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Willard’s Hierarchy of Needs for the Earth

Posted by Willard Anderson on February 6th, 2018.

Life of course all depends upon the earth and to a lessor extent upon the patch of earth we occupy. This earth hierarchy of need is about as follows with the most important as the foundation on the bottom. So, this needs to be understood from the bottom upward.

What it is What happened

Ecosystems that are the results of ultimate natural Evolution of humans
mutation, natural selection and evolution to the
the most productive ecosystems possible Efforts of homo sapiens to change habitats upon/in each patch of ground. to favour longevity of the individual family.
This taken to extremes to the point that
mankind needs to seemingly improve their
single personal benefit or the so called
improvement of life which then begins to
break down those levels starting from the
foundations to evolutionary processes,
dominance of one species, pathological
behaviours,that proceed to undercut all the
natural processes that allowed human
existence in the first place.

Formation of inter dependencies, from habitat to no humans
ecosystems including all species and chemical
cycles and firmly based upon the earlier evolution.

Evolution from simplest virus and bacteria no humans
ocean microorganisms, vegetation, to worms, land
animals finally to ultimately to higher order
of grazers dependent upon vegetation and
mankind dependent upon other mammals.

Virus and bacteria from other planets via meteorites no humans
or from the hydro thermal events, evolution or
travel of virus and bacteria form other planets or
evolution from geothermal vents. Growth and
evolution of life in the oceans and then to land,
particularly grasses on the land, and ultimately

Heating of the planet putting us in the Goldilocks no humans
Zone. Fundamental controls evolved: Erosion,
deposition, climatic controls,
Coriolis effect, hydrological cycles, chemical
cycles, ocean currents to move energy.

Main physics of the earth. Sun influences upon
the earth, revolution of the no humans
ozone layer, magnetic field, rotation of the earth,
earth and rotation, central magma of the earth,
component gases in the atmosphere,
the tilted axis, moons gravitational pull, presence of
Tectonic plates, geological history, pulses of
cosmic particles, place in the galaxy,
earths magnetosphere.


We do not have the right to happiness and a world of plenty. Our concept is of human rights is defined in a perfect world, that is a world made perfect for humans alone. That is not the situation that we are in. Human rights are not a universal. They are a convention that is artificially imposed upon the earth. Some of the largest detractors are despots and dictatorships. Most of them are kleptocracies. Religions are based upon ancient conditions that do not recognize even what the earth is. Most of them are also kleptocracies. They manage for a priest class. The dictate rules. They black mail by saying,” You cannot enter my heaven or get my blessing unless you play by my rules.”

Most of the problems we now have are those we have imposed upon ourselves. But they are now huge problems from which we may not recover. Humans rights now must operate in a new paradigm. And it is not one we will like much.

From the Museum of Human rights:
“account all relevant factors. This allows us to balance rights to protect the public interest.
The Charter recognises that all rights come with responsibilities. This includes the responsibility to respect other people’s right
We need a Charter because some basic rights, such as freedom of speech and religion and freedom from forced work and degrading treatment, have no clear legal protection.
The Charter is essentially a form of insurance to ensure that human rights are a priority for present and future governments.”

Now what we really need is a Museum of Biological Futures. Human Rights have little meaning if we do not know how many people the earth will ecologically sustainably support.


Posted by Willard Anderson on January 11th, 2018.

This is a response to Sitter’s letter in the RTAM news letter. Unlike the Human Rights statements humans get only the rights that are sustainable by earth physics and biology.

