History Repeats; Causes of Death Differ

Posted by Willard Anderson on November 1st, 2018.

History Repeats Itself
I have two granddaughters and I have a terrible disappointment with the results of the emergency parliamentary debate on climate heating. The danger is real and tangible. We regularly get storms that have the stamp of excessive burning of fossil fuels and the resultant death rate is globally 10,000 people a day says Dr. James Hansen the instigator of the debate on fossil fuels caused climate heating.
There is a more complete story to tell about this heating, and the failed debate on climate emergency.
The SS Nazis were brain washed as children but did not think for themselves as adults. During the worst of the war, in murdering the Jews they, hung civilians, shot women and children and gassed the defenceless. The SS were described as,“unparalleled, distant, superior”! While millions of Jews were slaughtered, many Germans preferred to look the other way. After the war Germans were ashamed to be German.
Time cures much and today with our view of what we have achieved, all is as it should be. Though we have climate change and at first almost imperceptible climate heating that was recognized as a possibility in 1900 even though it was thought heating was good. By 1957 we knew it was going to be harmful. Politicians and corporations stood by till well after the new millennium.
Tornadoes destroyed some of Elie, Manitoba, that could have been a school. The USA hurricanes killed a few as weather became more extreme globally. First a few dozen died from typhoons and floods then hurricane Sandy brought $50 billion in costs and higher death rates. Families, mothers and children are dying. We just stand by. Then globally thousands die. The blood on our hands was, for those who had power and did not act, more manifest. The delusion framed itself in pseudo religious clothes, a dogma of do nothing, while more died. We became “unparalleled, distant, superior”. We worshipped growth that directly caused a 60% loss of wildlife globally reducing the liveability of the earth. We made environment distant from economics. Lying to the public. We turned our heads while others died.
Dr. Pimental et al forcaste world starvation after 2050. Will we still turn our heads the other way or will our grandchildren be on that death list? All along for decades corporations and politicians have had the power and the political responsibility to turn the tide. When will they act so our own grandchildren will not die. Instead they build more pipelines, harvest more dirty oil from the tar sands. Have they become the SS of the modern age when everything can be thrown away, all death is justified, just to turn a profit or to remain in power? Where are our activists and where are the brains of our leaders? Have they been brain washed, can they not think for themselves?
Is this an unfair comparison? Death decides that. Climate warming is a global event to which we all contributed. Measure the death rates. According to Wikipedia about as many soldiers died in combat in WW11 as have died globally from climate heating. There is now much blood on their hands! We all must act!
Now the Liberal Government is doing some good things such as improving housing, pharmacare, protecting ocean areas, improving aboriginal access and others. But none of these matters if we do not get off fossil fuels and reduce CO2 in the atmosphere. This is fundamental to survival. This is war against CO2. We must treat it with that importance. This is a climate emergency. All, must be put aside to achieve this decease of the CO2 footprint. The current UN report sets the standards. Above all we must meet that. If monies are needed for improving climate other tasks must be put on hold. During the second world war we geared up in one year, quit building cars and built war goods. Make no mistake this is every bit as serious and cumulative death rates are worse than the second world war. During the war one had the hope of returning to a better time. If climate warming gets out of hand, there will be no returning. We must sacrifice all our secondary wants to defeat climate warming. This is a must do!
We need our government to take action on the following:

First: penalize fossil fuel companies that are not planning to convert to green energy in three years.
Second: we need to collaborate with other European countries, so we achieve a significant drop in CO2 and the pump CO2 out of the atmosphere.
Then: Move to green energy fast, within five years.
And: Pump CO2 out of the atmosphere, fast.

We cannot allow ourselves to fail. It will mean the deaths of many of our grandchildren. Many grandchildren are dying now in countries that are even more on the front line such as the Philippines or Africa.
Canada has tried to be a fair country. But to be fair we must abide by rule of law. When people knowingly are responsible for others’ deaths we prosecute. We should be developing a procedure, so all follow the law in the United Nations. Even if the deaths seem to be at arms length form fossil fuel burning. It is now our duty to register those corporations and leaders who have the power and allowed the climate warming deaths to continue. Canada, to be fair, has a duty to the UN to encourage the UN to begin the prosecution of the leaders of those wayward nations, and if appropriate to include ourselves. As they say, if the shoe fits!
What to do?

“Limiting global warming to 1.5°C would require rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society,” said IPCC Chair Lee. “With clear benefits to people and natural ecosystems, limiting global warming to 1.5°C compared to 2°C could go hand in hand with ensuring a more sustainable and equitable society,” he added. (The IPCC Oct. 2018 report on climate warming)

Could you print and sign this as a petition to mail to the Leaders of many countries.

