case. PM Harper signed a trade agreement with the USA allowing 80,000 chemicals to come into and be sold in Canada for which there was no testing of their toxicity due to exposure, ingestion or inhaling.

Would young people like to know how much their life has been discounted for the future? Meaning that you will have a much higher liability for death or injury from chemicals, climate or other disastrous methods we use today, like farming methods. This is because we use a current faulty economic model. For instance we must trade with the USA and use their standards to stay on a profitable trading level. But we can control standards for our own country. If not is that any way to run a nation? But then petroleum companies and politicians would say, “It is lives of the future, so what do I care?”

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