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Letter to the Minister on

Posted by Willard Anderson on January 29th, 2017.

Minster of Education
168 Legislative Building
450 Broadway
Winnipeg, MB R3C 0V8

February 1, 2017

Dear Sir:

Our younger children are at high danger of exposure to the worst weather catastrophes. The schools have a responsibility to help keep children safe over the longer term. High school students need to know what is coming so they can be involved in protecting themselves.

Climate change caused indisputably by burning fossil fuels is loading more heat and energy into the oceans and thereby climate, directly causing more and worse storms, floods, fires, drought, mudslides, avalanches, tornadoes, typhoons, extinctions and spread of disease. Extreme events are outside the norm for CO2 loading in the atmosphere at pre industrial revolution times. Climate warming is indeed noted in the IPCC and is proven to be caused by fossil fuel burning. The results have caused many losses: flooding of farmer fields in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, drought in California and increased food costs, drought in India causing many farmers to commit suicide, terrible destruction in the Philippines and in Burma on the Irrawaddy delta with deaths of about 138,000, destruction of homes, and incomes destroyed for many.

The annual death rate has been reported by China as 1.6 million, for India probably around the same, for Europe estimated around .62 m. Globally a reasonable estimated annual death rate is 3 to 4 million.
Our senior meteorologist David Phillips at the Department of the Environment said, “We ain’t seen nothing yet.”

Much of earth natural resources are now under heavy stress and much is in a state of collapse with extinctions about 1,000 times higher than the natural rate. Fisheries are in a state of collapse, forests cut without reference to environmental benefits. We had an F5 tornado 33 km west of Winnipeg. Towards the end of the century a horrible death rate is considered likely.

For education to take its’ responsibility would you please ensure that the curriculum points out the need to strongly direct teachers to fully interest students in the details of climate warming catastrophes, and to raise this at national conferences. A few years ago the curriculum did not mention climate catastrophes and death rates.
Our children need better.

Could you please advise me of your plans regarding this worst problem in the world.

Yours truly,

With Little Thinking it is Hard to Address Macro Problems

Posted by Willard Anderson on January 26th, 2017.

Trump 9 Jan 2017
A little of this bears repeating, but in the context of what are the stages of going from democratic to oligarchic to tyrannical?

Since a pro fossil fuels position is dangerous to climate we need to discuss Trump’s policy statements.
It has to be noted that we all want to know what Trump is.
– Is asking the the Russians to hack e mails a criminal action against his own country?
– He has slandered Mrs Clinton since the CIA said there is no criminality and hers was just poor judgment.
– He is allegedly in a business which has a close association with Putin. Under USA law could this be construed as theft from the peoples resources in Russia?
– He has never opened his tax return and may be in a position of tax avoidance. The USA has been fighting Illegal Tax havens within Tax Haven countries and used by companies which the USA has taken to court and fined, requiring payment for illegal tax avoidance behaviour.
– He has a legal case against him regarding Trump University.
The big question is what is the relationship between Trump and Putin? Trump usually does nothing unless there is some thing in it for himself. He seems extremely self centered. Now he suggests the NATO alliance has had its day. He suggests that each European Nations would each be better of by itself, each going it alone. He praises Brexit when the uncommon knowledge is that removing Britain from EU trade and finance agreement weakens Europe.
– Putin would like to reinstate the politics that were in place after its invasion of Hungary in the mid fifties to renew his dream of the Soviet Socialist Republic but controlled by Putin.
– For Trump he wants a weaker Europe so he can continue his actions such as in Crimea and Ukraine as he wants to reestablish the country politics after the Hungarian Invasion about 1956 that created the maximum Soviet Union.
– NATO is Putin’s main barrier so he would gain most from getting rid of NATO’s power.
This suggests that Trump is highly invested in a Putin view but would it have a high impact upon the USA? Harm to the USA could span decades and the USA perhaps may never again have its positive outreach, a tragedy for the world. China and Russia are dictatorships after all.
As an adjunct to the Trump rail against a strong Europe it is worthy of noting the fundamental basis for the theoretical position Trump takes. Without being too facetious it would be easy to call Trump’s view it a sort of conspiracy theory of strategies or a more to the point a tweet system of government.
He does seem to focus on jobs not a bad idea but to the exclusion of deaths from climate change, social welfare, fair returns to the public, health services, education, loss of species and habitats
collapse of ecosystems, democratic process and protection from dictators. One needs a global view and the list goes on. A tweet view of the earth is a government based upon ignorance.
How do we square the circle? Narrow to broad concepts.
1. The leader of the Free World says , “No one knows the system better than me.” Little thinking! Yet he has no clue about how a medical system is designed and operated, or an educational system, or the food industry from water supply to pesticide to fertilizer.
2.Our economic system which is fundamentally based upon earnings minus costs = profits – but costs almost never include anything in the natural environment. At the same time how we live is fundamentally based upon biology and climate.
3. Humans are herd animals – social is the key, but the leader knows nothing but self.
4. Food is the support for all humans but the largest agricultural system is based upon grab as much water as fast as you can to make profit so aquifers and fresh waters decline as the whole population increases. There is no sustainability for the resource that once sustained itself while the population rises each year and does nothing to sustain itself at a level the earth can ecologically sustainably support. An educational system includes elementary school, high school, university bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees and post doctoral research programs. While the president takes his knowledge from tweets.
and it goes on and on.
6. New knowledge is based upon investigating the unusual, the need for problem solving, building upon those that went before but developing the new. Yet tens of thousands have seen unidentifiable objects, over Area 51, over the home of the UN in Belgium, British nuclear plants, yet the USA government operates as if these thousands of people do not exist and if one starts research from the basis of 19 C assumptions even though the idea of thermodynamic entanglement has been proven, dark matter and energy hypothesized, anti gravity and magnetic power systems being researched, then one does not square with the other.
7. There are many serious problems to deal with. Could some sort of crowd sourcing using the speed of computers not help address a variety of assumptions or hypotheses. But spectator sports have become the opiate of the people and these many minds are seldom available for problem solving.
8. It is alleged there may be litigation being prepared due to Trump’s means of holding his private companies.

