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Posted by Willard Anderson on April 7th, 2017.

Problems for Priority for Benefit of the Young, 7 April 2017
These are extremely important.

1. Deal with climate warming, switch to green energy or non fossil fuels to reduce the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere start pumping it out with the same fervour we pumped it into the atmosphere.

2. Clean up farming so it doesn’t dispose of unused fertilizer by draining it into the oceans and adding to the 500 dead zones in the ocean.

3. Reduce tree cutting until there is empirical evidence that forests can regenerate.

4. Stop over fishing and reduce trawler use until the threat of fisheries collapse no longer occurs and threatens loss of an important food supply.

5. Clean up the oceans . Clean up plastic in the oceans and stop plastics from entering the food chain.

6. Require all parents of 16 yr old children and younger to take parenting courses where participation can be confirmed.

7. Ensure via scheduling that educational opportunities become accessible and universal.

8. Encourage basic health services and impose court penalties directly impacting dictators that refuse.

9. Use the precautionary principle and do not allow human exposure, consumption or ingestion of toxic chemicals until they are proven safe.

10. Require forms of government to be classified as to the amount of input the people have who are being governed.

11. Require annually the distribution of countries’ wealth to be publicized to the people of the country and if it is unfair spell out the problems publicly.

12. Transfer away from fossil fuel use, requiring first world countries to set the example and third world countries to be scheduled in over ten years.

13. Impose a one child policy globally until it is proven that the population can be sustained in that country without destruction of the biological stability of the earth. Measures include no further destruction of ecosystems and regenerating those ecosystems that are integral to the health of the earth.

14. All political and law imposing agencies be required to have a biologist with veto power on his/her governing advisers.

15. Recognition of the other neighbours in our galaxy or universe is mandatory to long term existence.

Convergence of Self Imposed Disasters April 2017

Posted by Willard Anderson on April 2nd, 2017.


We are in a time of lethal convergence of events. Today the president of the USA is destroying research that investigates and confirms man made climate warming . He is responsible for killing people. We are in a time of measuring success not by empirical means, but by how we feel about it. We taste in our mouths, the pride of a new car, the joy of living with bigger bed rooms for our children. But this is not enough for most people to get a grip on how we fit in this place and time. They are internalizing pleasure not relating to the whole. We are in a time of purchasing whatever we want or whatever the advertisers want. We do not connect the means and impact of producing the product to the joy of eating or using the product. A time of isolating ourselves from reality. What we think we are giving our children may be hurting them more than helping them. We are in a time of measuring all reality by its immediate impact upon our emotions not upon how its impact relates to the “no man is an island” philosophy. If we are a part of all that we have done then we have separated ourselves from any real understanding between me and who we think we really are. This is a several leagues separation between me and who we think is responsible for the impact of our actions. This is a world in which it is not safe to behave without knowing ourselves. The curriculum writers and educators are responsible for not teaching how to evaluate our whole selves and how we relate to our habitat – the earth. Some of us go on faith alone, without seeing the connection of how that faith at times warps the reality of faith driven actions and instability of the earth. We may be faith criminals without seeing it. But like law we cannot think that ignorance is an excuse for our destructive behavior. In faith terms we are then doing the work of the devil. This separation between perception and reality is the problem of the leader of Syria and his relentless slaughter of people who only wanted to be heard. Hence he is a criminal and should be tried in the World Court.
For ourselves we have:
– created five hundred dead zones in the oceans mostly from farm fertilizer run off.
– caused over fishing and brought on an expected collapse of ocean fisheries by 2050, already under way.
– cut too much of the worlds forests.
– caused destruction of habitat and hunting thus have created animal extinctions at a rate of one thousand times faster than the natural rate.
– used nicotine based insecticides and killed off too many bees that pollinate 25% of our crops and lowers food productivity.
– burned fossil fuels that caused climate warming and amongst other problems is causing the progressive drying of the Brazilian rain forset one source of oxygen for the planet.
We are eroding the basis for human life in order to produce the capitalistic growth at any cost model that is killing children reflected in Africa where drought is threatening a million people due to fossil fuel caused drought.
As our senior meteorologist in Environment Canada said, “We ain’t seen nothing yet.” Is this what you wish to impose upon our little children? The thing is it is late in the game and we need to change now. We cannot use some esoteric argument that we will lose some financial wealth if we do, we will lose some of our fat of the land if we do – is that a fair trade for the health of our children the most defenseless of the world. For some of us our parents went through the first world War, The Great Depression and the Second World War. Compared to that hardship can you sacrifice a little bit for the sake of the children? What is your level of greed? I need your answer now. The children need your answer now. What do you say?
Mobilize May 1 st at the halls of political leadership. Demand the switch from fossil fuels to green energy within five years scaled at ten percent the first year.

Leave your answer as a comment below.
Please distribute this widely.

Yale Environment 360 Reports Growth in Solar 1 April 2017

Posted by Willard Anderson on April 1st, 2017.

Yale Environment 360 published a graph which shows the tremendous growth in solar, “Utility-scale solar more than doubled its capacity last year”. Apparently solar can now be competitive with coal or natural gas. In Canada if one transferred the subsidies from fossil fuels to solar and wind and green energy generally then green energy would be less costly. As well the full costs of fossil fuels have never been added in to fossil fuel companies costs in their economic formula. The tax payer pays fossil fuels companies costs. Fossil fuel caused storms and destruction and death now annually represent around one trillion dollars in costs globally. Death rates are increasing with millions in Africa at risk this year from drought. For the sake of the children we have to make changes toward green energy now.


Posted by Willard Anderson on March 16th, 2017.