A Surplus for Some . A Deficiency for Others

Posted by Willard Anderson on August 19th, 2018.

Surplus of plenty …. for some, for now. — and a promise of less!
We live in a period of exquisite wealth for the lucky and exquisite poverty for those in poor countries or on the fringes of society. We buy new clothes because we like them not because of need. We attend restaurants with the most exotic foods with no thought for the sustainability of what we eat. While once we travelled back home for a holiday we now travel not to another province but to England, Italy Portugal or to the far east almost at will. We do all this in a context of good jobs and pay, almost free education and excellent health services and many with sound pensions. We truly have it all. Of course, there are the super wealthy that gain from grabbing 90 % of a countries wealth but that is a surplus of plenty, and an indication of its poor distribution.
We look for more diversity, more and cheaper travel, better productivity. We do not think of where that raw material comes from and if there is less of it every day because of our impact. We all want more energy for our frivolous devices. But where will that come from if we do not support solar and wind souces? During whose lives do we hit the wall? What will that mean? Starvation for many, says Cornell U. But if we have the money to buy or produce food in our country does it mean we ourselves are not impacted? We live in a global community. Starvation will precipitate cooperation or conflict. We will not be able, as a small country, to escape the fall out and be dragged in so we must examine our own mistakes.
We would soften the impacts if we think and act ahead of the pack. But it does not seem that politics allows that. People work to eat today, not to eat tomorrow. Can we quickly learn to take care we can eat tomorrow before we set down the “big eat”, I mean the harvest of earths resources only for today? Right now, we are not doing too well. Grain harvest has declined since 1983. One billion go to bed hungry and three billion are malnourished.
We search for better systems but fail to realize we are in this predicament because we did not early on measure our harvests against the ecological sustainability processes of the planet. When a man is hungry you do not teach him how to fish, you teach him the aquatic biological processes, the carrying capacity – how much harvest can occur without damaging habitat or capability for reproductivity. Then only, do you teach him how to fish sensibly.
But how does one learn that thinking ahead prevents destruction of home and family under today’s limitations of overpopulation, climate warming, over harvest and uncontrolled introduction of toxic substances. What would make you act? Think about your future and that of your children. When you know there are threats, would you act, or do you have too many needed diversions right now to bother with all that. After all what can you do? Do you feel it is others responsibility? But others will say well he/she should look after themselves or I cannot help them. What is it that would motivate you? Do you have any responsibility for the condition of the earth? Do you have any responsibility for starvation if you feel you rightfully have consumed more than your rightful portion? What is rightful? If you have money does that make you more rightful?
Come now, tell me what would motivate you. Do you need to see a direct consequence? Say, some one drove into and injured your child. You need to see them prosecuted. But if someone dies from a heat wave, do you need to limit your production of carbon dioxide? Is that someone else’s problem? What is it you influence, consume, erode with your own behaviour? Does your contribution, no matter how small deserve your attention and reduction of your own impact? Do you justify your own release of carbon dioxide because you think it is benign? If your neighbour buys a bigger car than yours, does that justify you producing more carbon dioxide as well? If you do not think you can buy an electric car what should your actions be? Buy it anyway. Write letters to petroleum companies advising them of their faults. Advising politicians, you will vote only to reduce carbon dioxide. Do we appreciate it is only the sum of all of us contributing to global warming that has given us this certain decline of liveability upon the earth? That increase in carbon dioxide has produced the probability of others starving, the probability that some of our grandchildren will not survive because of climate warming and worsening heat waves and droughts. A drought specialist now says, “Alberta is in a permanent state of dry.” Do we realize the cause and effect each one of us has put into motion? What would motivate you to reduce your production of carbon dioxide? Tell me please!!!
Write your comment below.
If you have an answer it may be good to copy that to teachers and politicians. What do you think is needed? How will we get out of this climate warming mortal problem?
Are the petroleum companies, car companies and politicians doing enough? What should be the penalty for inaction? Can you help to install and impose that penalty?
We need to act now. We are already very late. But saving the future is our only hope for the children.


Posted by Willard Anderson on August 8th, 2018.

We have a series of disasters of our own making.

Russia interference in elections and reducing democracy. It is alledged Trump holds his position illegally. Putin reinvades the Balkan states and there will be more.

Rise of China pushing for an autocratic government and a grasp by invasion for all it could hold.