To the RTAM

I concur strongly with Ray Sitter. “We do not have a right to a happy and carefree existence.” and “You cannot ignore things that affect you.” That also means affects our grandchhildren. For too long we have accepted that we are great, have done great things and deserve a payback. What is happening is that we are letting the small stuff distract us. We grab what we think we deserve but forget the impact of our actions.
For example we have dealt badly with the earth we totally depend upon. We still seem too willing to sacrifice our grandchildren. No that is not a stretch. It is the reality we have been denying for far too long. Some has been caused by our consumption of fossil fuels :
That has created greenhouse gases CO2 and methane, climate warming, drying, drought, drying vegetation and wildfires globally. In California because of greater evaporation and thus greater rainfall we get heavier rains, because of dry vegetation we get wildfires globally and because of lack of vegetation we get mudslides in California and elsewhere.
We get acidification of the oceans, dying off of microorganisms which are the bottom of the food chain and thus fewer fish and sea mammals, along with over fishing by 90% in some cases we are depleting food sources for many coastal communities. This at a time when our present too large population is still increasing expecting a global population of 9 billion. We cannot feed seven billion. The ocean algae that produced 50 % of global oxygen declined by 40 %. Forests have been cut too rapidly and we are driving too many species to extinction. Collapse of ecosystems is the true measure of over population. The net result is expressed by Drs. Pimentel and Giampietro of Cornell U in “Food, Land, Population and the US Economy”, saying ,

“The maximum US population for a sustainable economy [is] 200 million.——- world population will have to be reduced by two thirds.” As well Dr. Dale Pfeiffer claims that, “coming decades could see spiraling food prices without relief and massive starvation on a global level [by 2050] such as never experienced before .”

Now perhaps some readers have scientific factual data that totally refutes this. It would be a happy moment. More important we can no longer be distracted by small things…. we were part of the problem and we have a duty to our grandchildren to help correct the problem. Write your Representatives, decrease your CO2 and consumption foot prints. Support policies that will address these problems not exacerbate them. We now need a global one child policy. Not to move towards this change is probably a criminal act because so many people are already dying.

I would be happy for support on these issues.


Posted by Willard Anderson on January 6th, 2018.

Fossil fuels caused climate warming which in turn is putting the world in serious jeopardy and while people recognize that t this is a kind of problem they have no idea of the scope, the immanency, or the likelihood that under current policies it will go wrong.

Now the USA has based all its new polices on the personal greed of a child like president with no recognition of the disaster the world faces.
It seems that by default the Canadian government is leading us down the garden path. No knowledge of how widespread or interconnected the problem is.

While millions die each year from climate warming still there is No GREEN ECONOMY PENDING. There is no united provincial front. Institutions that are old and decayed. A senate promoting only self and dictatorship. Independent individual provincial policies in too many areas. Many without a presence of the climate disaster in their curriculum at all.
In the case of Manitoba with which I have been most familiar, the last time I read the curriculum there had been no mention of climate warming at all, high school students need to know about their future or lack of future. They are walking blind and the government is assisting and directing this. One of the past Curriculum directors was quite religious and did not see the need to address climate warming. Education is one of the three great tools to bring it under control.
There is no relationship or use of the private media. They depend for news on private small but horrible accidents to whet the appetite of the by standers by to hold interest away from what counts. The only interest is profit. The free press has largely been replaced with an oligarchy of papers under corporate control who have largely fed in to the growth, petroleum fancy car myth as a measure of progress. This has for decades been outpaced by the Nova Scotian model of measuring growth buy benefits of living standards. But the old model of growth at any costs still holds sway. Growth measured by corporate profits that are not disseminated amongst the people but squirreled away in the hands of the top echelon of executives with their multi-million-dollar bonuses. There is now pressure to privatize Medicare because they see the high dollar the profits they may make. After all we are all willing to pay dearly for and that is on a slippery slope with privatized corporations on rapid growth. Our institutions are failing us because the old model of corporate government and twiddle dee twiddle dun has again raised its head The last well spring of solutions; education, the media, corporations, and
finally, politics has been maintained as an arm of industry.
Oil runs the conservatives and banks run the liberals. Elizabeth May is perhaps the only bright light but the current election system does not allow representation in parliament since we have modified democracy and in parliament and there is no “one vote one person ” to allow us all a voice in government. This was what Trudeau promised and it is the first most important step. The and the first after the post systems are old hangers on when the designers of Canada’s political system thought they would have to step in and control the populous and to this day they still do. The first important environmental bill put forward by the NDP and Liberal parties in parliament but voted down by the self-serving senate. It is still the case. We need to wean the senate away from power.