7 billion people in a 2 billion world 16 March 2017

In the time of Deep Ecology in the 1970’s biologists said back then the ideal population of the earth circa 1900 would be about 1 to 2 billion people. The earth now has less capacity. In a world of 7 billion How does it fit together?

Did people make a difference to the earth. Probably the wrong question to ask.

The earth would have gotten along without us. More diversity of species, greater length of survival of a different way of evolving, perhaps species added, mammoths remained and size grew and with added intelligence. Minimalism is one route for evolution or degradation of energy. Some say the world moves towards eutrophic conditions. I believe the universe is cyclical.

Has science made a difference. No doubt yes though some of it was more negative than positive. Since it was not done with unified goals in mind but just the need to research more in some narrow unrelated field. But what if we had set broad goals, which means thinking the big picture ie, other species mattered, the planet, the universe? Despite our change in biological destruction perhaps we can redirect our goals and our ideas of progress. But what politician cares?

Our Problems
All that we have fought for over a thousand generations was not a cohesive thought. It was just we did a lot of things and somehow we had to make sense of what we did much of which was not sensible. Now we have to structure a more unified plan that will make sense for the future. Protect natural fresh water supplies, reverse climate warming, fewer people, think more of the planet and universe. The earth climate changed perhaps a half degree in two thousand years, today our use of fossil fuels has changed it one degree in 45 years and much of nature cannot adapt. Nature means us!

I was in a very clean trailer park in Mesa. It was diametrically opposite to my idea of any park but an insight to what city people expect there. As I looked around I found it was almost totally 99% a fabricated environment. True they had planted a dozen or two cactus but deciduous plants and palms dominated totally, both demanding so much water they could never survive in the desert. Near the San Francisco area they are pulling up almond trees because they have depleted the aquifer. The Central Valley will once again become desert. In New York the canyons of towers make nature impossible. On the Yangtze River in China the acidified air burned my nose and throat, I understood the face masks of big cities. All still well accepted politically. While the country side natural vegetation had long been decimated the tightly over crowded cities of Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai and further away those such as Mexico City become the mausoleums of the future. But in China many live from hand to mouth in a Chinese dictatorship short on social programs, while the Canadian prophylactic program in Africa was cut by PM Harper a religious demagogue. Talk about backward steps. There seems to be no real effort to live with the earth, none to date, CO2 emissions still accelerate.

We Need To
Build curricula that suggest alternative realistic futures, but as positive as we can make them. So we don’t say, “I will win, but of course others must lose” since we are in a closed system.

The Hubble telescope tells us there are two trillion galaxies in the universe, there are other civilizations, statistics proves so how could it be otherwise. Our goals must relate to that.

If we are to live on this planet we must live within the the constraints or limitations of the productivity of the earth, not how much can we eat, but how does diversity improve life generally, how do we reduce our demands?

We must not let toxic waste dumps and pollution grow.

Now we have a start to build criteria to help from goals that are worth while. What do we want to be as people?
Greed and lust for profit at any cost is the ultimate evil, the ultimate ignorance. Lust for profit at any cost, the current economic model used in all trade deals is income – cost = profit . Except the costs never included the impact upon the natural world. So big business took the profits and the taxpayer pays for the costs of climate change caused by the fossil fuel companies searching for profit. Thus a legitimized theft that remains in place to this day and gives us selfish multi billionaires.

So there must be goals for way out there in the universe. The University of Calgary’s proof of the existence of Einstein’s “spooky action at a distance” or thermo dynamic entanglement gives a strong hint of what is to come. The USA has said the “beam me up Scotty” transportation may occur by the end of this century. We are getting a more enriched understanding of black holes, curved time space, dark energy and matter, absolute speeds etc,

Traps and Punishments
The sirens that led Odysseus on to the rocks are still with us. Start not with “what will I profit to invent and sell a thing-a-ma-jig,” but rather, how does this little piece of what I do fit into the long term goals. Surely ecologically sustainability will become one guide. Would a politician accept this as a target or do we need to reconstruct what is a good politician? How do we find them?

Perhaps like Chile we need a disappeared list. We need a world court with teeth. It has always bothered me that serial killers are put in a penitentiary, provided bed and board, TV, libraries for a cost of up to $50,000. per year and never pay for the lasting harm they have imposed and in the meantime young children have inadequate funding to pay for what childrens’ futures is becoming.
We need to ensure criminals understand what pain they have inflicted. Second the money spent on them must be used to help the children in a limited resource system. We need to honour the earth for our childrens’ benefit. Greed harms children. Those who pursue greed need to pay it forward.

We need an empowered court with teeth to judge, such as the world court could be. What are the laws the world court uses anyway? Men such as: Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, need to be convicted posthumously to demonstrate what world criminals are. Today leaders of violent dictatorships, of kleptocracies, religious extremists that kill often in shrouded terms of working for their god, these need to be judged in our world court. As should Assad who started a war based upon the peoples wishes to be heard. “Greed is good” on poplar shows is the making of a planned statement of murder. Let us not be fooled. Those people need to be on the termination list. In our over stressed system people of the First World consume about 23-27 acres to support each person. A Third World person uses one to two acres to support oneself. Thus while for each person moving into the First World consumer society needs four or more people to die in the Third World. And they are dying. Recently four countries in Africa are experiencing drought and it was reported that millions are at risk, with 6 million in Somalia alone. Hundreds of thousands have died from fossil fuel caused climate warming induced storms.
Today the birth rate still far exceeds the death rate. Perhaps by 2080 there will be a crossing of the graphs lines when deaths exceed births. It will not be a smooth change. What would you expect? How will our goals address this probable future?