If we cannot presently square the circle in thinking but in action it is evident that we have to change our lifestyle to be compatible to the earth. Our macro lifestyle has to recognize the limitations of the bio-physical earth. The new design of life has to address each of the items above. This is a drastic change and we have to vote only for the party that will begin to address those changes or our grandchildren perish. It is very simple. Do you love your children?
Tyranny is the limiting of the action on ideas to a cloistered narrow minded few. Do You love your children??


Posted by Willard Anderson on January 20th, 2017.

How does this impact Earth? CHARACTERISTICS OF UFO’S Jan 20, 2017
If it quacks like a duck and swims like a duck and looks like a duck, and thousands say it is a duck then I would be very unlikely to bet that it was not a duck.
With advanced improvement of telescopes the astronomers now estimate rather than billions of galaxies in the universe they now estimate trillions of galaxies in the universe.
As well since there have been no responses to signals sent out in the galaxy they say there may be conservatively speaking just one advanced civilization in any galaxy. With two trillion galaxies in the universe, therefore there may be more than a trillion advanced civilizations in the universe. Evolution being what it is, it would be surprising if there were not civilizations with advanced technology that could send space ships to earth. With all the new technologies we must think outside the box. Why would one send signals if one can fly there?
Applying our experience with UFOs how would we characterize such civilizations. We can do so only through knowledge of their UFO ships:
They seem to have red, green, blue, orange or white flashing or stable lights.
They appear to have different shapes: triangular, egg shaped, cigar or tubular shaped, spherical or saucer shaped.
They seem to have no difficulty to reach speeds of 800 mph to perhaps 3,000 mph and to reach these speeds in seconds or almost instantaneously and some have described movement as a jump or bump up from a standstill to another location speeding to a new location past jets, but motion not really seen.
They seem to jump or bump up from a standstill to another location almost in an instant.
They can land and interact, communicate with or abduct humans.
Their ships can avoid or render impotent any missile or bullet fired at them.
They seem to have scanning light that may act as a sensor, detection or defensive ray.
They seem to mean no harm to us as their technology is beyond anything developed on earth.
They have an interest in earth and seem to be monitoring or sampling the earth.
During their presence over cars or electronics they seem to shut down electronics at their choosing. It seems they use an electro magnetic force to take out car electronics.
On three occaissons when lights were flashed at them they responded by flashing lights. They may be interested in some form of communication.
They are able to render people unconscious and people may awake with lost time, with a dazed feeling or with burns.
Observation descriptions estimate the length can vary in size from 30 ft to 100 ft to 300 feet and even to 8 times the size of an airliner and fifty feet high.
UFO personal have been generally described as about 4 to 5 ft high but with large heads and eyes. Some described as Nordic and very human like.
There are alleged to have been abductions. People who have touched their ships seem to have burns or their well-being is affected sometimes for years afterward.
The most outstanding report by Sheehan (Dolan, UFOs, 2009. p 136)
“report on extraterrestrial intelligence … concluded there were probably between two and six intelligent civilizations in the Milky Way Galaxy more technologically developed than the human race.’ the UFO report showed drawings of different shapes of UFOs, and concluded there were many cases in which USAF investigations could not rule out the possibility that some of these vehicles were in fact extraterrestrial.”
They seem to leave hard measurable evidence of radiation remains on the ground or yellow or white powders or matter. U3O8 is a yellow oxide shipped out of Elliot Lake so they may have some kind of nuclear capability. In one case a silver piece 4 inches long in a W shape was left on the ground where the UFO had rested. Silver has a high thermal and electric conductance. It may be disposed of due to contamination”‘nation? The sample also contained copper. Also at one landing site there was a powder left and identified as “thaumasite”. (Dolan, UFO’s , 2009) It requires carbonates, sulfates and water to form, which could give evidence toward fuel types. Also a pattern of small spot burns of four burns in four lines on Michalalk who approached a UFO near Falcon lake. Some individuals had suntan like burns and did not recover for some time. Some have depression like behaviour for some time. At the Falcon site it was also alleged that a piece of metal was found, perhaps aluminum which is produced from bauxite. From a animal butchering site there were remains of chemicals in the hides including potassium and magnesium.
I also have photographs I took of the crop circles in the Qu”appelle Valley near highway 9.
Chemicals may offer some insight or suggestion of location by measuring chemical signatures from nearby planets.
Perhaps crop circles, if they are authentic, could represent a specific type of space craft.