The policy of a price on carbon is important, but buying the right to pollute more is not a progressive move. Where is our desire and action of reaching out to the northern European nations that that in the forefront of dealing with climate warming? Why are we not collaborating with these nations? With the European trade agreement did we not make this more possible? If not, we missed huge chance to better the situation for the young. The oil producing nations are burying us when they have the funds to take us away from the brink. And make no mistake we are on the brink. No one knows how soon there will be an accelerating release of crystalized methane from the arctic coast, and melting and calving off of large pieces of the western Antarctic ice sheet rapidly raising ocean levels.

Corporate Driven Policies Increase taxes

Posted by Willard Anderson on December 8th, 2017.

2017 Corporate Driven Gov’t Policies Increase Taxes

Planning for the rich and not for the less well off.

Planning for the rich always includes reducing taxes and thereby increases profits and corporations wish to disregard any program that will interfere with this increase of profits.

The rich horde money and take it out of circulation. They can legally avoid taxes by sending money to “no tax” jurisdictions such as the Cayman islands. This is allowed in special trusts that are legal and which it only makes sense for the rich to use. But they stretch it beyond the legal

Even the middle class seldom utilizes these mechanisms as they have too little advantage if you do not have very large deposits or unusable or free cash and great disposable income.

Lower and middle class to have to pay their legal taxes.
The rich use lobbyists to get loopholes and taxes reduced

This has the effect of taking money out of the local economy and thereby deceasing the opportunity for jobs and thereby reduces the consumer spending and consumer market lowering economic returns and putting pressure on the economy to move to lower performance.
Third is a spiraling effect and without good policies it becomes difficult to turn this around.

The Trudeau government true to form has followed this approach of Tweedledee and Tweedledum of the Liberals and Conservatives who both serve the wealthy corporations.

They allow a senate to exist that has no responsibility to the people and no control through the electoral process so can be persuaded easily to do the governments business. Generally those appointed to the senate are those who pursue policies for the wealthy.

The horrendous aberrations put into place by Harper to decrease democracy have not been replaced or overturned. These dark bills have never been brought to light by the corporate owned press. But most likely the omnibus bills serve the rich or those who take no responsibility for climate warming such as some extremest religions. So the senate voted down a very important environmental bill which is now coming back to bite us anjure our children severely (See Johanna Wagstaffe, podcast ,” 2050 Degrees of Change”.

About when Trudeau discovered that the large corporations that funded his election copntrolled his freedom of speech , and they did not want this rep by pop process in place as it deteriorated the hold the corporations have on government.

The UK has a clear labour and business government choice. In Canada there are two corporate sponsored parties Liberal (Banks) and Conservative(Petroleum) and the labour party the NDP that are consistently denigrated by the media held by corporations.

A good example is the Notley government in Alberta who claims that the effort to close down pipelines
would cost too much, while it will cost us much, much more.
To reform the electoral process that Trudeau promised would have given more power to the people. He made a swift turn around as he needed big oil to fund the government while it is in fact labour that funds government

In fact fossil fuel disasters are costing us more every year. Research by professors in the IPCC state tat without the extra energy the fossil fuels added to the atmosphere that the storms that caused so much damage would not have been nearly so extreme. There would not have been such severe storms such as the Ice storm in Ont and Que, the flooding in Alberta, the flooding in Saskatchewan, the spread of the pine bark beetle in BC, and the 2017 wild fires in BC. These events are causing a rise in taxes in every province it is a hidden tax, not recognized as a fossil fuel initiated tax on the middle and lower classes that pay for the morbid foolishnes of those who push for a fossil fuels driven economy. A green economy would make Canada more competitive on a global basis and would create many new jobs in new technologies.