Decline of Unions influences the near slave like workers that have no say in negotiation of salary, and working conditions.

The lack of attention to the cataclysm: corporate government has no mind, no heart, no morality.
While China’s dictatorship has raised the standard of living for millions the corporate governance has increased the gap between rich and poor reducing more to poverty.

Governments see the need for corporate profit that blinds them to the rising death rates from climate warming 10,000 deaths per day globally says Dr. James Hansen the original researcher on fossil fuel driven climate warming.

The Canadian PM reneged on his promise to change the voting system to a more democratic form where every vote counts and not first past the post gets all.

The great regression toward more harvest and production to satisfy growing populations has decimated tropical forests so over population and heating conspire to create huge death rates by mid century says Cornell U.

Meanwhile oxygen production from forests and declining algae in acidified seas reduces oxygen production.

There is a projected loss of 50 % of species due to human impact. Collapse of ecosystems reduces living viability.

Thirty years ago there was research into blue stem as a perennial crop, this would have reduced soil erosion and labour required for farming. It would be huge. The researcher went to the USA. Even though the research was Canadian, this would have been A HUGE ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFIT. Since I have heard nothing more of it I am wondering if seed companies bought it out. If so they should be prosecuted for crimes against the environment and humanity. There is now the effort start with a new species.

Desperate for change, “Stop now or we doom the lives of our descendants”. Lovelock, 2004

What do you wish for your children? What will your ACTIONS GIVE THEM? Vote only for the leader that proves he/she will transfer to green energy sources—fast, and collaborate with like minded countries at the UN. Fine the perpetrators, big.
Write to your representatives. YOUR CHILDREN MAY BECOME VICTIMS.


Posted by Willard Anderson on July 20th, 2018.

Culture: USA – Russia
Webster’s says it is, “A particular stage of advancement of a civilization.”
Of course, “advancement” is troublesome. I would say it is a melding of values, political actions, behavioural patterns, unwritten codes of behaviour, corporate influences, institutional design, relationship to carrying capacity of the natural environment, acceptable drivers for economic and profit gain, educational fundamentals and distribution of the services for public well being.
The problem that the USA has today is there is a 180-degree difference between what the congress and judiciary see as USA culture and what Trump portrays in his activities against his countries ideals.
Michael Cohen (writer for the Boston Globe)says it “seems patently obvious – that the president of the United states is an agent of the Russian government.”
If what is patently obvious is laid at the feet of the congress and judiciary there is a need to act before further of Putin’s plans for weakening the USA and democracy are carried out and the government of the USA itself degenerates. The Putin plan of: causing friction in the Balkans in Ukraine as well a Montenegro, and direction of the inept N Korea meeting that achieved nothing good – upset Japan and other local countries, the trade tariffs that weaken USA jobs over the long term, the effort to destroy NATO, to re invite Putin to the G 8 regardless of his invasion of an independent country, and the effort to break away from allies, moved the USA out of the Paris Climate agreement, the increase in national debt, all must warn the USA what Trump is and what the representatives of the people must do to protect their country. What level of destruction is required for impeachment?

Willard Anderson 3 Wendover Place, Winnipeg, Manitoba 1-204 2691565


Posted by Willard Anderson on July 11th, 2018.

1. Trump wanted to withdraw from NATO.
2. Trump shut down the USA participation in the Paris Accord and reduced scientific work. Science is what made America great.
3. Did not speak against Putin when he invaded and took over Crimea and then invaded other parts of Ukraine. Who is Trumps alie?
4. Told Europeans he would not defend them.
5. Trump told the Group of Seven that they should replace Putin in the Group. Whose side is he on?
6. Shook up the alliances with the European countries and the EU. Breaking up long term trade agreements that have vastly enriched many in the world.
7. Installed tariffs thus reducing trade and standards of living for many.
8. Gave the N. Korean dictator an audience and told him he would stop war games training within south Korea with no substantial gain from the N. Korean dictator. N. Korea can easily take over south Korea with its vast land army. Took attention off Putin.
9. Basically, took away the promise to protect S. Korea and Japan from attack by N Korea or others. Shook up SE Asia or Pacific theatre that the USA no longer can control in the face of China’s huge advance and has disturbed SE Asia alliances.
10. He has tremendously weakened the USA, created more debt and given support, through Trump’s actions, to Putin to rebuild his soviet Republic.
11. He is having a secret meeting with Putin controlled by Putin.
12. What will Putin’s next moves be? To invade more of the Balkan states and rebuild the Soviet Republic. Trump will not raise any American weaponry to stop him since Trump and Putin will by then have an agreement, further weakening the USA. By then will Trump be Putin’s man. The USA looses.
13. Would Putin invade the Canadian Arctic? The boundary is under dispute. Trump would not likely help.
14. Would Trump move to Russia?