The USA denial approach to UFO’s particularly after the New Roswell crash has has become problematic and hinders desirable research. A research organization must be developed omitting membership by USA government agencies.
This is a situation so drastic and with no outlet for action that there seems to be few reasons why the USA, a technological culture has attacked informal UFO research. One reason could be that they have a crashed UFO ship remnants and they are trying to reverse engineer this ship and want to dissuade any other research into this in which they have an advantage. Or at the extreme they have communicated and been advised to leave well enough be.
A decent research and communication protocol and laboratory approach must be initiated. Our civilization in this time of fossil fuel caused climate change may depend upon it.
Carter’s aide “very very close to Carter” entered the office and found “Carter was sobbing with his head in his hands nearly on his desk” (Dolan. 2009, p. 138). Now how must one interpret this? If he had a personal problem he would be out the door taking action. A military calamity he would as president present a stoic front. That it could be a black management team in control and threatening the President is doubtful as there would still be many options. More likely he got the UFO briefing he wanted, but it painted him into corner. Was the briefing of an action against human kind with no option for positive responsive action. The aliens are a superior race if their technology is the measure. Of course imposed hazards could be great – poisoned water supplies, humans as slaves, sprayed gases, rays or whatever aliens have. Degradation of the grasp humanity has on the earth as a result of: the damage from fossil fuel caused climate warming, destruction due to a growth only agenda and a profit at any cost economic model makes one doubt our own intelligence. Much destruction! If you had the power would you not put better stewards in charge of this wonderful blue and green planet, especially if you were sharing it.
We need a view on aliens that is more thorough and government information is not accessible.
We need a multi-country investigative team to do proper a investigation when these sightings occur.
Develop a protocol and place it on the net so on site experiences can be handled better.
Eliminate any countries participation who do not fully cooperate.
Make all results public.
Develop a description and problem solving formula over earth would not change some things . Put someone better in control line so many can participate without damaging the collective proposed solutions.
Develop an additive descriptor system.
Make physical remains: powders, metals, organic materials, photos and other materials in a secure holding but open access Research earth magnetics as a source of power.
Blackball and deny membership to people who seem to have a destructive bent towards this more solid investigative procedure.
Structure a research center, organization, protocol and location. Enter the topics needing to be addressed into present serious UFO conferences: IE Openness, structure, research library, protocols, and on-line designs for recording observation and material events.
Create a contact list of all UFO organizations to date.
Look for private funding.
Develop an administration.
Place repeat sightings immediately on line in the “Instant Newsletter.”
Develop a system and staff for detecting fraud.
Learn how to measure velocity of UFOs.
Learn how to measure space-time distance under UFO technology.
Use cross fertilization of: pilots, police, astronomers, mathematicians, physicists and common observations to join forces in design of protocols.
To develop a new system – use authors of peer reviewed books as a starting point along with presidents of existing UFO organizations with credible histories.
Fund research into transportation methods other than fossil fuels supported engines. Investigate dark matter and energy, anti gravity, Higgs Bosun particle, magnetics, plasma, thermodynamic entanglement, tele-transportation, nano particle transportation via laser, magnetohydrodynamics etc.
Of utmost importance is that we will not learn a lot about UFO’s until we can communicate with them – which there is alleged to be via an alleged NSA program, “to communicate with non-humans “(Dolan, 2009. p 229). More factual is the response to a car, aircraft and ground based lights flashing lights at UFOs and getting a response. The Foo Fighters (possibly experimental aircraft or UFO,s) of the second world war may have picked up Morse Code signals. There is a Rosetta Stone from 196 BC, and since there is a world languages registry I would think advanced civilizations would have capability in many languages. So any aircraft that encounters UFO’s should have the signaling capacity for Morse Code and perhaps even communicate via English. They should also have capacity to transmit via radar frequency, normal visible light waves, perhaps electromagnetic pulses and if it now exists thermo dynamic entanglement means, if such capacity yet exists. Such instruments should be built into every observatory, military and commercial aircraft and if reasonable all aircraft, and even into a few police cars.
UNESCO has a World Heritage Library and this concept should now expand to other systems in the world.
Ref : Read Leslie Kean’s , “UFO’s”