We are in a spiralling race to the bottom. With an agreement with China they would have the power to control Canadian resources and farms. They would do this by their insistence on companies operating in China use Chinese clouds and then Canadian inventions would be stolen by the Chinese and further the Chinese would insist that Canadian companies operating in China (The Economist) would have to get a permit from Chinese government to export Canadian inventions. For a mouse to sleep with the elephants is great mistake when the elephant is a dictator. China needs our food, energy and often our very good technology. We need to understand how to capitalize and make our inventions exportable without give aways to China. The old system helps international corporations operating in Canada but it will further decline wages in Canada and possibly reduce the economy as we export our inventiveness to China.

We now need to elect into power a true labour government that can help to pull us out of this control of government by the corporations. But it has also to be green. The fossil fuel based weather disasters are growing too great. In contrast to what Alberta premier Notly says, we have to progress as costs of fossil fuel based weather disasters is too threatening. We are going backward we commit to longer term use of Alberta Tar sands.in Canada ,

Running a green economy on new Canadian technology will boost our exports and increase jobs and improving the consumer part of the economy.

This unreasonable takeover of small newspapers, with and independent voice, by the large corporate owned press is also a mistake. We need independent papers. Without them we no longer have anyone to tell us the whole truth. We no longer have free speech under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. These takeovers should be prosecuted under the Charter’s requirement of free speech
Canada no longer has to be a colony of the larger nations, a trap we fall into by signing this agreement with China. We can stand on our own two feet. We have proven it.

Under NAFTA the US companies can fine us for lost profits and have done. This clause is not reciprocated for Canadian companies that lose profits in the USA, which is what Trump is doing today.
In any new agreement this reciporocation must be installed. In addition corporations must no longer have the same rights as citizens under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.



Posted by Willard Anderson on November 29th, 2017.


University of Texas at Arlington
Published November 21, 2017 01:16 PM
Three studies from UTA’s clear lab detect harmful pathogenic bacteria in Texas groundwater near natural gas extraction sites. Two published in “Science of the Total Environment”


Posted by Willard Anderson on October 31st, 2017.

Dictatorship has moved along nicely. As has now happened the problem is that when:

1. Harper placed the RCMP control under the party in power.
2 Placed the electoral commissioner under his Party.
3. Placed the right for his Minister of Justice to review the Supreme Court judgments.
4 He treated the senate as an appointed dictatorship, which it still is. .
5. And as with Trudeau accepts lobbying that is mostly a tool the corporations can use.
6. Prevented third parties or the Greens from being placed upon committees or limited their expressions.
7. Allowed robo calls to exist to redirect voters to the wrong voting site.
8. Tried to prohibited people who are not literate in English or French from voting.
9 Allowed senate, a non elected body to overturn parliament’s approved bills.
10.Allowed gerrymandering of voting districts so boundaries automatically favour one party.
11 Allowed omnibus bills to pass when details are not discussed in Parliament.
12. And I read in The Economist ( Oct 28,2017, p 15) that ,”Personalized authoritarian rule has spread across the world in the past fifteen years -often, as with Mr. Putin, built on the fragile base of a manipulated , winner-takes-all democracy” Which is what we have.

This is especially telling when our PM campaigned on more democratic electoral process of one person one vote representation in parliament. But now he has thrown his lot in with the wealthy elites- brought to light by the Paradise Papers. It is not just keeping the law as is, it is what law one makes that counts should move us closer to democracy not further away as is now happening. We must now reduce the power of the senate and make it a disgrace to accept a seat on an unelected senate. We must be assured they will vote their own salaries down to closer to zero before they take a seat and ostracize those that do not.

Further the economic model we use favours the few, it has The Economist says “messy complications from environmental damage to inequality,” (Sept.23 2017 p70).pushing the wealth up to the rich powerful elite who avoid paying taxes to correct the damage.