There seems to be some parameters of character that are very distressing in the leader of the once free world. He has a strong aptitude for telling lies, that once he thought of as negotiating, but now lead to gaining power only. He has avid followers that believe him. Those are people who only think in short time frames based upon quarterly profits or on selected religious dogma that no longer applies in a modern time and of modern knowledge bases. They do not see what the longer trends are. Trump loves dictators and seems to admire the murderous rulers of Russia and N. Korea, wherein lies his un-ethics. He is not hesitant to erode free speech of the black football players and he makes a personal threat to attack anyone who opposes him. It is his way or no-way. Is that what a democracy is about? Is that his idea of Congress?
What does this tell us about the likely hood of the Putin/Trump soon to occur summit for dictators. The people of the USA need to wake up and act. The charges against Trump need to move forward. Does he represent the USA Constitution? Are the threats against democracy and free speech to be tolerated in the New Trumpian Orwellian America?
To threaten the free world by allying his military power with Russia is a clear recipe for repression. Europe cannot fight a Trump-Putin alliance gained perhaps through blackmail. Woe betide the pro Trump followers who know not what they support and the back lash they will receive. He has already said he would be the first president to benefit from his position. He has certainly proven that. Public services and public welfare will first slow down drastically. Education will be targeted. The capabilities from beneficial science will be further inhibited. Harper and Trump both have suppressed scientific endeavour. Many religions have no place for open minded research since religions themselves are all dictatorships. It was that open-minded research that moved the west forward. Now the shadows of darkness and control are rearing again. “Rage against the dying of the light.”

STEALING YOUR MIND: management by psychometrics & contrivance

Posted by Willard Anderson on May 1st, 2018.

3 May 2018
In Russia Putin has managed to take over most of the government holdings, including oil and has maintained the profits largely for himself and his cronies. Mean while by police brutality and murder he controls the media. Using this power, he lies to the public which helps him retain his position during falsified elections. He has regressed to the Stalin way of doing things. But his up and coming middle class saw some of benefits of Gorbechovs time and are unsettled. They want a more humane system and there is still an impoverished working class that cannot avail themselves of the consumer goods in upper class Moscow.
In the West the current social media Facebook and Amazon make overwhelming profits. Many corporations are flush with cash but the working class has had almost static incomes with only small gains since the 1970s.
This means maintaining an upper class in E and W are miles apart but the net effects are similar. Most of the profits go to the top. We have somewhat of a more diverse media but back a couple decades that was much more centralized by buy-outs so there is no serious balance in media reporting. The Missing News has gotten worse. Facebook feeds you what you are interested in and thereby pushes uniformity. Facebook apparently upon approval spies upon its clients who do not read the exceedingly fine and complex print. Fb then sends its data out for clandestine use by agents such as Cambridge Analytica.

Modern corporations like Walmart or Amazon do not negotiate with unions to settle wages. They pay what they choose. Many people work part time and have no benefits. There is no ability to move up in pay without unions that have been destroyed by the past PM Harper and large corporations like Walmart. Even the highly skilled do not get a % of the profits their highly skilled work brings to the company. But things in the world are becoming much worse. We know that fossil fuel caused climate warming is causing many disasters but judges presume that a protagonist must prove one climate influence has had an impact on one specific weather event. The result, fossil fuel companies’ costs are paid by the public. This is nonsense and seen for what it is by educated climatologists. They know that the complex of many weather events could not occur without a great amount of GHG such as CO2 heating the oceans and causing the weather disasters associated with spread of disease, mudslides and wildfires. This is included in the IPCC reports.
Corporations have so much power that they hold Governments at threat of moving their facilities and jobs to the lower pay nations. Race to the bottom.

Now we have a dilemma in the West with an uninformed USA president in a country that was the World’s policeman. A country that managed to hold some of the worst tyrants at bay and they are now flexing their muscles; taking over Crimea, parts of the Ukraine and the south China Sea. These are two dictatorships which hold no fair elections. Nor is the Electoral College in the USA a democratic system. i.e. It does not run on a one-person-one-vote basis. As well the Canadian Senate is a dictatorial controller that did Harpers bidding and voted down the most important environmental bill passed by Parliament in Canada in a century.
The USA military allies are being discouraged by Trump who is a close friend of Putins, as if Putin has Trump in his pocket. This is yet to be proven. What it has done is diffuse western effort to keep democracies free and fair. In Europe many of the highly developed relationships with USA have eroded making the Balkan states once again vulnerable to Russia’s False News and aggressive attacks.
Underlying much of this is exemplified in CBC’s The Passionate Eye, April 23, 2018 when they described what they called “THE Persuasion Machine of Silicon Valley”.