Where to Go
Are you a good person? How does one measure goodness? Thinking about the problem. Acting at least in some way on solutions.

Of course we do have the problem of conspiracy theories based only on hearsay without any empirical evidence. People who want to be heard should do a little background search to understand that what they say holds water in the real world. Too many like Trump make statements of desire or hearsay, of what he personally wants, rather than statements of fact. Even in Canada today the CBC needs to go back to airing public letters on whatever opinion. It needs to be more democratic, more in line with Freedom of Speech, not just freedom of speech for the privileged.

Users of the social media are a new wave that have to be heard but they have to use fact based information in judging or in investigation before offering sloppy opinions, not just wild hearsay such as we are getting from a noted world leader.

The ultimate few worlds top billionaires control untold wealth that they stole from the labourers via their simplified economic formula, labourers whose gains never kept up with the wealth of the production they created. The few major world billionaires divvy up some of their engorged wealth to create a bit of what Africa needs, better health services, but forget the real problem which is over population and impact of consumerism. Religion drives billionaires motives more than biology. All the world needs a one child policy. Some will mock that and say, “I want or we need more children”, more market for thing-a-ma-jigs. But that personal want is killing the world. What we need, (our children and grandchildren need ) but not what we adults want, is important.

We almost need constitutional change. There is no such thing as absolute freedom in a closed system world. The USA National Rifle Association is perhaps the most perfect system of an institution that is anachronism in our time. Too many politicians follow that pattern. Far sighted goals could take us out of this trap.

Living in the Mind and Reality 16 Feb 2017

Posted by Willard Anderson on February 16th, 2017.

Living in Your Mind – Beauty and Truth 14 Feb. 2017

When the brain interacts with something experienced through our senses: taste, touch, hearing, seeing, smelling we are living in the present. If the mind translates those stimulus by parallel intelligence, and jumps ahead, then to gain truth we may have applied another language.
It is strange how Madeleine Thieu (Don’t Say We have Nothing. p 107) describes it,
“He’d been thinking how if one needed darkness in order to see the heavens [read stars], might daylight be a form of blindness, could it be that sound was also a sort of deafness.” To follow that logic:
You would need to shrink interstellar distance to see the order in the Universe.
We need stillness of the mind in order to understand motivation to action.
When disorder prevails we need to apply rational investigation.
To transport matter throughout the universe we need to de-scramble it’s patterns to molecules.

When you watch TV you are put into the abstract of the mind. When you go to the theater
the same. When one dreams, when you read, your reach into the abstracts of the mind is greater. The mind does more and the media less. The more abstract the concept yet with the creators meaning, the greater the perfection of the minds interpretation. BEAUTY! Thus the simpler the media concept, the deeper the meaning, the greater the beauty.

Hence intrinsically there is a reach for abstraction and heightened mind experience. So we move from a complexity of senses to more and more just one sense. If we were to abandon this process we would be stealing from our future. So beauty as love is not a complexity, it is a singularity. It remains in that single media unless a deeper experience dislodges it. To abandon the process is to leave a deep wound. While to accept it is to learn. Perhaps learning always is the greatest capability of our species. Do not be afraid to learn!

We are creatures of our minds. Every time we are worried about something, every time we are being creative, problem solving, every time we deal with our relationship with our children or with lovers, we are working in the mind. We can fall in love with a mind!

But above all, “we want no more gods and emperors, no more saviors of any kind. We want to be master of our own country. Democracy freedom and happiness.” (Thien p. 369) TRUTH! But when the damage to democracy put in place by Harper has not been repealed, when corporations control the media, when the one main measure used is the dollar profit, when there is not a public outcry that sees the decline of the life systems of our earth, then we again need love, beauty, need to learn, need truth and to fight heartily.

“A revolutionary government should listen to the voice of the people. Nothing should silence it more than silence.” (Thien ibid p 371, ) It is not revolutionary to stop a voting system from happening that “says one person one vote”. … “A new path is opening up, we failed to take long ago” (ibid) and lost out on our path and instead got global capitalism, a system that benefits from discrediting ‘one person one vote’.

Beauty is truth, truth beauty!



Posted by Willard Anderson on February 4th, 2017.


Democracy at Threat
Democracy is under attack. Turkey is clearly moving from a democracy to a theist autocracy.
The USA has moved from a democracy to an oligarchy. Now David From wrote The Making of an Autocracy to be in the Atlantic magazine Feb. 2017 regarding the loss of democracy in Canada.

The Philippines now have a leader who is killing people without due process.
In Canada under the Harper regime a lot of the rights were weakened to the point that a single request from the PM could remove your rights. (see earlier articles) There are dictatorial laws instituted by Harper that have never been re moved.

Trying to Live a Simpler Life Away From the Trials of Humans
To avoid the harsh realities of life a women tried to live like a dog. A dog is by nature an animal that lives by it’s nose but a simple life. As it is increasingly house bound it no longer needs that sense nearly so much so it becomes less of a natural dog. A lap dog lives totally in a house does not need to use his nose. A woman who tried to live as a dog found it was not possible. Her evolution was too far past that and she made false assumptions about dogs. She is stuck with our collective problems. Humans do something the same. Those who live virtually most of their lives within a city have no need for much use of the senses. With erosion of many of our senses we now live mostly by our eyes alone. Canadian natives were exceptionally good listeners. We are bombarded with ads and close out listening. Music is magnified by volumes and burns our ears. Our legs are in poor shape because we take cars even to the corner store. Our digestion is attacked by a myriad of chemicals and we wonder why we have a cancer epidemic. But when we go to a park our pulse lowers and our blood pressure decreases, by evolution we are still people of the bush. Much of what is imposed upon us is harmful, the good is examined by scientists for a particular amounts of progress. But we are curious and for those who choose to our brain gets more and more exercise.

