Is Missing Information Lying? such as costs to the environment?

Posted by Willard Anderson on February 11th, 2019.

Economist letter Feb. 5, 2019
When you printed your article regarding climate heating and mentioned the petroleum companies were at fault I thought you may be on a new trend. That is being honest about what the economic model

gross revenue.. minus ..costs = profit            really means.                   Remembering that the costs include environmental damage and harm to people. I guess not! I was disappointed to see the The Global List article p. 20 Jan. 26, 2019. Your series of a dozen charts do not include the impact of costs again. Certainly, costs play out in Slobalization.
I would ask you to do a similar article but include all factors in the downturn. There should be three additional charts included. Impacts upon the global life-giving systems:
1. Water systems, and how shortage of water, plastics disposal and ocean acidification is causing conflicts and business impacts.
2. Upon the physical systems – climate heating and all the perilous storms and related phenomena that are creating tax pressures that are really petroleum company costs. And
3. Population increase and consumption that are increasing market but also expanding and destroying natural habitats and causing the projection of 50% extinction of species over the long run. Business has a duty to cost this.
So here we have the direct conflict of     consumption VS life   itself.              You can cost that.
Please could you tell the whole story in these economic analyses. Part of the information is no different than Trump’s False News. Surely you do not want to prolong False News in The Economist without advising your readers what you are doing.


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