Face book develops algorithms to feed you things you will be interested in. It encourages UNIFORMITY. Does the person building the algorithm feel that his/her values system are universal? I find in todays world that the values that are top of mind are always the “economic” algorithms for use in business but are imposed upon education, medicine or mail delivery, especially in the USA. Then the value system that is being downplayed or not considered in life decisions is the biological values. And those are what keeps life ecologically sustainable.
When we feed people this trash of pursuing growth but not ecological sustainability, we are pursuing the destruction of the earth. We must know how our psychometric algorithms stimulate action. Action always counts. With that action, CO2 emissions are still increasing despite the Paris agreement.
When psycho metrics are used to influence you, you will get a hypothetical scenario something like this. “Small children playing. A street demonstration by Muslims. Small child gets hurt. Next move on to Trump saying Muslims should not be allowed to migrate to the USA. Next the decision to vote, based upon the previous influence foremost in ones mind and as one castes a vote in the election.”
One must realize that to be certain news is honest it must be provable, and open to peer group assessment or experimental verification and vindication. When one sells children toys, advertisers should not be able to simply sell a toy that they imply has certain entertainment characteristics unless they can be proven. Quebec has moved more on this problem. Those companies that sell smiles to children rather than facts and honesty should be sued. Adults may be given more credit for thinking things out, but, it does not hold water if the adult has no opportunity to learn about the problem on a diverse media beforehand. Other wise they will be in the same position as children. Now when these heart tugging adds are bombarded at a thousand per day or more, the influence on the person can be very fundamental. That is, they influence the thinking process but without the persons awareness and approval. They literally steal his/her mind. It is a perfect case of the loss of free speech and free choice. Psycho metrics in advertising must be made illegal.

While changing this process will deeply modify modern advertising and the way that Facebook operates, one either makes those great changes or gives up ones democracy. It is time for advertising to use factual data that can be proven. Subtle implied results are just soft lies.

Trump, it is said is a typical potential dictator by nature. He would relish a more dictatorial change in the management/government of the USA. Trump fights the Congress who speak for the public and says the Justice department is crooked because it does not do his wishes.
He may also meet with approval from the dark underside of a controlling group that seem to operate outside of the presidents control, but is supported as a black budget and paid for by the people. All the UFO files are reportedly hidden away in Air force hangers but the President does not have access to these files. Who is really running the USA? A child President and an unknown black triad.
We do not know the full consequences of modern day influences. But many corporations use it with glee. We do know this method of psychometrics was used to win Trump the presidency and the campaign manager says Trump would not have won without Facebook support.

The underground influences need to be cleaned up so we reduce the amount of conspiracy theories that influences those who read very little. Knowledge confirms the right to choose. Without knowing the background, one cannot make a wise choice. We need some sane reorganization and reinforcement of democracy and freedom of speech and freedom of choice.


Death Taxes and Climate Warming 23 April 2018

Posted by Willard Anderson on April 23rd, 2018.

Death, Taxes and Climate Warming 21 April 2018
It seems there are only three things that are certain: Death Taxes and climate warming. We have however got the order wrong.
Taxes often rise faster in right wing governments.
Schools, roads/transportation, food regulation, military, health and education are utilities and raise everyone’s standard of living so they are utilities. Run by government as the cheapest route of operation. An attempt to have corporations run Canada Post did not work. Often frontier research is needed that cannot provide a profit, as occurs in medicine.
All other services and products are better in private hands. Why?
We must remember that corporations have no mind, no empathy, no ethics. So, death is of no significance to corporations. Unless it stops their clients buying their specific product. Hence the more corporation are involved in government the greater will be the effort to reduce government to what will profit corporations. So, a special list of regulations develop that gives corporations a benefit. Taxes not paid because they shift profits overseas to subsidiaries in no tax areas. Shifting costs from Subsidiaries in low tax areas to parent firms in high tax areas so there can be more write offs by parent companies in higher tax areas. This is tax avoidance and/or evasion.
Corporation’s bottom line is profit. We are told that much of government services should be run by corporations. But because corporations must provide profit for their share holders, their motivation is always to reduce costs and increase prices.
Generally, if you have corporative governments i.e. governments controlled by corporation lobbying, lobbying done mostly by corporations and seldom by the voters, then you will have high taxes and high cost government.