By comparison the life of human species have evolved from living in the bush over a period of 2.1 million years. Homo sapiens from about 350,000 to 200,000 years ago. Some tribes have continued living in the bush such as the Bushmen of the Kalahari, others in the Amazon and in Indonesia. These people likely cross fertilized and without the 5000 years of European man as a guide are also Homo sapiens. Evolution occurs over tens of thousands of years. Homo erectus, 1.9 million years ago. Neanderthal to Homo Sapiens evolved from 350 to 200,000 years ago. So our current physiology probably has not changed much at all from the time of settlements 5,000 years ago.

Evolution From The Fossil Record (Numbers below of time periods are in thousands.)
Comparative table of Homo species
Temporal range kya
Adult height
Adult mass
Cranial capacity (cm³)
Fossil record
Discovery / publication
H. habilis
2,100 – 1,500[163]
110-140 cm (4 ft 11 in)
33–55 kg (73–121 lb)
H. erectus
1,900 – 70
Africa, Eurasia (Java, China, India, Caucasus)
180 cm (5 ft 11 in)
60 kg (130 lb)
850 (early) – 1,100 (late)

H. neanderthalensis
possibly a subspecies of H. sapiens
350 – 40[169]
Europe, Western Asia
170 cm (5 ft 7 in)
55–70 kg (121–154 lb) (heavily built)

H. rhodesiensis
also classified as H. heidelbergensis
300 – 120
Very few
H. sapiens
(modern humans)
 – present
150 – 190 cm (4 ft 7 in – 6 ft 3 in)
50–100 kg (110–220 lb)

Denisova hominin
possible H. sapiens subspecies or hybrid
1 site
Red Deer Cave people
possible H. sapiens subspecies or hybrid
Very few

Hominin species distributed through time edit
Ref: Wikipedia

(Only selected examples used)

Toward Government Democracy
In more recent times Governments make a big difference. Groups living under emperors in China and perhaps Egypt occurred by about 5,000 years ago as absolute dictatorships. Around 1 to 2,000 years ago the Greeks and Romans started to let their senators share power which shared intelligence and sorted problems better.
About 930 AD the Iceland Vikings held their Al thing credited as being the first parliamentary system.

As British power changed from the Tudors to the Stuarts, the first line of Stuarts shared power with the nobles around the late 1500’s. British parliament was developing.

The Idealized End Rationalizes the Criminal Means
We have now chosen to live under government systems. But systems can still be abused. In White Tiger the Author references India saying ‘in the climb to the top it is likely that that person has killed at least one person.’ In Canada when one reaches the top and supports existing carbon policies that person is probably responsible for more than one death. Fossil fuel caused climate warming today is the worlds greatest problem. In the world today 58 thousand people are at risk and need supports due to climate.
The “Estimated number of people that will be driven into extreme poverty by 2030 because of climate change : 100,000,000.” (Harper’s, Index. p. 9, Feb 2016)
Estimated deaths from pollution, mostly coal particulate matter and CO2 emissions in China caused 1.6 million deaths annually. For Europe .62 million. For the world due to fossil fuel caused climate warming 3 to 4 million deaths per year. Recently “20,000,000 people are at risk of hunger across Africa”.
Why is this?
“Estimated amount G20 nations spent in 2014 on climate-change-adaptation assistance for poorer nations $4,500,000,000
On direct subsidies to fossil fuels producers $77,000,000,000.”
(Harper’s, Index, March 2016. p.9)

Choices in Your Selected Sphere of Living
People live in terms of their belief brain. They have a fixed construct in their head about what they define as their reality and they won’t accept anything that goes beyond no matter how well it is based upon practical evidence. This limits peoples thinking a great deal. It limits what their lives may become.
Open your mind and your life does as well. We cannot live as simply as a dog. We cannot live within our own idea of a selected self defined sphere within which we take our actions depending on our inclinations. We know that we live on a planet with limitations. We must correct our lifestyle so that we do not act beyond the boundaries that the physical and biological attributes of the planet impose upon us.
But beyond that we find the WHY political actions increasingly serve the few.

Old Concepts & Wrongly Presumed What is fact
Now Sasquatch are like that and require an open mind. Many have reported sightings world wide and many in Manitoba.
For instance several decades ago people believed there were no cougar in Manitoba. There were reports all over but these were not accepted. Finally someone shot one near Beausejour.
There are reported sightings from many reliable witnesses seeing Sasquatch. They were a fact in native history. But the experts say they do not exist.

There is a video shot from a ferry near Norway House of a Sasquatch walking along the Nelson river and CBC broadcast it once. Still they are not considered a reality. Some fishermen camped up north. They said they had large rocks thrown towards them that scared them enough to leave. It could only have been Sasquatch, but they do not exist. Except natives have recognized them in their histories. Just because our technology hasn’t gone that far does not prove the species does not exist. They are recorded in Asia and in N. America. An animal as strong and fast as the Sasquatch could easily catch game. Biologically there is no reason the species as described could not exist. Many animals over winter the cold weather of Canada. The Sasquatch is no different. As the initiator of the Manitoba Speleological Society, a caving group, we have found many places they could over winter in relative comfort.

