Climate Heating Costs Cause Tax Increase

Posted by Willard Anderson on February 21st, 2019.

There is an ever increasing amount of costs from climate heating caused weather events. These will increase exponentially as time goes on. One projection is that by  2100 costs will be equivalent to the  GDP of the world.

Now we have had have had costs for floods in Manitoba, BC and Quebec, as well as the Alberta flood. Wildfires are getting out of hand. The 1989 fires in Manitoba and the fires of the last few years in BC  are extremely expensive.  Globally drying is causing food costs to rise. Rising sea levels will be dramatically greater in cost. They will soon impact us.  Our taxes pay for these costs. These climate heating events burn up funds that could have gone to allow free University registration fees.

How are you dealing with the need to put pressure on politicians and dishonest fossil fuel companies which never pay their true costs of business.


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