Posted by Willard Anderson on January 20th, 2017.

The Trump Influence on Climate Warming

Trump 9 Jan 2017
Since a pro fossil fuels position is dangerous to climate we need to discuss Trump’s policy statements.
It has to be noted that we all want to know what Trump is.
– Is asking the the Russians to hack e mails a criminal action against his own country?
– He has slandered Mrs Clinton since the CIA said there is no criminal intent in her actions.
– He is allegedly in a business which has a close association with Putin. Under USA law could this be construed as theft from the peoples resources in Russia?
– He has never opened his tax return and may be in a position of tax avoidance. The USA has been fighting illegal tax havens within tax haven countries and used by companies which the USA has taken to court and fined, requiring payment for illegal tax avoidance behaviour.
– He has a legal case against him regarding Trump University.

Then big question is what is the relationship between Trump and Putin? Trump usually does nothing unless there is something in it for himself. He seems extremely self centered.
Now he suggests the NATO alliance has had its day.
He suggests that each European Nations would each be better of by oneself , each going it alone.
He praises Brexit when the uncommon knowledge is that removing Britain from the EU Trade and finance union of course weakens Europe.
– Putin would like to reinstate the politics that were in place after its invasion of Hungary in the mid fifties to renew his dream of the Soviet Socialist Republic, but controlled by Putin.
– Putin wants a weaker Europe so he can continue his actions such as in Crimea and Ukraine as he wants to reestablish the country politics after the Hungarian Invasion about 1956 that created the maximum Soviet Union.
– NATO is Putin’s main barrier so he would gain most from getting rid of NATO’s power.
This suggests that Trump is highly invested in a Putin view but would it have a high impact upon the USA? Harm to the USA could span decades and the USA perhaps may never again have its positive outreach,.. a tragedy for the world. China and Russia are dictatorships after all.

Convergence of Extremes : Contemplation to Action Dec 2016

Posted by Willard Anderson on December 16th, 2016.

CONVERGENCE OF EXTREMES: contemplation to action 2 Dec. 2016
It appears as if we are living in a time of a convergence of peculiar and extreme events.

– We are in a time when global capitalism has almost uninterrupted control over governments except for dictatorships. Of course corporatism is dictatorship.

– Global wealth has been refocused to the top one percent of the population by global capitalism, leaving labor with decreasing or nonexistent raises.

-We are in a time of global pandemics : HIV AIDS, SARS, EBOLA, ZICA, MALARIA.

– There seems to be a consensus in the way religions treat each other -“considering the violence inspired by so many religions … did they do so maliciously” (R. Dolan. AD After Disclosure, p. 297.)

– There seems an extension of Star Wars in a belief that we may travel to another planet or even Mars if we destroy earth. This is currently impossible and demonstrates ignorance.

– There is a current convergence of new news about space with high powered telescopes, so the size of the perceived universe has gone from billions of galaxies to trillions of galaxies.

-There seems to be a plethora of concerning conspiracy theories disregarding the basis of science and that does not recognize the science in our daily use of tools and machines.

– At the same time there are thousands of observations by qualified viewers of phenomena such as Sasquatch and UFO’s that when so many observations are in evidence common sense suggests there must be something there worth doing research upon.

– There is data now in a WWF report saying that we will destroy two thirds of our animals on earth if we don’t change our behavior and at the same time data tells us that China, India and Africa will each have a 20% drop in food production within 20 years. For countries with a billion or more population the inevitable result would be migration, wars and large die offs.

-We have used fresh water supplies with unrelenting pumping, over pollution and with drought exacerbating this and yet there are no country wide long term planning strategies for conserving water.

– Now there are numerous governments taking action to move closer to dictatorship, indicators are: not checking ballots twice, allowing the electoral commissioner to be responsible to a minister, and allowing the minister ( a political position) of justice to review the Supreme Courts decisions, accepting the overthrow of sovereignty of land, personal loss of privacy through governments cell phone surfing while not enforcing the Charter of Rights and Freedoms or equivalent documents.