Lastly UFOs are seen by thousands yet government controlled opinion is that no such space ships exist. Sometimes it just takes time for our technology to catch up. Now that dark energy and matter is expected to be discovered, the Higgs Bosun particle discovered, the thermodynamic entanglement or Einsteins action at a distance is proven real and the new Universe proven with the up graded Hubble telescope, we need to open our minds to keep pace with knowledge. We have seen much further into the universe. A few years ago it was estimated by astronomers that there were 200 billion galaxies in the Universe. They said that if there is only one civilization, our own, in the Milky way galaxy as an average, IE only one civilization per galaxy in the universe then there could be 200 billion civilizations in the Universe. But the new telescope says there are now estimated to be 2 trillion galaxies in the universe. This best estimate now is as many as two trillion civilizations in the universe. It is absurd and statistically unlikely that there would be no other civilizations. I would expect as well that we can recognize other civilizations could have much superior technology. In fact that evidence is put forward by UFO specialists. Would you bet against a one in 2 trillion opportunity for advanced life? The opposite is true. There is a certainty that there are other civilizations. What one believes from a multitude of observations, what the extent is of our new experience may cast out existing limited beliefs into the range of the ridiculous. Be careful when you say some circumstance cannot happen unless you have looked at the most up to date scientific research, even if that research does not fit your life sphere or fit the prognosis of a few scientists about life in the universe. Read about the Higgs bosun particle, Einsteins “action at a distance” or thermodynamic entanglement, the discoveries of the upgraded Hubble telescope, dark energy and matter, anti gravity power source, gravitational waves – look to the future. Right now it is alleged that a private power structure controls a lot of the new knowledge. (Dolan, UFOs, 2009)

How to Solve Problems
Now we are setting the stage for a new kind of problem solving. Almost anything one can imagine could now be something we should investigate a little. Then apply some of our high speed computer technology or cross fertilization of ideas to it, and see where it takes us. Test a bit of it and re hypothesize to see what one missed the first time. Examine measurement types and what may be measurable in the near future. Look at other worldly technology. If they lived “where” what problems for them would have to be overcome. What technologies would they have had to have? In this new context the sightings of UFOs is not absurd, rather it is to be expected. Read Leslie Kean’s book UFOs or Dolan’s UFO 2009 work.

Skepticism and Government
“Apple’s music is accessible on every-ones I phone, Apple has placed conditions on its rivals that make it difficult for them to offer competing streaming services ” (Senator Elizabeth Warren, Atlantic, October 2016, p.27) In a 1930’s debate, “Brandeis argued large companies would inevitably exploit their workers, convert their profits into political influence, and corrode both the market and the machinations of government. ….[today] Citizens United has empowered business at the same time corporate profits have been hitting an all time high; wages are stagnating at the same time stock buybacks and dividends soar; corporate mergers are spiking as entrepreneurship languishes; mom-and-pop stores are shuttering as corporate franchises fill the empty spaces.”(ibid, p.31)
In Canada corporations have the right of a citizen under the Charter of Right and Freedoms, and this gives corporations the power to remove Rights and Freedoms from the citizen. People do not read the fine print as we have seen in the Trump case. Harper’s deceptive at best Omnibus Bills have been hidden from the public.

When people are not informed they act in ways that do not serve them well and take the advice of the elite controlled media.
So people believe because; they become followers; for religious reasons; because they have not read anything on the subject; because they fear an unmanageable future and because the power corporate elites control much of the news and control government by lobbying. So Trudeau will not make the voting system more fair where each vote counts, because it would be a barrier to elitist control. A barrier to ideas that may benefit us all. People accept false information because people seem to have a fixed concept of the sphere they live in and they cannot allow themselves to imagine anything outside of that sphere, until war or disaster hits. But in the climate warming case it is too late. We are on a very tight schedule right now. Look at the data on line: the interactive Prairie Climate Centre – Dr. Danny Blair et al. and Climate System Emergency Institute, Dr. Peter Carter, BC. and Dr. Hansen et al. – especially the chapter on the Tipping Points.
We need to make governments fully attack climate warming. Democratic governments that work for us – the people.

Should this discussion be on the high school curriculum ? Yes ___ No —–

Kindness Needs to be Applied in the Macro Setting Too 1 Feb. 2017

Posted by Willard Anderson on February 1st, 2017.


The highest calling is kindness we discussed that in a sort of way; Kindness to spouse, to children, to parents, to friends, but also to enemies because lack of making choices that are against their own interest is probably what made them enemies. Of course we expect reciprocation. But how do we get to kindness. Dictatorships of course are bound to founder. There is not a broad enough intellectual base to solve problems.
There are some things that seem to warrant a leadership role. How to help children grow, helping to heal, broad mindedness, which is narrowed by too limited a view on life and in ones interests.
Trump needs to learn to come to a common understanding. One has to seek it out. So it means picking the critical things. The big fields.
Has Trump a good range of understanding or is his view not more than a whim. We are looking at the true measure of man. The problem is that people make a lot of decisions that are against their own interests. A lot of this can be attributed to the fact that they do know enough about the world. As my son said the news in California is what goes on on the east coast. The view is very myopic. There is a whole world out there, that mostly is not nearly so privileged. But of course global capitalism has begun to change many lower income people into third worlders, who do not rate medicare or a decent public school education and teachers are not respected. People voted in Trump based upon his bluster that he would make America great again without knowing what the institutional framework would be needed to make such a thing happen. But the world has changed. We cannot allow the wild west rape the earth for profits. But the problem equally was that Clinton represented the captains of industry and they were right she did not represent the workers, that was a Bernie Sanders task, he was the true visionary that needed to make America great again. One quote I recall was, “If you want to make America great, look to the Swedish model”. Because right wing extremists criticize Sweden does not make it wrong, only that the right wing become false profits.
Which raises another problem. When people are uninformed they hail to the soap box orator. It may be a Trump or right extremist religious view. It is not uncommon for religious followers to remake their holy books over in their own interpreted image. And they have done that in droves. When their gods are reconfigured they can do anything they selfishly want. Buddhists stand on the roadside letting global warming destroy crops and families, others interpret their books as having the right to kill anyone that does not believe as they do. Christian extremists think it is right to take health care away from the poor and the most outrageous lies may show up on their net sites. Is it kind to steal peoples wages just because you can? Is it kind to impose drought upon Indian farmers so they commit suicide, just because they are in the way of fossil fuel profits? Is it kind to impose ignorance by limiting funds to schools? Perhaps Trump should have been a dictator. What would he have done with a Russia. Which leader would have killed more people?