Climate Warming
Climate warming is causing many deaths but it is never reported that way. It is first reported that we can not USE GREEN ENERGY BECAUSE IT WILL COST TOO MUCH. That of course is just the opposite. Stopping the use of fossil fuels so you stop the horrendously costly impact of climate change. Stop using fossil fuels. It is the only salvation. Corporations fight this and many believe more of government should be run by corporations.
Spending more up front now to stop use of fossil fuels will reduce a disastrously huge cost in damage and death rates in the future. We cannot afford not to stop using fossil fuels right now. We geared up for the WWII in a year. We can gear up to stop use of Fossil fuels in about the same time. Only because we have left it so late we also must start pumping CO2 out of the atmosphere using scrubbers so the costs climb because corporations convinced governments to delay change over to green energy. Change over is the lowest cost option.
In the Economist p52 March 3, 2018 it says. “The United Nations Development Programme says … by 2100 ocean acidification caused by atmospheric carbon dioxide dissolving into water, could cost 1.2 trillion dollars a year”.
Only laws and regulations can control fossil fuel use and corporations have far greater access to governments via lobbying and psychological digital campaigns that elected Trump than any individual except the hugely rich, the 1 %. Choice is removed from the electorate and transferred to the mass marketed digital psychometric campaigners.
Climate warming is a fact, not a thesis and should be regulated. It should be identified as hate propaganda to state climate warming is not real, with commensurate strong penalties. Anyone taking a position that climate warming does not exist and thus encouraging more deaths from climate warming should be prosecuted. Advertisers that used psychometrics to sell cigarettes to adults and to sell toys to children has been going on far too long. We need to stop at the risk of loosing our democracies. Putin and face book have proved that.

It is a regrettable that a little boy lost his life in an Ontario river a short while ago. They searched for him for 2 or more weeks.
About a 16-young people lost their life in a bus /transport truck accident. The people of /Canada raised $12,000,000 to help. We care about the young and are willing to pay for better futures. I hope that is right!
Now we must understand the difference in scale of deaths. We care about the deaths of a few off our citizens. But we are all citizens of this world and we must react to the global scale of deaths. It Does include us.
5 or 10 years ago China said 1.6 million were dying per year from pollution. Much of that was carbon particles from coal burning and CO2 from transportation and building heating. In Europe there was a repot that 270,000 are dying every year from climate warming. The Economist stated 9 million dying a year from pollution on the issue of March 3, 2018, p 52. Methane released from melting arctic perma frost is an added problem.
Dalhousie U reported there would be a collapse of the global fishery by 2050. It looks more imminent now because of plastics and too much trawler activity. Dr. Pimental et al at Cornell U stated that there would be global mass starvation by 2040 to 50. It looks like a neat convergence of terror. Many people driven by religions and no birth control and population increasing far beyond the earth’s carrying capacity are all very serious problems.
We are in for it. Let no one fool you by not providing the facts. Your grandchildren ARE AT SERIOUS RISK. While Canada may be buffered for a while due to a northern latitude, there will be no hiding from the spread of fear, starvation and uncontrollable migration and drying conditions along with lower crop production. It has started now. Regional impacts are on line.
The large death rates are the measure. Will you only vote for a government that will stop use of fossil fuels today. This year.
Examine your own ethics. When we know fossil fuel driven climate warming is killing millions, then to say climate warming does not occur is simply a criminal hate propaganda act and must be prosecuted. Ask for the parliamentary law to be enacted. It is your future.

Trans Mountain: PM Has a Responsibility to the Nation

Posted by Willard Anderson on April 14th, 2018.