– International finance is in trouble. India has canceled currency and caused a rush on gold buying. China seems to be over extended in debt and if not managed properly could lead to crisis. The USA is in debt to about $17 trillion. Trump promises another tax deduction for large corporations raising the debt by another $6 trillion. If his economic kick start does not perform as he expects this added debt could lead to default and a more pervasive collapse than the 07-09 problem.

-There are a host of new discoveries in the past few decades: Nano technologies, lasers, dark energy and dark matter- the “spooky action at a distance” now called Thermodynamic entanglement, electro magnetic fields that influence electronics- the USA electromagnetic bomb and the knowledge that electro magnetic fields from lightning could fry electronics such as inverters as noted in two cases- so called anti gravity machines – detection systems that have identified gravitational waves from the big bang – a host of cosmic particles as yet probably not more than a few identified.
But there is no cooperation amongst countries to investigate, link and apply these new technologies.

The earth biophysical landscape is at serious threat. There is as yet no serious attempt to actively cooperate to correct the problem of fossil fuels caused climate change – though we may now be on a cascade making correction a lot more difficult.

There needs to be a cooperating agency between governments that do not pursue such different philosophies that common agreement is not possible at this current time. It may have to start with something smaller and simpler than the UN.

There is a current convergence of new astronomical information. Some time ago there was thought to be hundreds of billions of galaxies in the universe. Recently with the upgraded telescopes and satellite probes a statement was made that there were 10 trillion galaxies in the universe. Time and distance is a problem. One thing is striking, speed of UFO’s is described as so fast they, “appeared to jump from one point to another”. (Leslie Kean , UFO’s 2010). This phenomena is akin to the thermodynamic entanglement which has been proven experimentally at the particle level and now is hypothesized as a method to fantastically improve speed of the internet. If this same phenomena can be scaled up from particles to machines we may have a transportation speed that is UFO like. While France, Britain, Brazil, Chile and other countries have provided free access to their UFO information the USA has remained secretive. Is it possible that the USA has maintained its secrecy because of what it discovered in the New Mexico UFO crash and this plus other new knowledge put it ahead in back engineering a saucer and getting near to the energy drive systems of UFO’s. An earlier observation of a UFO from a car led to an interesting interaction. (L.Kean, UFO’s) The car driver floashed his lights at it. The UFO responded by flashing lights back. Yet there has been no reply to our intragalactic signals. Paraphrased one astronomer said, “If we are the single advanced civilization in our galaxy then at one civilization per galaxy there is a probability of only
10 trillion civilizations in the universe. There has to be the linking of all the new technologies to help solve problems and to reach the levels of other civilizations in the universe.

The Economist projects vast ioncreases in jobs 20 years out. First world people consume about 4 to 7 times as much as third world and people. China in the last 5 decades has added 300,000,000 people to first world consumption. This means a huge crush of over harvest and over consumption destroying the earth. Growth is evil but progress and what makes the people more ecologically compatible withe the earth is good. There has to be a tax on plastic doodads and disposables and emphasis useful production and an emphasis on enduring needed items and reduction of waste. Not growth but progress and efficiency related to people and the earth and needed research. We need to get busy. Cooperation always trumps competition. Even ants and bees know this and ecosystems are based upon this principle. We are part of the ecosystem and we need to reduce and control our population.

1. There must be cooperation between those governments that can share a philosophy of mutual respect and trust. This has to be affirmed by action.
2. There should be a limit to and a reversing of population growth, by starting a universal one child policy.
3. Principles of universal support not unlike the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms must be communicated widely in the context of a threatened planet and desperate need for cooperative improvement.
4. Any development and production models must have as an underpinning foundation the bio-physical parameters of our planet earth or we will not survive.
5. There has to be the linking of countries to help solve problems and reach the levels of other civilizations in the universe by cooperatively attacking problems with technology.
6. The democracies that value human rights and the foundation of the biophysical environment have to be foremost. The collection of existing democracies must materially assist those governments that may have a small interest in joining the group, may have soft dictators that are somewhat open to change but need financial and organizational assistance.
7. Measure population carrying capacity of the earth not by how many people we can feed but by how fast and how many ecosystems are collapsing and the rate of extinctions.
8. The initial speed bump of this process is commencement. Perhaps the social and environmental NGO’s, and churches if they recognize that God used science in his creative processes, should become the first innovators and activators of cooperation. NGO’s unite!

For your children’s sakes take action.
Will Anderson

Momentous actions of the past and rectification 16 Nov 2016

Posted by Willard Anderson on November 16th, 2016.