With the wealth to bluster and not fear courts, he has limited or no understanding of the social ways a community operates, how a better education system is designed or health care system or the insidious impacts of over population, or why climate warming is statistically accurate. Between his tweets and religious idioms Trump has gotten a way off track.

Taxes are an important institutional tool. It can be used to twist a lot of arms, and today that needs doing. During the post war days the tax code was much more fair. But Canada took a different route. Global capitalism has been the race to the bottom. Since its initiation incomes have stagnated I believe it was from about 1976 to 2006 that there was only a $2, an hour wage increase in the USA. Unions have been stamped out by conservative governments. But they are drastically needed to fight large corporations. Tax loopholes need to be closed. Off shore tax evasion needs to be stopped, even in Canada. Lobbying needs to be fair, every citizen has the same right to the PM’s time as the big corporations. It is a stilted game. Our form of Democracy needs to be strengthened. The Harper Omnibus Bills need to be repealed or at least reexamined. We still do not know the damage they have done. The electoral commissioner needs to be independent not beholding to a minister of the Crown. The oversight committee of the RCMP should be non partisan. The minister of justice should have no right to review the decisions of the Supreme court. These are important features for democracy. Free speech rather than false news that Trump made up for the election and which needs to be replaced again by a thoughtful media, reversing the cascade of The Missing News. Kindness needs to be held in the macro setting too.

Letter to the Minister on

Posted by Willard Anderson on January 29th, 2017.

Minster of Education
168 Legislative Building
450 Broadway
Winnipeg, MB R3C 0V8

February 1, 2017

Dear Sir:

Our younger children are at high danger of exposure to the worst weather catastrophes. The schools have a responsibility to help keep children safe over the longer term. High school students need to know what is coming so they can be involved in protecting themselves.

Climate change caused indisputably by burning fossil fuels is loading more heat and energy into the oceans and thereby climate, directly causing more and worse storms, floods, fires, drought, mudslides, avalanches, tornadoes, typhoons, extinctions and spread of disease. Extreme events are outside the norm for CO2 loading in the atmosphere at pre industrial revolution times. Climate warming is indeed noted in the IPCC and is proven to be caused by fossil fuel burning. The results have caused many losses: flooding of farmer fields in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, drought in California and increased food costs, drought in India causing many farmers to commit suicide, terrible destruction in the Philippines and in Burma on the Irrawaddy delta with deaths of about 138,000, destruction of homes, and incomes destroyed for many.

The annual death rate has been reported by China as 1.6 million, for India probably around the same, for Europe estimated around .62 m. Globally a reasonable estimated annual death rate is 3 to 4 million.
Our senior meteorologist David Phillips at the Department of the Environment said, “We ain’t seen nothing yet.”

Much of earth natural resources are now under heavy stress and much is in a state of collapse with extinctions about 1,000 times higher than the natural rate. Fisheries are in a state of collapse, forests cut without reference to environmental benefits. We had an F5 tornado 33 km west of Winnipeg. Towards the end of the century a horrible death rate is considered likely.

For education to take its’ responsibility would you please ensure that the curriculum points out the need to strongly direct teachers to fully interest students in the details of climate warming catastrophes, and to raise this at national conferences. A few years ago the curriculum did not mention climate catastrophes and death rates.
Our children need better.

Could you please advise me of your plans regarding this worst problem in the world.

Yours truly,

With Little Thinking it is Hard to Address Macro Problems

Posted by Willard Anderson on January 26th, 2017.

Trump 9 Jan 2017
A little of this bears repeating, but in the context of what are the stages of going from democratic to oligarchic to tyrannical?