We as Canadians have to vote with our minds or we are close to losing the democracy we have left. The Paradise Papers make one realize the public does not have the control we thought. But we suppose the media are aware of that.

Then since government has pushed our system toward an almost dictatorial form of government, it is not surprising that the institutions that are created are not very democratic nor do they listen to expressions of freedom of speech.

Why is climate warming not the main subject in the schools curriculum.?
Why does the weather channel not report approximately which events are likely influenced by global warming?
Why do comprehensive weather reports not state clearly when weather events are the cause of death, and when they are a cause of death it should be made clear each time that this is a part of burning fossil fuels. Avoiding full information is a form of lying.
About Oct 30 2017, scientists announced there has been the largest increase of CO2 in the atmosphere for 800,000 years Since we were able to gear up for WW ll in one year why are we not able today to implement an effective green energy program?
Why does the Petroleum institute encourage pumping carbon dioxide into the ground when they support fracking that will make the rock porous and leak any CO2 pumped into the ground leak back up into the atmosphere. Are there not laws against hate mail?
Why do we not clearly discuss what the cost of climate disasters are and their accumulative costs and their accumulative impact upon GDP.

We need action.
Since the there has been a rapid sudden rise in CO2 in the atmosphere why is Trudeau not moving rapidly to green energy? We know this will be costly but it will be far more costly if we do not take action now!

Why has Trudeau not corrected these above problems?

Due to misleading formation:





More details to come.

Increase in CO2 from “SCIENCE AND ENVIRONMENT” Needs to be read!

Posted by Willard Anderson on October 30th, 2017.