The Current, Trump and Hitler Nov 10, 2016

In discussion we ask why Trump won. Because he saw something others were not willing to look at!
During the Ronald Reagan Presidency the deregulation of the banks began. Bush hurried it a long. Clinton did not help and Greenspan chose to make some very misguided decisions by not encouraging some regulation. This also allowed for the corporatization of government. This even affected Canada and one effect was that I received virtually no pay raise for the last 10 years of my career. But specifically it led to the 2007-9 financial crash. In solving that crash the works of Reagan, Bush, and Greenspan avoided the problem and ran government for the corporations. People lost houses. Today some of those houses are still not above water. Worse the taxpayer bailed out the banks even though they had no fault. In Canada I gather the Bank of Montreal and Commerce were bailed out. Canada was not without fault. In addition there were thousands of zero value mortgages that were packaged and sold as class A investments. People lost savings and retirement funds. This provided deep injury that could not be forgotten. Many corporations defrauded the tax office with offshore subsidiaries or used loopholes that thousands of their lobbyists were able to write into the USA tax code. The public were not a part of the management of finances. The government worked primarily for the corporations. Regretfully much of this is similar in Canada: the Harper Omnibus Bills have not been brought to light and we the public needs to know how much of them must be reversed such as; Bill 51 loss of privacy, the electoral commissioner being responsible to the minister of justice, the RCMP also became responsible to political managers, the decisions of the Supreme Court being been open to review by the minister of justice. These have not to my knowledge been corrected. We are like Trump but Harper assured that Canada preceded Trumpism control systems. In the USA hate reemerged.

You asked on radio what may have happened if Hitler had been killed before the wars. To answer we have to understand what is our problem today. Food supplies are threatened, we have serious over population in every country, we have an economic model that does not at all reflect real life on earth. Food production in China and India are both forecast to decline by 20%. Australia is seen as on the edge off the fossil fuel caused climate warming disaster and promises drought and decline in food production, California producing 25% of USA food is in serious long term drought and food supplies imported to Canada from there have increased a lot already in price. Introduced species getting out of hand are destroying crops, overuse of chemicals is eroding the organic qualities of soil world wide, and probably causing cancer and desertification is increasing world wide. Our fundamental model for living is a convention devised by the large corporations that does not address the real foundation of life on the planet. The Malthus Tragedy of the Commons is playing out and every country is badly over populated.
We will not solve problems by trying to feed more people. We need to address our own over population with single child policies world wide. We need to recognize in our model for living on this planet that the very foundation of such a model is the biological and physical characteristics of the earth. Without that recognition we are surely slated for extinction.
You asked the question if Hitler had died before the world wars what would have been the upshot. With global population headed toward 11 billion the real question is who should have died earlier to prevent our present death rate today of 4 million people per year from fossil fuel caused climate warming?
Who were the problem makers? Historically many of the wars were religious wars; thirty years war in Europe IE wars of the roses, Hindu – Muslim wars, Christian- Muslim crusades, the Spanish Inquisition and Buddhist – Muslim battles. Without religion there would be little deneying of scientifically proven climate warming.
With real declines in food production and increase in population we cannot live any longer on sentiment, beliefs or theoretical economic models based upon hypothetical conventions. We must must ask who else should we have killed. Communist leaders, Reagan, Bush, Greenspan and the main corporate leaders who deny there are any crimes against the environment.
More to the point who should we put on a pedestal? Malthus, Grey Owl, John Muir, Aldo Leopold, Rachel Carson, James Hansen, Brown- Doomsday Book author, Suzuki, Elizabeth May, Naomi Klein and other biologists and climatologists should be heard when we write our new model for human living.
The real measure of success for our species is to measure of “lack of success” by the number of wild animals and plants that have decreased in population, gone extinct or the number of collapsed ecosystems. These are what threaten humane lives. As chemicals replace ecosystems, as oceans are plagued by plastics, and overfishing we come closer to the precipice.
Any functioning president of large nations who does not measure life by bio-physical parameters will become truly more destructive. We must begin to write penalties for this destruction and for the increasing death rates.


Will Anderson
204 2691565

Moose Decline and Manitoba Parks

Posted by Willard Anderson on November 13th, 2016.

Moose / Free Press
I was at a presentation by Nature Manitoba last Mon night. The presenter stated they were concerned about the loss of moose in the province with perhaps even the need of a conservation order to stop hunting. I worked as Chief Parks Naturalist for Manitoba Parks some time back. I recall when there were concerns that the moose had almost all been shot off in Whiteshell Provincial Park. Yes hunted in a park as occurs in all Manitoba parks except perhaps Birds Hill and Beaudry because in these small parks one might shoot a tourist. In addition there was the opportunity to reintroduce whooping crane into Manitoba, but it was turned down because of hunter requirements. I recall concern for lack of protection for wildlife.