Since a pro fossil fuels position is dangerous to climate we need to discuss Trump’s policy statements.
It has to be noted that we all want to know what Trump is.
– Is asking the the Russians to hack e mails a criminal action against his own country?
– He has slandered Mrs Clinton since the CIA said there is no criminality and hers was just poor judgment.
– He is allegedly in a business which has a close association with Putin. Under USA law could this be construed as theft from the peoples resources in Russia?
– He has never opened his tax return and may be in a position of tax avoidance. The USA has been fighting Illegal Tax havens within Tax Haven countries and used by companies which the USA has taken to court and fined, requiring payment for illegal tax avoidance behaviour.
– He has a legal case against him regarding Trump University.
The big question is what is the relationship between Trump and Putin? Trump usually does nothing unless there is some thing in it for himself. He seems extremely self centered. Now he suggests the NATO alliance has had its day. He suggests that each European Nations would each be better of by itself, each going it alone. He praises Brexit when the uncommon knowledge is that removing Britain from EU trade and finance agreement weakens Europe.
– Putin would like to reinstate the politics that were in place after its invasion of Hungary in the mid fifties to renew his dream of the Soviet Socialist Republic but controlled by Putin.
– For Trump he wants a weaker Europe so he can continue his actions such as in Crimea and Ukraine as he wants to reestablish the country politics after the Hungarian Invasion about 1956 that created the maximum Soviet Union.
– NATO is Putin’s main barrier so he would gain most from getting rid of NATO’s power.
This suggests that Trump is highly invested in a Putin view but would it have a high impact upon the USA? Harm to the USA could span decades and the USA perhaps may never again have its positive outreach, a tragedy for the world. China and Russia are dictatorships after all.
As an adjunct to the Trump rail against a strong Europe it is worthy of noting the fundamental basis for the theoretical position Trump takes. Without being too facetious it would be easy to call Trump’s view it a sort of conspiracy theory of strategies or a more to the point a tweet system of government.
He does seem to focus on jobs not a bad idea but to the exclusion of deaths from climate change, social welfare, fair returns to the public, health services, education, loss of species and habitats
collapse of ecosystems, democratic process and protection from dictators. One needs a global view and the list goes on. A tweet view of the earth is a government based upon ignorance.
How do we square the circle? Narrow to broad concepts.
1. The leader of the Free World says , “No one knows the system better than me.” Little thinking! Yet he has no clue about how a medical system is designed and operated, or an educational system, or the food industry from water supply to pesticide to fertilizer.
2.Our economic system which is fundamentally based upon earnings minus costs = profits – but costs almost never include anything in the natural environment. At the same time how we live is fundamentally based upon biology and climate.
3. Humans are herd animals – social is the key, but the leader knows nothing but self.
4. Food is the support for all humans but the largest agricultural system is based upon grab as much water as fast as you can to make profit so aquifers and fresh waters decline as the whole population increases. There is no sustainability for the resource that once sustained itself while the population rises each year and does nothing to sustain itself at a level the earth can ecologically sustainably support. An educational system includes elementary school, high school, university bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees and post doctoral research programs. While the president takes his knowledge from tweets.
and it goes on and on.
6. New knowledge is based upon investigating the unusual, the need for problem solving, building upon those that went before but developing the new. Yet tens of thousands have seen unidentifiable objects, over Area 51, over the home of the UN in Belgium, British nuclear plants, yet the USA government operates as if these thousands of people do not exist and if one starts research from the basis of 19 C assumptions even though the idea of thermodynamic entanglement has been proven, dark matter and energy hypothesized, anti gravity and magnetic power systems being researched, then one does not square with the other.
7. There are many serious problems to deal with. Could some sort of crowd sourcing using the speed of computers not help address a variety of assumptions or hypotheses. But spectator sports have become the opiate of the people and these many minds are seldom available for problem solving.
8. It is alleged there may be litigation being prepared due to Trump’s means of holding his private companies.

If we cannot presently square the circle in thinking but in action it is evident that we have to change our lifestyle to be compatible to the earth. Our macro lifestyle has to recognize the limitations of the bio-physical earth. The new design of life has to address each of the items above. This is a drastic change and we have to vote only for the party that will begin to address those changes or our grandchildren perish. It is very simple. Do you love your children?
Tyranny is the limiting of the action on ideas to a cloistered narrow minded few. Do You love your children??


Posted by Willard Anderson on January 20th, 2017.