Science & Environment
Record surge in atmospheric CO2 seen in 2016
By Matt McGrath
Environment correspondent
6 hours ago
From the section Science & Environment 1207 comments Share this with Facebook Share this with Twitter Share this with Messenger Share this with Email Share
coal fired smoke stacksImage copyrightGETTY IMAGES
Image caption
Emissions from human activities have levelled off but concentrations in the atmosphere continue to grow
Concentrations of CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere surged to a record high in 2016, according to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).
Last year’s increase was 50% higher than the average of the past 10 years.
Researchers say a combination of human activities and the El Niño weather phenomenon drove CO2 to a level not seen in 800,000 years.
Scientists say this risks making global temperature targets largely unattainable.
This year’s greenhouse gas bulletin produced by the WMO, is based on measurements taken in 51 countries. Research stations dotted around the globe measure concentrations of warming gases including carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide.
The figures published by the WMO are what’s left in the atmosphere after significant amounts are absorbed by the Earth’s “sinks”, which include the oceans and the biosphere.
Climate change: a guide
A brief history of Earth’s CO2
Global Change Calculator
2016 saw average concentrations of CO2 hit 403.3 parts per million, up from 400ppm in 2015.
“It is the largest increase we have ever seen in the 30 years we have had this network,” Dr Oksana Tarasova, chief of WMO’s global atmosphere watch programme, told BBC News.
“The largest increase was in the previous El Niño, in 1997-1998 and it was 2.7ppm and now it is 3.3ppm, it is also 50% higher than the average of the last ten years.”
Line chart showing rising carbon dioxide levels since 1960
El Niño impacts the amount of carbon in the atmosphere by causing droughts that limit the uptake of CO2 by plants and trees.
Emissions from human sources have slowed down in the last couple of years according to research, but according to Dr Tarasova, it is the cumulative total in the atmosphere that really matters as CO2 stays aloft and active for centuries.
Over the past 70 years, says the report, the increase in CO2 in the atmosphere is nearly 100 times larger than it was at the end of the last ice age.
Rapidly increasing atmospheric levels of CO2 and other gases have the potential, according to the study to “initiate unpredictable changes in the climate system… leading to severe ecological and economic disruptions.”
AirImage copyrightANTHONY DUBBER
Image caption
The British Antarctic Survey Halley base was one of the stations where atmospheric measurements were made
The study notes that since 1990 there has been a 40% increase in total radiative forcing, that’s the warming effect on our climate of all greenhouse gases.
“Geological-wise, it is like an injection of a huge amount of heat,” said Dr Tarasova.
“The changes will not take ten thousand years like they used to take before, they will happen fast – we don’t have the knowledge of the system in this state, that is a bit worrisome!”
According to experts, the last time the Earth experienced a comparable concentration of CO2 was three to five million years ago, in the mid-Pliocene era. The climate then was 2-3C warmer, and sea levels were 10-20m higher due to the melting of Greenland and the West Antarctic ice sheets.
Other experts in the field of atmospheric research agreed that the WMO findings were a cause for concern.
droughtImage copyrightGETTY IMAGES
Image caption
Droughts related to El Niño, such as this one in Colombia, limited the ability of plants and trees to soak up carbon
“The 3ppm CO2 growth rate in 2015 and 2016 is extreme – double the growth rate in the 1990-2000 decade,” Prof Euan Nisbet from Royal Holloway University of London told BBC News.
“It is urgent that we follow the Paris agreement and switch rapidly away from fossil fuels: there are signs this is beginning to happen, but so far the air is not yet recording the change.”
Another concern in the report is the continuing, mysterious rise of methane levels in the atmosphere, which were also larger than the average over the past ten years. Prof Nisbet says there is a fear of a vicious cycle, where methane drives up temperatures which in turn releases more methane from natural sources.
air samplesImage copyrightWMO
Image caption
Scientists handling air samples at the Cape Grim monitoring station in Australia
“The rapid increase in methane since 2007, especially in 2014, 2015, and 2016, is different. This was not expected in the Paris agreement. Methane growth is strongest in the tropics and sub-tropics. The carbon isotopes in the methane show that growth is not being driven by fossil fuels. We do not understand why methane is rising. It may be a climate change feedback. It is very worrying.”
The implications of these new atmospheric measurements for the targets agreed under the Paris climate pact, are quite negative, say observers.
“The numbers don’t lie. We are still emitting far too much and this needs to be reversed,” said Erik Solheim, head of UN Environment.
“We have many of the solutions already to address this challenge. What we need now is global political will and a new sense of urgency.”
The report has been issued just a week ahead of the next instalment of UN climate talks, in Bonn. Despite the declaration by President Trump that he intends to take the US out of the deal, negotiators meeting in Germany will be aiming to advance and clarify the rulebook of the Paris agreement.
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Las Vegas Slaughter and Climate Change Slaughter 3 Oct 2017

Posted by Willard Anderson on October 2nd, 2017.



The killer in Las Vegas did not know his victims. When they suffered he had no connection to the those who suffered. Not knowing the relationship left him with a clear conscience. It only him with a feeling of being known in the world.

In climate change those who caused the CO2 climate change deaths did not know their victims. Those who caused the CO2 climate change had no connection to those who suffered. Not knowing the sufferers left the people who caused the death with a clear conscience. It left them only with a feeling of having achieved good things in their lives that made them feel they have something to be remembered for.

When you are absent from the victim you hold no empathy for him/her. We need to feel we are more of a community and that we stands up for everyone. When you get a man like O’Leary who says, “Greed is Good” then he is willing to absent himself from all the destruction and the bad that he causes. He should not get away with this. The new economic model suggested by Landerrachie, Bowles, Carlin, and Stevens * in “The Economy” may finally have an impact upon an old destructive economic model that is killing the world. Let us hope they are not too late.

The question is should those who were most destructive pay the penalty?

* The Economist Sept 23 , 2017. p 70



Posted by Willard Anderson on September 15th, 2017.

To be a great man/woman means something more than being an expert in a discipline. It means also valuing humanity and the earth environment we live in. Each of us has a duty to our children and grandchildren. If we are not willing to honour that kind of dedication then we should be certain we have no children, since growth is a cancer. Progress a gift.

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