On one occaision moose were on the decline in Hecla PP. One never got to see them. Finally moose hunting was closed for five years. The moose population went up to 250 animals (in 68 sq miles). There was no overgrazing. Then one would regularly enjoy seeing moose at the causeway where food was plentiful for them. The hunting lobby forced reopening of the hunt even though they hunted in almost all Manitoba managed lands. The moose population dropped to 50 in a few short years and once again one seldom saw moose in the park.

I used to live in Bissett and we saw moose on a regular basis before the road went in. Later the Nopiming road was opened and increased access for hunters. I followed the hunting statistics that showed high hunting success rates and moose population change. Within five years there was a drastic decline in moose. I don’t know if that is the intention of moose management, but if it is general practice it is no wonder the population in Manitoba is in deep decline. A couple years earlier, pre 2,000, the federal government put out a report that moose were in general serious decline across the country with the exception of Newfoundland were they were introduced and replaced caribou.

On the other hand the moose population in Riding mountain has remained roughly stable. Wildlife Branch managers state there are several factors operating; greater hunter access, poaching, native hunting, habitat change, natural predation and brain worm. I checked brain worm mortality about 2,000 and only one moose had been confirmed dead from brain worm. Since we have no refuge for wildlife in parks it seems that refuge needs to be addressed. Manitobans using parks for recreation can almost never expect to see wildlife except for deer since the deer season is closed in Whiteshell Park. But there is no need for trapping to be open at all on all fur bearers in Parks. Local park users should have the right to see fishers, lynx, martin, moose, wolves, elk, mule deer, wild turkeys, antelope (they once ranged in Spruce Woods Park), greater prairie chicken, wolverine and other species. I don’t know what the problem is. Do hunters feel they have the sole right to hunt in the whole of Manitoba managed lands in the province? Where is the balance? With fossil fuel caused climate warming changing rapidly where is the address of protecting animals in expected more extreme conditions? All Park users should have the right to photograph, sketch or observe and enjoy wildlife too and especially in Parks.
I hope we can begin to get wildlife management right in Parks.


Posted by Willard Anderson on October 3rd, 2016.

Christine Lagarde

I understand the relationship of global trade and raising incomes for the less well off. However the main strategy for doing so is the principle of global capitalism and the main economic model.
There are two problems;

The global economic model used is simply Income – costs = profits.
The first problem is that environmental costs although caused by this model are never included as costs in the global capitalist corporations balance sheets. The real costs are: CO2 emissions, destruction of habitat, indiscriminate spread of toxic chemicals, disease, drought, storms, floods, extinct species and declining populations of animals and plants, loss of the bees the main pollinators for 25% of our crops, over use of aquifers, general over harvest of resources including fish, plastic in the oceans and warming of ocean habitats. None of these are counted in the economic model. It is important to recognize that the current economic model, growth at any cost, is responsible for damage to all these factors. So the model of international trade is an aberration and destroyer of the planet. It must become comprehensive.

The next problem is, “we have seen the enemy and he is us”. There are simply too many people on
the planet, principles first recognized in Tawny’s, “Tragedy of the Commons”. We are long past the carrying capacity of the planet which at one point was put at about 2 billion people by biologists. To push growth and population increase is to court further injury and will just have the opposite effect for everyone. Being able to feed the people is not a measure of success but the diversity of living systems of ecology is the true measure and the collapse of ecosystems is accelerating. During the industrial revolution CO2 in the atmosphere was 280 parts per million. Today we have just passed 400 ppm- a 40% increase, largely from burning fossil fuels. The death rate from pollution is 3 million per year and deaths from fossil fuels caused climate warming is up to 4 million per year. Of course much pollution is fossil fuels waste. Extinctions are now 900 times the natural rate.

Due to the current rate of degeneration of natural processes, increases in global population will precipitate a die off before 2100. Soil erosion outpaces soil development as does aquifer overuse.
Food production in China and India is forecast to decline by 20% each. Policies to reduce population including one child polices should be inculcated widely and addressed with stick and reward policies. We must think in the broadest terms and for the long run. Countries and the UN must develop a set of laws to save the planet. Be careful not to be influenced by lies, dogma and conspiracy theories. There are numerous references regarding destruction of the earth such as: Storms of my Grandchildren, Mass Extinction:Life at the Brink., Messengers, Prairie Climate Atlas, IPPC reports and many more, and about 97% of all scientists have agreed. At any rate biologists and climatologists should figure significantly in writing any new policies and laws to be developed. It must be quick.