How does this impact Earth? CHARACTERISTICS OF UFO’S Jan 20, 2017
If it quacks like a duck and swims like a duck and looks like a duck, and thousands say it is a duck then I would be very unlikely to bet that it was not a duck.
With advanced improvement of telescopes the astronomers now estimate rather than billions of galaxies in the universe they now estimate trillions of galaxies in the universe.
As well since there have been no responses to signals sent out in the galaxy they say there may be conservatively speaking just one advanced civilization in any galaxy. With two trillion galaxies in the universe, therefore there may be more than a trillion advanced civilizations in the universe. Evolution being what it is, it would be surprising if there were not civilizations with advanced technology that could send space ships to earth. With all the new technologies we must think outside the box. Why would one send signals if one can fly there?
Applying our experience with UFOs how would we characterize such civilizations. We can do so only through knowledge of their UFO ships:
They seem to have red, green, blue, orange or white flashing or stable lights.
They appear to have different shapes: triangular, egg shaped, cigar or tubular shaped, spherical or saucer shaped.
They seem to have no difficulty to reach speeds of 800 mph to perhaps 3,000 mph and to reach these speeds in seconds or almost instantaneously and some have described movement as a jump or bump up from a standstill to another location speeding to a new location past jets, but motion not really seen.
They seem to jump or bump up from a standstill to another location almost in an instant.
They can land and interact, communicate with or abduct humans.
Their ships can avoid or render impotent any missile or bullet fired at them.
They seem to have scanning light that may act as a sensor, detection or defensive ray.
They seem to mean no harm to us as their technology is beyond anything developed on earth.
They have an interest in earth and seem to be monitoring or sampling the earth.
During their presence over cars or electronics they seem to shut down electronics at their choosing. It seems they use an electro magnetic force to take out car electronics.
On three occaissons when lights were flashed at them they responded by flashing lights. They may be interested in some form of communication.
They are able to render people unconscious and people may awake with lost time, with a dazed feeling or with burns.
Observation descriptions estimate the length can vary in size from 30 ft to 100 ft to 300 feet and even to 8 times the size of an airliner and fifty feet high.
UFO personal have been generally described as about 4 to 5 ft high but with large heads and eyes. Some described as Nordic and very human like.
There are alleged to have been abductions. People who have touched their ships seem to have burns or their well-being is affected sometimes for years afterward.
The most outstanding report by Sheehan (Dolan, UFOs, 2009. p 136)
“report on extraterrestrial intelligence … concluded there were probably between two and six intelligent civilizations in the Milky Way Galaxy more technologically developed than the human race.’ the UFO report showed drawings of different shapes of UFOs, and concluded there were many cases in which USAF investigations could not rule out the possibility that some of these vehicles were in fact extraterrestrial.”
They seem to leave hard measurable evidence of radiation remains on the ground or yellow or white powders or matter. U3O8 is a yellow oxide shipped out of Elliot Lake so they may have some kind of nuclear capability. In one case a silver piece 4 inches long in a W shape was left on the ground where the UFO had rested. Silver has a high thermal and electric conductance. It may be disposed of due to contamination”‘nation? The sample also contained copper. Also at one landing site there was a powder left and identified as “thaumasite”. (Dolan, UFO’s , 2009) It requires carbonates, sulfates and water to form, which could give evidence toward fuel types. Also a pattern of small spot burns of four burns in four lines on Michalalk who approached a UFO near Falcon lake. Some individuals had suntan like burns and did not recover for some time. Some have depression like behaviour for some time. At the Falcon site it was also alleged that a piece of metal was found, perhaps aluminum which is produced from bauxite. From a animal butchering site there were remains of chemicals in the hides including potassium and magnesium.
I also have photographs I took of the crop circles in the Qu”appelle Valley near highway 9.
Chemicals may offer some insight or suggestion of location by measuring chemical signatures from nearby planets.
Perhaps crop circles, if they are authentic, could represent a specific type of space craft.
The USA denial approach to UFO’s particularly after the New Roswell crash has has become problematic and hinders desirable research. A research organization must be developed omitting membership by USA government agencies.
This is a situation so drastic and with no outlet for action that there seems to be few reasons why the USA, a technological culture has attacked informal UFO research. One reason could be that they have a crashed UFO ship remnants and they are trying to reverse engineer this ship and want to dissuade any other research into this in which they have an advantage. Or at the extreme they have communicated and been advised to leave well enough be.
A decent research and communication protocol and laboratory approach must be initiated. Our civilization in this time of fossil fuel caused climate change may depend upon it.
Carter’s aide “very very close to Carter” entered the office and found “Carter was sobbing with his head in his hands nearly on his desk” (Dolan. 2009, p. 138). Now how must one interpret this? If he had a personal problem he would be out the door taking action. A military calamity he would as president present a stoic front. That it could be a black management team in control and threatening the President is doubtful as there would still be many options. More likely he got the UFO briefing he wanted, but it painted him into corner. Was the briefing of an action against human kind with no option for positive responsive action. The aliens are a superior race if their technology is the measure. Of course imposed hazards could be great – poisoned water supplies, humans as slaves, sprayed gases, rays or whatever aliens have. Degradation of the grasp humanity has on the earth as a result of: the damage from fossil fuel caused climate warming, destruction due to a growth only agenda and a profit at any cost economic model makes one doubt our own intelligence. Much destruction! If you had the power would you not put better stewards in charge of this wonderful blue and green planet, especially if you were sharing it.
We need a view on aliens that is more thorough and government information is not accessible.
We need a multi-country investigative team to do proper a investigation when these sightings occur.
Develop a protocol and place it on the net so on site experiences can be handled better.
Eliminate any countries participation who do not fully cooperate.
Make all results public.
Develop a description and problem solving formula over earth would not change some things . Put someone better in control line so many can participate without damaging the collective proposed solutions.
Develop an additive descriptor system.
Make physical remains: powders, metals, organic materials, photos and other materials in a secure holding but open access Research earth magnetics as a source of power.
Blackball and deny membership to people who seem to have a destructive bent towards this more solid investigative procedure.
Structure a research center, organization, protocol and location. Enter the topics needing to be addressed into present serious UFO conferences: IE Openness, structure, research library, protocols, and on-line designs for recording observation and material events.
Create a contact list of all UFO organizations to date.
Look for private funding.
Develop an administration.
Place repeat sightings immediately on line in the “Instant Newsletter.”
Develop a system and staff for detecting fraud.
Learn how to measure velocity of UFOs.
Learn how to measure space-time distance under UFO technology.
Use cross fertilization of: pilots, police, astronomers, mathematicians, physicists and common observations to join forces in design of protocols.
To develop a new system – use authors of peer reviewed books as a starting point along with presidents of existing UFO organizations with credible histories.
Fund research into transportation methods other than fossil fuels supported engines. Investigate dark matter and energy, anti gravity, Higgs Bosun particle, magnetics, plasma, thermodynamic entanglement, tele-transportation, nano particle transportation via laser, magnetohydrodynamics etc.
Of utmost importance is that we will not learn a lot about UFO’s until we can communicate with them – which there is alleged to be via an alleged NSA program, “to communicate with non-humans “(Dolan, 2009. p 229). More factual is the response to a car, aircraft and ground based lights flashing lights at UFOs and getting a response. The Foo Fighters (possibly experimental aircraft or UFO,s) of the second world war may have picked up Morse Code signals. There is a Rosetta Stone from 196 BC, and since there is a world languages registry I would think advanced civilizations would have capability in many languages. So any aircraft that encounters UFO’s should have the signaling capacity for Morse Code and perhaps even communicate via English. They should also have capacity to transmit via radar frequency, normal visible light waves, perhaps electromagnetic pulses and if it now exists thermo dynamic entanglement means, if such capacity yet exists. Such instruments should be built into every observatory, military and commercial aircraft and if reasonable all aircraft, and even into a few police cars.
UNESCO has a World Heritage Library and this concept should now expand to other systems in the world.
Ref : Read Leslie Kean’s , “UFO’s”

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