Trans Mountain Pipeline
We recognize that our PM Trudeau as any PM has great responsibility to use his position to govern for the people by the people and of the people. That suggests you do what is good for the country and Federal Governments are one of the very few tools we can use that consider the future not just for a four-year future but the distant future.
We have come to see that the management of fossil fuels nationally has been a great tragedy. We need a new model. We know that most countries with big windfalls that have the luck of having vast fossil fuel supplies use it for the people. Many countries have nationalized that resource because so much good could be done. As well dictators have or kleptocracies have tended to control the fossil fuel wealth and used it primarily for themselves and for their families. So much good could have been done. Today we have three vast problems.
1. Distribution of toxic materials without controls that are reducing the liveability of the earth, Oil spills in rivers and oceans. Lack of control of toxic substances and the applied rule of “use it till others see how you abuse it”. Plastics in the oceans, numerous food and water additives for which the impact of cumulative use is never tested. They may even encourage cancer and infertility and a host of problems for wildlife eg: disposal of birth control drugs that finally run off into the rivers and impact aquatic species, GMO plants whose characteristics are transferred to wild weeds and increase the cost of agriculture.
2. Over population. Dr. Pimental et al Cornell University have stated that that the global population should be no more that one third of what it is today. I recall in the eighties the common logic amongst biologists was that the carrying capacity of the earth was about two billion. We desperately need a universal one child policy. Religions have caused many horribly destructive painful deaths by insisting on no birth control. This position is no better than the impacts of the Spanish Inquisition. The cruelly vicious impact has been about the same. Churches caught in the bind of minding holy books written 500 or thousands of years ago impose disruptive injurious thinking upon a modern world that cannot sustain the attack with the population and means we now have that magnifies the good and/or horrendous actions upon the biosphere.
3. We have now changed drastically the very earth ecosystems and biosphere we live upon. Farm the plains, cut the forests overharvest the fish and cause climate warming that today causes a conservative estimated death rate of about 4 milliom deaths per year. IPCC and others have totalled death rate figures. Yet such a cataclysmic death rate does not register in our far-sighted politician’s brains whatsoever. The obvious answer is get rid of fossil fuels as soon as possible. Build green energy and try to begin to live an ecologically sustainable life. We are late in the game and it will take a century to change but the alternative of migrating to Mars is a child’s foolishness. We pump vast amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere by firing huge rockets hither and thither when what we need mostly is a new fuel that will not destroy the earth. In Canada our northern people keep complaining about the melt rate but politicians have closed ears and only think about their 4-year term. Canada is Back! We need to bring a sound green fuel policy to the along with collaboration with north European countries or whichever country is on board to an ecologically sustainable future. Our future is anything but sustainable and it is time to have a class action suits against governments that are not rapidly moving toward ecological sustainability.
As an after thought, Norway has used its fossil fuel riches wisely and has a 100 billion-dollar heritage fund, while Alberta’s brilliant method of corporate development has meant it now has a debt. The people need to look at their long-term future. Climate warming is bringing almost certain drought to southern Alberta and the aquifer will not last forever, can one not learn from California? We have been this route with the old fossil fuels technology and we now know it is causing great costs and millions of deaths per year around the world. Why would one ever want to double down on a tremendous mistake. MS. Notley should be devising a positive route to the future and not tired dangerous technology of the past.

When you count the number of children that have died from terrifying, horrible tormenting deaths from, : wildfire, flood, drought, starvation, Tornado, disease spread, pumping out the aquifers and making fresh water unavailable, and it is likely some of the children will eventually be some you know — then are you willing to keep pumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and keep increasing climate warming?
Then does not the PM have a national duty to change from fossil fuels to electric green energy?
Vote yes_____________ No ______________

Climate Warming, Military Defense and Trump

Posted by Willard Anderson on March 14th, 2018.

According to The Economist some US military operations and infrastructure located on islands or on the US east coast are in serious threat of being unusable due to climate warming and sea level rise, in part by Trump’s policy pushing more coal burning, at a time when Russia and China both present greater military interference though false news and serious acts building more military capability. The Economist says Feb 24, 2018, p 22., “Mr. Trump, might not hobble the armed forces efforts to deal with the consequences of climate change. But a more far sighted commander- in-chief would be adding to their armour”. In Canada when a man gave another man a gun that he eventually used to kill RCMP officers that man was convicted and imprisoned. As US navy facilities become less usable due to coal burning, warming and flooding and impact military operations and perhaps lead to more military deaths, or are even active in opposition to the USA constitution, would Trump’s policies be thought or judged treasonous under US law? Under Mueller’s investigation Trump does favour Russia too frequently by not condemning their interference in USA elections. When does one need to act versus just think about action? It is suggestive of a time some British politicians thought it better to appease Hitler. “We have met the enemy and he is us”, said Pogo.

Killing Our Environment Kills Our Grandchildren: THE GOOD DIE YOUNG

Posted by Willard Anderson on February 28th, 2018.