We ask all of you to share this widely with those mentioned below and to support this action on line and by demonstrations.

cy. Presidents, Prime Ministers, dictators, UN representatives, elected government officials, media, environmental organizations, corporations, religions and universities and schools.

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Posted by Willard Anderson on September 21st, 2016.

YOUR EYES ONLY 21 Sept 2016

The USA is now a Oligopoly according to The Economist. Is Canada soon to follow. We need to review and/or restore select Bills. There are remnants of the Harper regime that still have to be addressed. I would like to know if these have been dealt with yet and if so how?

1. Harper placed the electoral Commissioner under the jurisdiction of the Minister of Justice. This means the party can stop an investigation into the ruling governments if the government feels it is not favorable to them. This is not part of a democratic system

2. Harper placed the RCMP under the jurisdiction of the minister of justice. It shroud be under the review of an independent committee. Government should not be able to stop an RCMP investigation.

3. Harper required that penalties levied by the Supreme Court could be reviewed and changed by the Minister of Justice. This is not democratic.

4. Christine la Gare says we need globalism of world trade to spread wealth. But free trade has caused a huge transfer of wealth to the top elite or to corporations from workers during 1960 to 2015. We can do better for the working class just by reducing population. In fact with the current population we are certain not to have universal equality and access to resources. We have already depleted resources too much.

5. We need the review of the Harper Omnibus bills so the public knows what they did. Why were they kept secret and if they need to be reversed.

6. We need to know the wording of the Environmental Bill that Harper required the Senate to vote against. Should it be resubmitted to parliament. Can it be revised?

Climate Nightmare 9 Sep. 2016

Posted by Willard Anderson on September 9th, 2016.

Dream nightmare Sep 1, 2016

This was a real dream, it happened. In the dream there were three of us.
We were walking though a fogged up world. Climbing up hillsides and down over a soft sponge like surface. It was not easy to find ones way because of the dark fog. One of my companions was there to help me . We were looking for a better way of living. We had come from somewhere that threatened the future and we needed some better place to be, some better way to behave. The other fellow was not so friendly. We saw him as holding the power. He was trying to dissuade us. He wanted us to use more oil, to get more profit, to consume more of what all of us had been doing. He seemed to have a power base and we felt threatened by him. We tried our best to avoid him. We were limited by the fog, he as well as us, but we searched anyway. We felt maybe we were making progress. Then the space in the fog opened and we felt light, in moments we arrived at a space that was brilliantly white. It seemed to the answer we searched for, there seemed to be an answer there .

Then waking I was left to interpret the message and there was no going back. We grasped into our darkest days to find a way to change for the earth to adapt, to address the storms, fires, floods, rising oceans and mud slides and false philosophies that closed in all around us. Before the CO2 became to thick in the atmosphere there was an atmosphere of a very stable climate. So there were good guys and bad guys in the dream. It was pretty obvious the petroleum companies and those who chose to burn fossil fuels and encourage over population, those whose thinking was based upon ancient manuscripts that had no reference to the world today, those who saw progress only as more money, were the bad guys.
Some worried about SARS, Zika , Ebola about disease and toxic chemicals killing hundreds or even thousands and no thought about those who were among the 4 million deaths per year brought on by climate warming and the loss of ecosystems and species extinctions or loss of life generally upon the earth.

Now it is time to recognize where your life or your nightmare will terminate. What route or progress or regress are you in particular taking? Are you wondering in a fog, hoping for some opening into the light. Or do you just not care. What is the cost of not caring?
Is your past fixed by behavior of your parents, are you fixated in the past? Have you chosen wisely or are you like the power base hindering the future, if there is a future. Or are you a thinking person? Do you try to make positive moves for the future and have you come to your light spot yet?

In 1942 with the Germans pounding on the gates of Paris, people began to prepare to evacuate. (p37 “Suite Francaise” Nemirovsky) However “they were unable to deviate from their normal routine.” They “could hear the sound of planes in the sky.” yet they packed systematically, they had a “need to follow a routine stronger than their terror. …They hadn’t understood the reality of the situation.” “They were living in two different moments, the present and the past. What was happening could only seep into a small part of their consciousness, the most superficial part, leaving all the deeper regions peacefully asleep.” (p33. Nemirovsky )

This is the precise attitude we are taking today in this field of disasters. The politicians are not acting because they hate to be the bearer of bad news, they think people will not vote for bad news. But it is not bad news it is only living in two moments, not willing to take the action a flood demands, but accepting a slow death instead, occurring right now in distant lands and in smaller ways in our neighbourhood. But the slow death that affects the foreign places today has no means to steer clear of our children tomorrow. We have not built in that prevention. Are we peacefully asleep? OR
Do you think we should act now?

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