We need to act to ensure the longevity of the earths capability to maintain it’s life supporting characteristics.
We must act now to distribute environmental news widely enough so that all people see their communal ownership of earth as their priority of action for life today.
We count on you, there is no one else. There are those who do not yet have the capability to participate and those who are too far beyond and lack the
compassion, that is the basis of humanity, to allow their energy to go beyond greed of personal self maudling and self-aggrandizing consumption.
We all are responsible but the action now will likely fall to those in the 15 to 35 age brackets. At no time in earth’s history has so much depended on so few, that is, to sustain life on earth.

What went wrong!
1. I remember a time when my aunt told my brother she had had her washing machine for around thirty years and that he could have it. We went to move it to his house. It was so heavy it was a terrific struggle to get it out of the house. My brother used that washing machine for another twenty years.
After WWll there were many soldiers coming home who needed jobs. Women were expected to give up jobs for them. At a local brokerage firm if there was a married couple working the women was expected to give up her job. The strategy worked out was the idea of a consumer society to create more jobs. Do not build quality, but build replaceability. When a machine broke down do not fix it, rather throw it out and buy a new one creating more jobs. Then the environment was not even a consideration. Now we know that was a critical mistake.
When you are building something, new or buying a product one should think of the amount of ecosystem destruction that act is causing. Nothing is made without harvest of resources. Nothing is harvested today without destroying more ecosystems and species.
We are badly over populated. Emphasis should not be, not feeding the masses but on reducing the masses. Earth is over-populated by two thirds. Religions are often responsible for too many births the earth cannot support and thus too many tortuous deaths.
We have fished out 90% of the larger ocean fish and many of the ocean fisheries. Trawlers damage the fish ecosystems, fish it out and move on to a new site.
80% of the floral forests are cut. The Indonesian forests are burned and the Brazilian rainforest is cut and farmed and the remainder is drying out.
Deserts are expanding and arable land for food is diminishing. Pimental et al have warned there will be massive global starvation by 2050. It has started! The fossil fuels burned cause CO2 a green house gas and thus climate warming. Climate warming is melting perma frost releasing methane a green house gas 20 times more dangerous than CO2. Warming is melting the ice caps which may be gone by 2030. This will mean a huge area will then absorb suns heat and not reflect it and the climate heating will increase more rapidly, as will storms, droughts, and disease spread.
Heat causes evaporation, evaporation causes rivers in the sky and they cause the deluge of rainstorms, floods and mud slides.
Fresh water is now short in Australia, the USA, China, Chile, Africa, the Mediterranean and the aquifers are mostly used up. Rivers have been over used and many quit flowing so places like the Sea of Aral is drying and disappearing.
Species are in the 6th great extinction phase caused by us, humanity. We are still mostly motivated by an economic model that is:
GROSS REVENUE MINUS COSTS EQUAL PROFITS. But costs have never included all the environmental costs. The environment has been a free good that can be used without reservation. That ancient model is the source of much of our problem along with, over population and dispersal of toxic products without the precautionary principle. I.e. do not distribute products and chemicals until you have proven them safe for the environment and for people.
The computer has sped up production and as well as consumption and therefore also the harvesting and destruction of even more ecosystems and life.

2. We need to broaden distribution since the daily media are censored. When a small girl is abducted and one finds the body all hell breaks loose in the media for a week or more. When a million people die from climate warming, it is not mentioned.
Time, the Washington Post, New York Times, Readers Digest, your daily newspaper, all refuse to enlighten the public about what they need to do to save their grandchildren. The weather is reported daily, but the climate warming aspects of the weather must also be reported daily. But the media refuse to print the most murderous events of our time. They never include as part of economic and all business news about how those impacts upon the natural environment occur and how we are consistently destroying ecosystems and liveability of the planet. News media must catch up to the times.
The object of life is not to consume but to live in total synchronization with the natural environment. Second to live a life compatible with the earth and with others while applying the good intrinsic characteristics with which we have been endowed. Life is experience not ownership and consumption. THE MEASURE OF SUSTAINABILITY IS NOT THE AMOUNT OF FOOD ONE PRODUCES BUT IT IS THE NUMBER OF ECOSYSTEMS THAT ARE DESTROYED!
It will be a hardship to adapt to the new reality of the earth. Not to adapt will be murderously more destructive and hugely more costly. Adaptation means being informed and accepting less.

‘Stephen Jenkinson a Harvard theologian says , “What makes life meaningful is not necessarily happiness, but a willingness to experience the entire depth and breadth of what life has to offer. Thus, when we experience small deaths like environmental collapse or collapse of identity…. You are going to allow your dying to change every idea you ever had about … ought to and supposed to, and who we are to each other, and what this time is for.” We learn to live better lives’. (Utne Reader Fall 2015 pp. 55. 59.)

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